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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Jonny Lindsay sees his shot saved
90* Chris Hall shoots wide!
88 Colin Larkin clears corner
88* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
86* Mitchell Austin shoots wide!
81 Sub: Jonny Allan for Lee Elam
79 Matthew Bloomer clears corner
79* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
77 Colin Larkin clears corner
77* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
77* Tom Buckley forces keeper into a great save!
76* Foul by Chris Hall on Dave Merris
75* Foul by Jonny Lindsay on Lee Elam
74* Mitchell Austin shoots wide!
72 Danny Hull shoots wide!
70 Dave Merris clears corner
70* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
70* Kelvin Bleau forces keeper into a great save!
68 Sub: Craig Radcliffe for Alan White
67* Joel Bembo-Leta shoots wide!
67* Sub: Mitchell Austin for Adam Parkhouse
66* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
63* Foul by Chris Hall on Alan White
60* Sub: Kelvin Bleau for Dillon O`Connor
58 Sub: Danny Hull for Daniel Clayton
57 Michael Woods clears corner
57* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
57* Chris Hall shoots wide!
55* Alex Cairns clears corner
55 Corner for Harrogate Town
54 Foul by Michael Woods on Dillon O`Connor
53 Foul by Paul Bolland on Callum Warburton
53* Yellow card for Kristian Platt
53* Foul just outside the box by Kristian Platt on Paul Bolland
51* Chris Hall clears corner
51 Corner for Harrogate Town
49 Yellow card for Alan White
48* Adam Parkhouse caught offside
48 Lee Elam sees his shot saved
46 Alan White clears corner
46* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
46 Daniel Clayton sees his shot saved
46 Colin Larkin sees his shot saved
45 Kick off - Harrogate Town
45 Half Time
45* Chris Hall clears corner
45 Corner for Harrogate Town
45* Foul by Corey Gregory on Paul Bolland
41* Jonny Lindsay shoots well wide!
41* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
38 Lee Elam caught offside
35* Adam Parkhouse shoots wide!
35* Foul by Chris Hall on Alan White
34 Colin Larkin forces keeper into a great save!
34 Handball by Paul Bolland
33* Sub: Corey Gregory for Prince Haywood
31* Injury to Prince Haywood
29* Foul by Prince Haywood on Dave Merris
26* Foul by Tom Buckley on Paul Bolland
25* Prince Haywood sees his shot saved
24* Handball by Adam Parkhouse
23 Foul by Lee Elam on Jonny Lindsay
22* Adam Parkhouse shoots wide!
20* Chris Hall caught offside
16* Tom Buckley shoots wide!
14 Colin Larkin sees his shot saved
14* Foul just outside the box by Dillon O`Connor on Paul Bolland
13* Chris Hall caught offside
13 Paul Bolland clears corner
13* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
10 Red card for Jose Da Veiga
10 Handball by Jose Da Veiga
9* Prince Haywood clears corner
9 Corner for Harrogate Town
9* Foul by Joel Bembo-Leta on Colin Larkin
8 Foul by Dwayne Samuels on Prince Haywood
7 Shane Killock shoots wide!
7 Daniel Clayton shot hits the woodwork and out!
7 Corner for Harrogate Town
6* Foul by Prince Haywood on Dwayne Samuels
1 Foul by Lee Elam on Kristian Platt
1 Corner for Harrogate Town
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1Cairns, Alex  
2O`Connor, Dillon  > 60
3Lindsay, Jonny  
4Platt, KristianYellow Card 
5Bembo-Leta, Joel  
6Haywood, Prince  > 33
7Buckley, Tom  
8Wilkinson, Greg  
9Parkhouse, Adam  > 67
10Warburton, Callum  
11Hall, Chris  
12Austin, Mitchell  < 67
14Lees, Mark  
15Gregory, Corey  < 33
16Bleau, Kelvin  < 60