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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Mitchell Austin shoots wide!
89 Foul by Mattie Burke on Greg Wilkinson
89* Foul just outside the box by Ollie Banks on Josh Wilson
88* Stephen Brogan shoots into the side netting!
86* Greg Wilkinson sees his shot saved
83* Andy McWilliams caught offside
81* Chris Lynch clears corner
81 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
79 Josh Wilson caught offside
76* Rhys Meynell caught offside
75 Yellow card for Lee Dames
75 Foul just outside the box by Lee Dames on Mitchell Austin
74* Greg Wilkinson caught offside
73 Foul by Josh Wilson on Chris Lynch
71* Yellow card for Mitchell Austin
71* Foul by Mitchell Austin on Tom Hannigan
68 David Mannix caught offside
68* Mark Lees clears corner
68 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
67* Sub: Andy McWilliams for Kristian Platt
67* Sub: Ollie Banks for Lloyd Ellams
67* Phil Marsh sees his shot saved
67* Lloyd Ellams clears corner
67 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
66 Tom Hannigan shoots but it is an easy save
66 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
64* Mitchell Austin shoots wide!
61 Yellow card for Mattie Burke
61 Foul by Mattie Burke on Jack Rea
57 Foul by Josh Wilson on Rhys Meynell
56* Sub: Mitchell Austin for Arthur Gnahoua
55 GOAL! Scored by Josh Wilson! - Assist by Tom Hannigan
55 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
55 Mattie Burke sees his shot saved
52* Phil Marsh caught offside
49 Kevin Holsgrove forces keeper into a great save!
48* Greg Wilkinson shot hits the woodwork and out!
46 Foul by David Mannix on Stephen Brogan
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
44 Foul by Dan Parkinson on Mark Lees
43 Dan Parkinson sees his shot saved
39 Paul Jones shoots well wide!
39 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
38* Chris Lynch clears corner
38 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
36* Jan Budtz clears corner
36 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
34 Craig Mahob shoots wide!
33* Greg Wilkinson shoots wide!
30 Foul by Kevin Holsgrove on Chris Lynch
30 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
30 David Mannix sees his shot saved
29* Foul by Rhys Meynell on Kevin Holsgrove
27 Foul by Josh Wilson on Kristian Platt
26* Phil Marsh sees his shot saved
24* Phil Marsh shoots wide!
22* Stephen Brogan shoots wide!
22 Foul by David Mannix on Lloyd Ellams
18* Foul by Arthur Gnahoua on Lee Dames
18* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
18 Foul by Danny Fearnehough on Arthur Gnahoua
16 Foul by Dan Parkinson on Mark Lees
16* Mark Lees clears corner
16 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
14* Stephen Brogan shoots wide!
6 Foul by Kevin Holsgrove on Rhys Meynell
1 Dan Parkinson shoots well wide!
1* Foul by Chris Lynch on Dan Parkinson
1 Kick off - Vauxhall Motors
Stalybridge Celtic
1Budtz, Jan  
2Lees, Mark  
3Meynell, Rhys  
4Platt, Kristian  > 67
5Lynch, Chris  
6Rea, Jack  
7Ellams, Lloyd  > 67
8Wilkinson, Greg  
9Marsh, Phil  
10Gnahoua, Arthur  > 56
11Brogan, Stephen  
12McWilliams, Andy  < 67
14Bembo-Leta, Joel  
15Austin, MitchellYellow Card < 56
16Sheriff, Dennis  
17Banks, Ollie  < 67