Player Profile - Derek Ward (13th Feb 1999 - 15th Oct 2001)
Degsy signed from Northwich Victoria where he played at Wembley for the FA Trophy. But he started his career as a your Birkenhead trainee at Bury. Southport saw his potential and signed him on, but received an offer from Northwich Victoria. Not getting enough first team games, Derek joined the Vic, and then came to us where he has proved an able defender, and excellent crosser of the ball from the right.
17th May 1972
13th Feb 1999
15th Oct 2001
Last App
9th Oct 2001
Last Goal
9th Jan 2001
As Sub
Subbed off
Unused Sub
Red Cards
Yellow Cards
251 / 411
Average Points
Total Pitch Time
11940 mins
Date Opposition Competition Season H/A Score Lineups Goals Assists R Y Sub
Tue 09 October 2001Northwich VictoriaConference Premier2001/2002H1-1     Unused
Sat 06 October 2001BarnetConference Premier2001/2002H1-1     Unused
Sat 29 September 2001AFC TelfordConference Premier2001/2002A3-1     Unused
Sat 22 September 2001MargateConference Premier2001/2002H2-2     Unused
Sat 15 September 2001Dover AthleticConference Premier2001/2002A1-0     On @60mins
Sat 08 September 2001Dagenham RedbridgeConference Premier2001/2002H2-3      
Tue 04 September 2001ScarboroughConference Premier2001/2002A1-1     Off @60mins
Sat 01 September 2001Farnborough TownConference Premier2001/2002H1-1      
Wed 29 August 2001Boston UnitedConference Premier2001/2002A4-1      
Sat 25 August 2001Hereford UnitedConference Premier2001/2002H0-2      
Tue 21 August 2001MorecambeConference Premier2001/2002H4-3      
Sat 18 August 2001Stevenage BoroughConference Premier2001/2002A2-0     Off @60mins
Sat 05 May 2001BurscoughBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H0-2      
Tue 01 May 2001DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-1      
Sat 28 April 2001Wakefield EmleyBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A2-3      
Tue 24 April 2001Blyth SpartansPresidents Cup2000/2001A5-6      
Wed 18 April 2001Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H2-0      
Mon 16 April 2001Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A2-1      
Sat 14 April 2001Colwyn BayBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H4-0      
Tue 10 April 2001Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A1-2      
Wed 04 April 2001Vauxhall MotorsPresidents Cup2000/2001H2-1      
Mon 02 April 2001Stockport CountyCheshire Senior Cup2000/2001A1-5      
Tue 27 March 2001Leek TownBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H1-2      
Fri 23 March 2001Bamber BridgeBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-2      
Sat 17 March 2001MarineBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H2-1     On @60mins
Sat 10 March 2001Frickley AthleticBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-0      
Tue 06 March 2001Hucknall TownBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H1-0      
Tue 27 February 2001BarrowBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-0      
Sat 24 February 2001AltrinchamBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H1-0      
Tue 20 February 2001BurscoughBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A1-1      
Tue 13 February 2001Hyde UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H3-1      
Tue 06 February 2001Congleton TownUnibond Cup2000/2001A1-3      
Sat 03 February 2001Accrington StanleyBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H4-0      
Tue 30 January 2001RadcliffeUnibond Cup2000/2001A0-2      
Sat 27 January 2001GatesheadBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H2-1      
Mon 22 January 2001Hyde UnitedCheshire Senior Cup2000/2001A1-4      
Sat 13 January 2001MarineFA Trophy2000/2001A2-0      
Tue 09 January 2001Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H3-1     
Sat 06 January 2001BarrowBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H1-0      
Wed 03 January 2001ChorleyUnibond Cup2000/2001H4-2      
Tue 26 December 2000Hyde UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A1-2      
Sat 23 December 2000Frickley AthleticBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H3-0      
Sat 09 December 2000Lancaster CityBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A3-2      
Sat 02 December 2000Witton AlbionFA Trophy2000/2001H2-0      
Sat 25 November 2000Wakefield EmleyBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H4-2      
Tue 21 November 2000Witton AlbionCheshire Senior Cup2000/2001A1-2      
Sat 18 November 2000Leek TownBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-2      
Sat 11 November 2000Bamber BridgeBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H3-0      
Thu 09 November 2000Bedworth UnitedFA Trophy2000/2001H4-1      
Tue 24 October 2000Worksop TownBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H1-0      
Sat 21 October 2000Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H7-1      
Sat 14 October 2000Billingham TownFA Cup2000/2001H1-1      
Fri 06 October 2000Lancaster CityBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H5-0      
Tue 03 October 2000AltrinchamBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-0      
Sat 30 September 2000Blyth SpartansFA Cup2000/2001H2-0      
Sat 23 September 2000Accrington StanleyBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A1-4      
Tue 12 September 2000Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-0      
Sat 09 September 2000Bishop AucklandBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H2-0      
Tue 05 September 2000DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H4-1      
Sat 02 September 2000GatesheadBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A2-2      
Mon 28 August 2000Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001H1-1      
Sat 26 August 2000MarineBetVictor Northern Premier2000/2001A0-3      
Mon 01 May 2000Leek TownBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A0-0      
Sat 29 April 2000Colwyn BayBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H3-1      
Mon 24 April 2000Winsford UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H4-1      
Sat 22 April 2000Leigh GenesisBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A2-0      
Tue 18 April 2000Hucknall TownBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H2-1      
Sat 15 April 2000Spennymoor UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-0      
Tue 11 April 2000Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-1      
Tue 04 April 2000Bamber BridgeBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H2-2      
Sat 01 April 2000BarrowBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H3-1      
Tue 28 March 2000Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H1-1      
Sat 25 March 2000Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A0-0      
Wed 22 March 2000Bishop AucklandBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-0      
Sat 18 March 2000Frickley AthleticBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H2-3      
Tue 14 March 2000DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-0      
Sat 11 March 2000Worksop TownBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H4-3      
Sat 04 March 2000GuiseleyBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H2-1      
Sat 26 February 2000GatesheadBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A2-0      
Sat 19 February 2000DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H0-0      
Sat 12 February 2000MarineBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H0-3     Off @60mins
Sat 05 February 2000Worcester CityFA Trophy1999/2000H0-1      
Tue 01 February 2000Winsford UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-2      
Sat 29 January 2000Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H0-3      
Tue 25 January 2000AltrinchamCheshire Senior Cup1999/2000A2-1      
Sat 22 January 2000Wakefield EmleyBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H0-0      
Tue 18 January 2000Leigh GenesisBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H1-3      
Sat 15 January 2000Blyth SpartansFA Trophy1999/2000H1-0      
Sat 08 January 2000Bamber BridgeBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-4      
Mon 03 January 2000Hyde UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H3-1      
Mon 27 December 1999Hyde UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-0      
Sat 11 December 1999Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-4      
Sat 04 December 1999GuiseleyBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A2-2      
Tue 30 November 1999Gainsborough TrinityFA Trophy1999/2000A1-3      
Sat 27 November 1999Gainsborough TrinityFA Trophy1999/2000H1-1      
Sat 20 November 1999Chester FCFA Cup1999/2000H1-2      
Tue 16 November 1999Warrington TownCheshire Senior Cup1999/2000H2-0     On @60mins
Sat 13 November 1999Spennymoor UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H1-0      
Tue 09 November 1999Merthyr TydfilFA Cup1999/2000H3-1      
Sat 06 November 1999BarrowBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-1      
Tue 02 November 1999Merthyr TydfilFA Cup1999/2000A2-2      
Sat 30 October 1999AltrinchamFA Cup1999/2000H3-2      
Tue 26 October 1999Lancaster CityBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A3-2      
Sat 23 October 1999Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-0      
Tue 19 October 1999AltrinchamFA Cup1999/2000H2-1      
Sat 16 October 1999AltrinchamFA Cup1999/2000A0-0      
Tue 12 October 1999DroylsdenLeague Cup1999/2000A0-2      
Sat 09 October 1999MarineBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-3      
Sat 02 October 1999Farsley CelticFA Cup1999/2000H4-2      
Sat 18 September 1999Colwyn BayFA Cup1999/2000H1-0     Off @60mins
Tue 14 September 1999Accrington StanleyUnibond Cup1999/2000H0-3      
Sat 11 September 1999GatesheadBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H1-0      
Tue 07 September 1999Worksop TownBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A2-1      
Sat 04 September 1999Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H2-0      
Mon 30 August 1999Colwyn BayBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A0-0      
Sat 28 August 1999Hucknall TownBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A4-0      
Tue 24 August 1999Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H2-0      
Sat 21 August 1999Bishop AucklandBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H5-0     
Tue 17 August 1999Frickley AthleticBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000A1-1      
Sat 14 August 1999Lancaster CityBetVictor Northern Premier1999/2000H1-1      
Sat 07 August 1999AltrinchamLeague Challenge Shield1999/2000A2-0      
Tue 27 April 1999GuiseleyLeague Cup1998/1999H2-1      
Sat 24 April 1999Winsford UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999A1-2      
Tue 20 April 1999Colwyn BayBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999H1-0      
Sat 17 April 1999Accrington StanleyBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999A2-0      
Thu 15 April 1999Hucknall TownLeague Cup1998/1999A1-2      
Tue 13 April 1999Hucknall TownLeague Cup1998/1999H1-1      
Sat 10 April 1999Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999H4-0      
Wed 07 April 1999Bishop AucklandBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999A3-3      
Sat 03 April 1999Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999H2-0     On @60mins
Thu 01 April 1999DroylsdenPresidents Cup1998/1999H2-3     Off @60mins
Tue 30 March 1999AltrinchamBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999H3-1      
Sat 27 March 1999Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999A4-1      
Tue 23 March 1999DroylsdenPresidents Cup1998/1999A1-1      
Sat 20 March 1999Wakefield EmleyBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999H2-0      
Tue 16 March 1999BurscoughLeague Cup1998/1999H5-2      
Sat 13 March 1999MarineBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999H2-1      
Sat 06 March 1999GatesheadBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999A2-1      
Sat 27 February 1999Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999H2-0      
Sat 20 February 1999GuiseleyBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999A1-1      
Sat 13 February 1999Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier1998/1999A1-0      
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