Game Off - Atherton Collieries
BetVictor Northern Premier League Results - 1999/2000
Saturday May 06, 2000
Blyth Spartans4-2Runcorn FC Halton
Bamber Bridge2-2Whitby Town
Hucknall Town2-2Colwyn Bay
Lancaster City2-1Wakefield Emley
Spennymoor United0-0Marine
Winsford United1-3Gateshead
Worksop Town0-4Leigh Genesis
Thursday May 04, 2000
Runcorn FC Halton3-2Spennymoor United
Wednesday May 03, 2000
Hyde United3-1Bamber Bridge
Monday May 01, 2000
Colwyn Bay0-7Bamber Bridge
Lancaster City0-1Bishop Auckland
Leek Town0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Marine0-1Runcorn FC Halton
Wakefield Emley1-1Hucknall Town
Whitby Town2-1Worksop Town
Leigh Genesis2-0Blyth Spartans
Saturday April 29, 2000
Bamber Bridge2-2Guiseley
Droylsden3-2Whitby Town
Frickley Athletic2-2Marine
Gateshead0-1Wakefield Emley
Runcorn FC Halton0-3Hyde United
Stalybridge Celtic
Johnston, Eddie 10(p)
Sullivan, Tony 13
Parr, Kevin 23
3-1Colwyn Bay
Limbert 29
Spennymoor United1-3Leigh Genesis
Blyth Spartans0-2Lancaster City
Worksop Town2-0Leek Town
Thursday April 27, 2000
Marine1-1Colwyn Bay
Wednesday April 26, 2000
Wakefield Emley2-0Bishop Auckland
Whitby Town5-2Droylsden
Worksop Town0-2Barrow
Monday April 24, 2000
Blyth Spartans2-0Whitby Town
Bamber Bridge0-2Marine
Colwyn Bay3-5Leigh Genesis
Droylsden1-3Hyde United
Frickley Athletic1-2Runcorn FC Halton
Gateshead0-0Bishop Auckland
Guiseley1-1Wakefield Emley
Hucknall Town0-3Barrow
Stalybridge Celtic
McNeil, Matthew 89
Stanhope, Jon-Paul 70
Jones, Steve 35
Bauress, Gary 3(p)
4-1Winsford United
Shaugnessy 71
Worksop Town2-1Gainsborough Trinity
Spennymoor United0-0Lancaster City
Saturday April 22, 2000
Gainsborough Trinity1-1Runcorn FC Halton
Frickley Athletic1-4Gateshead
Bishop Auckland1-1Blyth Spartans
Barrow4-0Colwyn Bay
Hyde United4-3Hucknall Town
Lancaster City1-3Leek Town
Leigh Genesis
Black 49
Jones, Steve 79
2-0Stalybridge Celtic
Marine3-2Worksop Town
Wakefield Emley2-0Spennymoor United
Whitby Town3-1Guiseley
Winsford United1-5Bamber Bridge
Tuesday April 18, 2000
Bamber Bridge2-3Worksop Town
Blyth Spartans1-1Barrow
Leek Town1-4Bishop Auckland
Marine3-1Winsford United
Runcorn FC Halton0-2Leigh Genesis
Stalybridge Celtic
Sullivan, Tony 16
Johnston, Eddie 39
2-1Hucknall Town
Martin 82
Monday April 17, 2000
Hyde United3-0Colwyn Bay
Wakefield Emley1-0Droylsden
Saturday April 15, 2000
Barrow1-2Hyde United
Bishop Auckland1-1Wakefield Emley
Colwyn Bay0-0Blyth Spartans
Droylsden3-4Lancaster City
Frickley Athletic2-0Bamber Bridge
Guiseley0-1Whitby Town
Leek Town0-1Runcorn FC Halton
Spennymoor United
Howarth 11(p)
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Worksop Town9-0Winsford United
Tuesday April 11, 2000
Gainsborough Trinity
Williams 34
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
McNeil, Matthew 5
Guiseley0-1Hyde United
Leigh Genesis4-1Bishop Auckland
Spennymoor United3-1Leek Town
Saturday April 08, 2000
Bishop Auckland3-2Frickley Athletic
Blyth Spartans1-0Winsford United
Gateshead3-2Worksop Town
Hucknall Town0-0Spennymoor United
Lancaster City1-0Hyde United
Leigh Genesis1-2Droylsden
Runcorn FC Halton3-2Gainsborough Trinity
Wakefield Emley1-2Colwyn Bay
Whitby Town1-1Barrow
Bamber Bridge5-0Leek Town
Thursday April 06, 2000
Leek Town1-3Wakefield Emley
Wednesday April 05, 2000
Bishop Auckland0-0Gainsborough Trinity
Tuesday April 04, 2000
Winsford United1-6Runcorn FC Halton
Stalybridge Celtic
Steele, Winfield 49
Parr, Kevin 81
2-2Bamber Bridge
Noblett 43
Whittaker 65
Marine0-0Hyde United
Frickley Athletic2-2Guiseley
Barrow2-2Lancaster City
Saturday April 01, 2000
Gainsborough Trinity4-3Leigh Genesis
Frickley Athletic1-1Blyth Spartans
Wakefield Emley1-0Runcorn FC Halton
Colwyn Bay1-3Gateshead
Bamber Bridge2-0Spennymoor United
Guiseley0-1Worksop Town
Hyde United1-1Bishop Auckland
Lancaster City1-0Hucknall Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Steele, Winfield 59
Sullivan, Tony 65
Filson, Martin 89
Hume 90
Whitby Town3-1Leek Town
Winsford United2-2Marine
Wednesday March 29, 2000
Bishop Auckland1-0Guiseley
Tuesday March 28, 2000
Leigh Genesis4-0Spennymoor United
Stalybridge Celtic
McNeil, Matthew 69
1-1Runcorn FC Halton
Carter 77
Saturday March 25, 2000
Blyth Spartans3-1Marine
Droylsden1-0Bishop Auckland
Gainsborough Trinity1-0Bamber Bridge
Guiseley0-3Leigh Genesis
Hucknall Town1-0Gateshead
Leek Town3-1Lancaster City
Runcorn FC Halton0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Spennymoor United0-0Hyde United
Wakefield Emley1-3Frickley Athletic
Worksop Town4-2Colwyn Bay
Barrow0-3Whitby Town
Wednesday March 22, 2000
Bishop Auckland
Milroy 86
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Tuesday March 21, 2000
Winsford United1-2Hyde United
Runcorn FC Halton0-1Lancaster City
Hucknall Town0-1Blyth Spartans
Monday March 20, 2000
Wakefield Emley3-0Bamber Bridge
Saturday March 18, 2000
Colwyn Bay0-0Gainsborough Trinity
Blyth Spartans3-0Droylsden
Bishop Auckland2-0Runcorn FC Halton
Bamber Bridge1-1Hucknall Town
Guiseley1-1Leek Town
Hyde United1-1Gateshead
Lancaster City1-2Whitby Town
Leigh Genesis2-2Worksop Town
Marine3-1Wakefield Emley
Stalybridge Celtic
Parr, Kevin 52
Filson, Martin 77
2-3Frickley Athletic
Earnshaw 28
Hatto 57
Hayward 74
Winsford United3-0Spennymoor United
Wednesday March 15, 2000
Gateshead2-0Frickley Athletic
Tuesday March 14, 2000
Stannard 90
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Gainsborough Trinity0-0Guiseley
Marine0-3Bamber Bridge
Runcorn FC Halton2-2Barrow
Monday March 13, 2000
Hyde United1-2Leigh Genesis
Saturday March 11, 2000
Bamber Bridge1-1Blyth Spartans
Barrow4-2Hucknall Town
Frickley Athletic3-2Lancaster City
Gainsborough Trinity0-0Marine
Guiseley2-2Colwyn Bay
Stalybridge Celtic
McNeil, Matthew 4
Jones, Steve 45
Steele, Winfield 81
Bauress, Gary 90(p)
4-3Worksop Town
Clark 14(p), 69
Goddard 84
Spennymoor United0-2Gateshead
Wakefield Emley0-1Hyde United
Whitby Town2-0Leigh Genesis
Winsford United1-1Droylsden
Tuesday March 07, 2000
Lancaster City4-1Winsford United
Saturday March 04, 2000
Bamber Bridge4-0Bishop Auckland
Gainsborough Trinity3-0Winsford United
Gateshead0-3Runcorn FC Halton
Hucknall Town2-0Marine
Leek Town0-0Droylsden
Stalybridge Celtic
Sullivan, Tony 4
Jones, Steve 43
Parke 45
Spennymoor United0-0Barrow
Tuesday February 29, 2000
Bamber Bridge0-0Hyde United
Barrow2-2Leigh Genesis
Runcorn FC Halton1-1Droylsden
Saturday February 26, 2000
Blyth Spartans1-2Guiseley
Colwyn Bay2-0Hucknall Town
Droylsden2-0Bamber Bridge
Gainsborough Trinity1-2Frickley Athletic
Lynch 7
Ainsley 12
2-0Stalybridge Celtic
Hyde United4-1Whitby Town
Wakefield Emley0-0Leek Town
Worksop Town5-1Spennymoor United
Friday February 25, 2000
Leigh Genesis2-1Lancaster City
Tuesday February 22, 2000
Colwyn Bay2-3Hyde United
Leek Town1-2Winsford United
Saturday February 19, 2000
Barrow0-2Wakefield Emley
Guiseley2-4Bamber Bridge
Hyde United4-0Gainsborough Trinity
Leek Town1-4Blyth Spartans
Leigh Genesis5-0Frickley Athletic
Runcorn FC Halton2-0Worksop Town
Stalybridge Celtic0-0Droylsden
Spennymoor United1-1Hucknall Town
Whitby Town1-1Colwyn Bay
Winsford United2-5Bishop Auckland
Wednesday February 16, 2000
Bishop Auckland4-0Whitby Town
Tuesday February 15, 2000
Frickley Athletic1-1Spennymoor United
Monday February 14, 2000
Wakefield Emley0-0Gainsborough Trinity
Saturday February 12, 2000
Bamber Bridge0-3Gateshead
Bishop Auckland1-1Leigh Genesis
Frickley Athletic2-1Whitby Town
Gainsborough Trinity0-1Blyth Spartans
Hucknall Town1-1Runcorn FC Halton
Lancaster City3-0Spennymoor United
Stalybridge Celtic0-3Marine
Rigoglioso 25
Robinson 36
Morgan 75
Wakefield Emley3-2Winsford United
Worksop Town1-1Droylsden
Tuesday February 08, 2000
Guiseley0-1Frickley Athletic
Gainsborough Trinity2-1Wakefield Emley
Saturday February 05, 2000
Bamber Bridge0-0Gainsborough Trinity
Barrow2-0Frickley Athletic
Blyth Spartans4-1Colwyn Bay
Gateshead0-0Hucknall Town
Whitby Town1-0Lancaster City
Friday February 04, 2000
Leigh Genesis3-2Winsford United
Tuesday February 01, 2000
Frickley Athletic0-0Gainsborough Trinity
Winsford United
Shaughnessy 19
1-2Stalybridge Celtic
Sullivan, Tony 5
Mason, Andy 86
Saturday January 29, 2000
Colwyn Bay1-0Frickley Athletic
Gainsborough Trinity1-0Lancaster City
Gateshead1-1Leigh Genesis
Hyde United2-0Leek Town
Runcorn FC Halton2-0Bishop Auckland
Stalybridge Celtic0-3Whitby Town
Ludlow 49, 57, 49, 57
Logan 45
Spennymoor United1-1Droylsden
Winsford United4-2Guiseley
Worksop Town2-2Blyth Spartans
Saturday January 22, 2000
Droylsden0-0Hucknall Town
Gainsborough Trinity4-0Spennymoor United
Guiseley2-2Winsford United
Stalybridge Celtic0-0Wakefield Emley
Bishop Auckland1-3Barrow
Tuesday January 18, 2000
Stalybridge Celtic
Johnston, Eddie 45
1-3Leigh Genesis
Ward 24(p)
Ross 55
Ridings 71
Saturday January 15, 2000
Leigh Genesis0-2Leek Town
Hucknall Town4-0Winsford United
Gateshead0-1Gainsborough Trinity
Colwyn Bay1-2Droylsden
Barrow4-0Bamber Bridge
Saturday January 08, 2000
Droylsden1-1Wakefield Emley
Blyth Spartans2-1Worksop Town
Bishop Auckland4-0Colwyn Bay
Bamber Bridge
Williams 82
1-4Stalybridge Celtic
Mason, Andy 5, 15, 50
OG 64(og)
Guiseley1-2Hucknall Town
Lancaster City3-2Runcorn FC Halton
Leek Town1-2Gateshead
Leigh Genesis0-0Hyde United
Marine3-0Spennymoor United
Whitby Town2-1Gainsborough Trinity
Winsford United0-2Barrow
Monday January 03, 2000
Lancaster City1-0Barrow
Hucknall Town1-0Gainsborough Trinity
Guiseley2-1Blyth Spartans
Gateshead0-0Whitby Town
Leigh Genesis1-0Wakefield Emley
Runcorn FC Halton1-2Marine
Stalybridge Celtic
Bauress, Gary 70(p)
Johnston, Eddie 89
Steele, Winfield 90
3-1Hyde United
Banim 52
Spennymoor United0-1Bishop Auckland
Winsford United1-2Colwyn Bay
Worksop Town4-0Frickley Athletic
Droylsden1-2Leek Town
Thursday December 30, 1999
Barrow0-0Winsford United
Monday December 27, 1999
Bamber Bridge6-1Lancaster City
Bishop Auckland0-3Spennymoor United
Blyth Spartans0-1Gateshead
Colwyn Bay1-1Runcorn FC Halton
Frickley Athletic0-4Droylsden
Gainsborough Trinity2-0Worksop Town
Hyde United
Hall 13
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Leek Town2-1Barrow
Marine1-1Leigh Genesis
Wakefield Emley1-1Guiseley
Whitby Town2-1Hucknall Town
Saturday December 18, 1999
Gateshead4-0Lancaster City
Marine3-1Bishop Auckland
Runcorn FC Halton2-1Frickley Athletic
Winsford United1-1Whitby Town
Friday December 17, 1999
Worksop Town0-1Wakefield Emley
Tuesday December 14, 1999
Frickley Athletic0-0Wakefield Emley
Lancaster City1-1Marine
Leigh Genesis2-0Runcorn FC Halton
Saturday December 11, 1999
Bishop Auckland2-2Hyde United
Blyth Spartans
Lumsden 44
1-4Stalybridge Celtic
Jones, Steve 16
Sullivan, Tony 81
Mason, Andy 81
Steele, Winfield 90
Frickley Athletic2-5Barrow
Lancaster City2-0Gainsborough Trinity
Leek Town2-4Marine
Whitby Town4-0Runcorn FC Halton
Tuesday December 07, 1999
Saturday December 04, 1999
Barrow3-2Blyth Spartans
Bishop Auckland1-2Worksop Town
Gateshead2-1Leek Town
Parke 45, 84
2-2Stalybridge Celtic
Jones, Steve 1
Johnston, Eddie 26
Hucknall Town1-3Lancaster City
Hyde United2-3Frickley Athletic
Marine3-3Whitby Town
Runcorn FC Halton2-0Bamber Bridge
Spennymoor United1-1Colwyn Bay
Winsford United0-5Leigh Genesis
Tuesday November 30, 1999
Colwyn Bay0-0Barrow
Monday November 29, 1999
Hyde United0-0Runcorn FC Halton
Saturday November 27, 1999
Leek Town0-2Colwyn Bay
Saturday November 20, 1999
Worksop Town0-1Marine
Barrow1-0Spennymoor United
Blyth Spartans1-1Gainsborough Trinity
Colwyn Bay0-1Bishop Auckland
Droylsden3-0Winsford United
Hucknall Town2-0Wakefield Emley
Lancaster City2-0Guiseley
Leek Town2-0Hyde United
Runcorn FC Halton2-0Gateshead
Whitby Town3-0Frickley Athletic
Tuesday November 16, 1999
Lancaster City1-1Bamber Bridge
Frickley Athletic3-2Hucknall Town
Monday November 15, 1999
Gateshead6-2Spennymoor United
Saturday November 13, 1999
Stalybridge Celtic
Mason, Andy 36
1-0Spennymoor United
Marine6-1Leek Town
Leigh Genesis1-2Colwyn Bay
Friday November 12, 1999
Gainsborough Trinity1-1Whitby Town
Gateshead2-1Bamber Bridge
Hyde United4-1Lancaster City
Wakefield Emley1-2Worksop Town
Wednesday November 10, 1999
Bishop Auckland1-1Gateshead
Tuesday November 09, 1999
Droylsden0-2Leigh Genesis
Bamber Bridge2-3Barrow
Saturday November 06, 1999
Lancaster City1-1Gateshead
Frickley Athletic3-1Winsford United
Droylsden1-0Blyth Spartans
Waller 45
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Jones, Steve 18
Leek Town0-0Bamber Bridge
Leigh Genesis1-1Gainsborough Trinity
Runcorn FC Halton2-2Guiseley
Spennymoor United2-3Wakefield Emley
Whitby Town0-3Marine
Worksop Town1-0Hucknall Town
Tuesday November 02, 1999
Barrow1-3Bishop Auckland
Saturday October 30, 1999
Barrow1-1Gainsborough Trinity
Bishop Auckland1-1Leek Town
Blyth Spartans3-4Hyde United
Colwyn Bay2-0Whitby Town
Droylsden0-1Spennymoor United
Leigh Genesis1-0Hucknall Town
Marine1-0Frickley Athletic
Wakefield Emley0-0Lancaster City
Winsford United1-3Worksop Town
Tuesday October 26, 1999
Bamber Bridge2-2Leigh Genesis
Blyth Spartans4-1Frickley Athletic
Gainsborough Trinity5-2Hucknall Town
Lancaster City
Morton 18
Martin 41
Ward 81
3-2Stalybridge Celtic
Pickford, Steve 40
Parr, Kevin 75
Leek Town3-1Worksop Town
Runcorn FC Halton1-0Winsford United
Spennymoor United1-4Guiseley
Monday October 25, 1999
Hyde United1-0Barrow
Wakefield Emley1-1Gateshead
Saturday October 23, 1999
Barrow1-4Leek Town
Frickley Athletic4-1Colwyn Bay
Gainsborough Trinity2-1Droylsden
Gateshead2-0Winsford United
Hucknall Town1-0Bishop Auckland
Hyde United2-3Wakefield Emley
Runcorn FC Halton3-0Blyth Spartans
Spennymoor United3-1Bamber Bridge
Whitby Town
Perry 86
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Worksop Town4-1Lancaster City
Tuesday October 19, 1999
Blyth Spartans1-0Hucknall Town
Colwyn Bay1-1Leek Town
Droylsden0-2Worksop Town
Guiseley1-3Gainsborough Trinity
Whitby Town1-1Spennymoor United
Saturday October 16, 1999
Colwyn Bay0-2Spennymoor United
Gainsborough Trinity1-3Barrow
Hucknall Town1-2Leigh Genesis
Hyde United5-2Blyth Spartans
Leek Town1-2Frickley Athletic
Worksop Town4-1Whitby Town
Tuesday October 12, 1999
Spennymoor United0-0Blyth Spartans
Hucknall Town1-1Guiseley
Bamber Bridge1-2Colwyn Bay
Saturday October 09, 1999
Bishop Auckland1-1Lancaster City
Hyde United0-0Worksop Town
Douglas 5
1-3Stalybridge Celtic
Parr, Kevin 42
Steele, Winfield 59, 90
Whitby Town1-1Bamber Bridge
Winsford United1-2Gainsborough Trinity
Tuesday October 05, 1999
Hucknall Town2-1Frickley Athletic
Colwyn Bay2-0Winsford United
Blyth Spartans2-3Spennymoor United
Saturday October 02, 1999
Barrow2-3Worksop Town
Frickley Athletic3-1Hyde United
Hucknall Town2-0Leek Town
Winsford United0-5Blyth Spartans
Tuesday September 28, 1999
Guiseley2-2Runcorn FC Halton
Leigh Genesis2-1Marine
Stalybridge Celtic
Steele, Winfield 10, 82
Jones, Steve 51
3-2Leek Town
Kiely 70, 80
Whitby Town0-1Wakefield Emley
Worksop Town1-2Gateshead
Saturday September 25, 1999
Bamber Bridge2-1Frickley Athletic
Bishop Auckland4-1Winsford United
Gainsborough Trinity2-0Colwyn Bay
Hyde United1-1Marine
Lancaster City3-0Blyth Spartans
Leek Town2-1Whitby Town
Leigh Genesis1-0Barrow
Runcorn FC Halton0-1Hucknall Town
Wakefield Emley0-1Stalybridge Celtic
McNeil, Matthew 76
Worksop Town1-2Guiseley
Tuesday September 21, 1999
Colwyn Bay1-1Lancaster City
Frickley Athletic4-2Bishop Auckland
Hucknall Town3-2Whitby Town
Leek Town3-2Gainsborough Trinity
Spennymoor United2-1Worksop Town
Monday September 20, 1999
Wakefield Emley2-0Blyth Spartans
Wednesday September 15, 1999
Bishop Auckland1-0Droylsden
Saturday September 11, 1999
Barrow0-2Runcorn FC Halton
Bishop Auckland0-2Marine
Blyth Spartans2-3Leek Town
Colwyn Bay3-1Worksop Town
Hucknall Town2-1Bamber Bridge
Hyde United2-0Guiseley
Lancaster City4-0Droylsden
Leigh Genesis2-1Whitby Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Filson, Martin 76
Spennymoor United0-2Gainsborough Trinity
Winsford United1-2Wakefield Emley
Tuesday September 07, 1999
Frickley Athletic2-4Leigh Genesis
Blyth Spartans3-2Wakefield Emley
Bamber Bridge2-1Winsford United
Gainsborough Trinity4-1Bishop Auckland
Guiseley3-1Spennymoor United
Hucknall Town0-1Hyde United
Lancaster City3-0Colwyn Bay
Runcorn FC Halton5-0Leek Town
Whitby Town0-2Gateshead
Worksop Town
Goddard 5
Stafford 26
2-1Stalybridge Celtic
Jones, Steve 56
Saturday September 04, 1999
Guiseley0-1Lancaster City
Gateshead6-0Colwyn Bay
Droylsden1-1Frickley Athletic
Bishop Auckland0-1Bamber Bridge
Leek Town1-0Spennymoor United
Marine2-2Gainsborough Trinity
Stalybridge Celtic
Pickford, Steve 8
Steele, Winfield 43
2-0Blyth Spartans
Wakefield Emley3-1Leigh Genesis
Whitby Town1-1Hyde United
Winsford United1-2Hucknall Town
Worksop Town0-3Runcorn FC Halton
Wednesday September 01, 1999
Bishop Auckland3-1Hucknall Town
Monday August 30, 1999
Bamber Bridge2-0Runcorn FC Halton
Colwyn Bay0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Frickley Athletic1-3Worksop Town
Gateshead3-0Blyth Spartans
Hyde United2-0Droylsden
Leigh Genesis0-1Guiseley
Marine0-0Lancaster City
Spennymoor United1-1Whitby Town
Wakefield Emley0-0Barrow
Winsford United0-2Leek Town
Saturday August 28, 1999
Gainsborough Trinity1-2Gateshead
Droylsden1-2Colwyn Bay
Blyth Spartans1-2Bamber Bridge
Hucknall Town
White 44
Martin 60, 78
Daton 65
4-0Stalybridge Celtic
Hyde United2-1Spennymoor United
Lancaster City2-0Frickley Athletic
Leek Town2-0Leigh Genesis
Runcorn FC Halton1-3Wakefield Emley
Whitby Town2-2Winsford United
Worksop Town1-2Bishop Auckland
Tuesday August 24, 1999
Droylsden1-0Runcorn FC Halton
Colwyn Bay0-5Marine
Blyth Spartans0-2Bishop Auckland
Leek Town2-2Hucknall Town
Leigh Genesis3-0Bamber Bridge
Stalybridge Celtic
OG 69(og)
Steele, Winfield 89
2-0Gainsborough Trinity
Spennymoor United3-2Frickley Athletic
Winsford United0-2Lancaster City
Worksop Town1-1Hyde United
Monday August 23, 1999
Wakefield Emley2-1Whitby Town
Saturday August 21, 1999
Gainsborough Trinity1-1Hyde United
Frickley Athletic1-1Leek Town
Colwyn Bay0-2Guiseley
Bamber Bridge0-1Wakefield Emley
Spennymoor United0-0Winsford United
Hucknall Town3-3Droylsden
Lancaster City0-0Worksop Town
Leigh Genesis3-1Gateshead
Marine0-0Blyth Spartans
Runcorn FC Halton3-1Whitby Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Parr, Kevin 30
Jones, Steve 34, 36
Ward, Derek 68
Steele, Winfield 90
5-0Bishop Auckland
Tuesday August 17, 1999
Bamber Bridge1-3Droylsden
Frickley Athletic
Gardner 87
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Bauress, Gary 68
Gainsborough Trinity3-2Leek Town
Guiseley0-3Bishop Auckland
Hucknall Town0-1Worksop Town
Lancaster City1-3Leigh Genesis
Runcorn FC Halton1-2Colwyn Bay
Whitby Town1-2Blyth Spartans
Monday August 16, 1999
Hyde United2-0Winsford United
Wakefield Emley0-2Marine
Saturday August 14, 1999
Blyth Spartans0-1Leigh Genesis
Colwyn Bay0-1Wakefield Emley
Droylsden1-0Gainsborough Trinity
Gateshead2-3Hyde United
Leek Town2-2Guiseley
Marine3-0Hucknall Town
Spennymoor United3-0Runcorn FC Halton
Whitby Town2-2Bishop Auckland
Winsford United1-2Frickley Athletic
Worksop Town0-2Bamber Bridge
Stalybridge Celtic
Steele, Winfield 38
1-1Lancaster City
Taylor 90
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