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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Foul by Arthur Gnahoua on Karl Broadhurst
90* Foul by Jack Rea on Junior English
90 Corner for Solihull Moors
90* Greg Wilkinson clears corner
90 Corner for Solihull Moors
88* GOAL! Scored by Stephen Brogan! - Assist by Mitchell Austin
86* Mitchell Austin shot blocked on route to goal by Craig Hinton
82* Kristian Platt clears corner
82 Corner for Solihull Moors
82 Junior English sees his shot saved
82 Corner for Solihull Moors
80* Sub: Mitchell Austin for Craig Hobson
75 Sub: Luke Connolly for Robert Thompson-Brown
74 Justin Marsden caught offside
72 Sub: Craig Hinton for Ryan Beswick
72 Red card for Danny Spencer
72 Foul by Danny Spencer on Craig Hobson
71 Ryan Beswick shoots but it is an easy save
68* Goal disallowed as Phil Marsh was offside
67* Kristian Platt clears corner
67 Corner for Solihull Moors
67* Sub: Joel Bembo-Leta for Callum Warburton
65* Stephen Brogan shoots wide!
63 Foul by Andre Francis on Callum Warburton
61* Callum Warburton clears corner
61 Corner for Solihull Moors
58* Sub: Arthur Gnahoua for Ollie Banks
57 Junior English caught offside
54* Phil Marsh sees his shot saved
54 Yellow card for Danny Spencer
54 Foul just outside the box by Danny Spencer on Craig Hobson
53* Jan Budtz clears corner
53 Corner for Solihull Moors
52* Foul by Craig Hobson on Karl Broadhurst
51* Craig Hobson shoots wide!
50 Foul by Junior English on Ollie Banks
50* Foul by Ollie Banks on Junior English
50* Ollie Banks shoots wide!
49* Ollie Banks shoots wide!
47* Rhys Meynell caught offside
47 Foul by Karl Broadhurst on Craig Hobson
46 Kick off - Solihull Moors
45 Sub: Karl Broadhurst for Stuart Pierpoint
45 Half Time
45* Kristian Platt shoots wide!
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
45 Foul just outside the box by Dominic Langdon on Ollie Banks
45* Phil Marsh sees his shot saved
43 Andre Francis shoots wide!
42* Stephen Brogan shot blocked on route to goal by Andre Francis
42 Foul by Robert Thompson-Brown on Craig Hobson
41* GOAL! Scored by Craig Hobson! - Assist by Greg Wilkinson
39* Rhys Meynell sees his shot saved
39* Corner cleared for another corner
39* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
32 Yellow card for Phil Midworth
32 Foul by Phil Midworth on Greg Wilkinson
27* Craig Hobson shoots wide!
27* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
23* Foul by Stephen Brogan on Danny Spencer
22* Craig Hobson caught offside
21* Craig Hobson sees his shot saved
17* Phil Marsh shoots wide!
16 Robert Thompson-Brown shoots wide!
11* Rhys Meynell forces keeper into a great save!
11 Foul just outside the box by Andre Francis on Craig Hobson
11* Ollie Banks shoots wide!
8* Stephen Brogan caught offside
8 Robert Thompson-Brown sees his shot saved
8 Corner for Solihull Moors
7 Danny Spencer shoots wide!
7* Foul just outside the box by Callum Warburton on Ryan Beswick
6* Foul by Kristian Platt on Justin Marsden
5 Corner for Solihull Moors
2* Craig Hobson shoots wide!
2 Foul by Dominic Langdon on Craig Hobson
2* Greg Wilkinson sees his shot saved
1 Justin Marsden caught offside
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Solihull Moors
1Singh, Jasbir  
2Midworth, PhilYellow Card 
3Langdon, Dominic  
4Fitzpatrick, Jordan  
5Pierpoint, Stuart  > 45
6Spencer, DannyRed Card 
7Thompson-Brown, Robert  > 75
8Francis, Andre  
9English, Junior  
10Marsden, Justin  
11Beswick, Ryan  > 72
12Broadhurst, Karl  < 45
14Connolly, Luke  < 75
15Hinton, Craig  < 72
16Headley, Harvey  
17Martinez, Sheridan