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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Dennis Sheriff shoots wide!
90* GOAL! Scored by Phil Marsh!
90 Penalty conceded by Steve Jackson bringing down Connor Jennings
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
90 Sub: David Karonji for Andre Francis
88 Jordan Fitzpatrick sees his shot saved
85* Sub: Dennis Sheriff for Jack Rea
83* Handball by Phil Marsh
83 Junior English shoots wide!
80 Handball by Junior English
79* Sub: Mitchell Austin for Lloyd Ellams
77 GOAL! Scored by Gavin Hurren!
76 Corner for Solihull Moors
74 Yellow card for Ryan Beswick
74 Foul by Ryan Beswick on Jack Rea
73* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
73* Connor Jennings shot blocked on route to goal
71* Chris Lynch clears corner
71 Corner for Solihull Moors
67 Foul just outside the box by Stuart Pierpont on Lloyd Ellams
66 Gavin Hurren clears corner
66* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
65* Phil Marsh caught offside
64* Connor Jennings puts in a good cross
63* Connor Jennings shoots wide!
60* Jan Budtz clears corner
60 Corner for Solihull Moors
59* Chris Lynch clears corner
59 Corner for Solihull Moors
57* Greg Wilkinson shoots wide!
57* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
57 Foul by Jordan Fitzpatrick on Stephen Brogan
56* Stephen Brogan caught offside
55* Sub: Phil Marsh for Craig Hobson
50 Foul by Junior English on Lloyd Ellams
49 Ryan Beswick caught offside
48* Foul by Connor Jennings on Stuart Pierpont
47 Foul by Ryan Beswick on Craig Hobson
47* Foul by Connor Jennings on Jordan Fitzpatrick
46 Ryan Beswick forces keeper into a great save!
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Sub: Ryan Beswick for Simon Johnson
45 Half Time
43* Connor Jennings shoots wide!
41* Greg Wilkinson shoots wide!
38* Corner cleared for another corner
38* Craig Hobson shot blocked on route to goal by Stuart Pierpont
38* Greg Wilkinson shot blocked on route to goal
38* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
35 Michael Blackwood shoots but it is an easy save
35 Foul by Richard Walker on Jack Rea
34* Yellow card for Connor Jennings
34* Foul by Connor Jennings on Craig Hinton
31 Yellow card for Danny Spencer
31 Foul by Junior English on Craig Hobson
30 Foul by Andre Francis on Stephen Brogan
26* Foul by Lloyd Ellams
23* Foul by Lloyd Ellams on Andre Francis
23 Handball by Richard Walker
23 Foul by Michael Blackwood on Craig Hobson
21* Stephen Brogan caught offside
21 Foul by Stuart Pierpont on Craig Hobson
19* Foul by Kristian Platt on Simon Johnson
18* Craig Hobson shoots wide!
16 Foul just outside the box by Craig Hinton on Craig Hobson
8* Foul by Craig Hobson on Stuart Pierpont
4* Foul by Kristian Platt on Simon Johnson
2* Greg Wilkinson shoots wide!
2 Foul just outside the box by Craig Hinton on Connor Jennings
2 Foul by Simon Johnson on Craig Hobson
1* Foul by Greg Wilkinson on Gavin Hurren
1 Kick off - Solihull Moors
Stalybridge Celtic
1Budtz, Jan  
2Bembo-Leta, Joel  
3McWilliams, Andy  
4Platt, Kristian  
5Lynch, Chris  
6Rea, Jack  > 85
7Brogan, Stephen  
8Wilkinson, Greg  
9Hobson, Craig  > 55
10Ellams, Lloyd  > 79
11Jennings, ConnorYellow Card 
12Warburton, Callum  
14Sheriff, Dennis  < 85
15Marsh, Phil  < 55
16Austin, Mitchell  < 79
17Gnahoua, Arthur