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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
88 Foul by Callum McNish on Sean McConville
87* Greg Wilkinson shoots well wide!
87 Mike Symonds caught offside
85 Sub: Saul Williams for Jamie Cook
83* Yellow card for Sean McConville
80 Mike Symonds caught offside
79* Oscar Durnin sees his shot saved
79 Foul by Paul Stonehouse on Kristian Platt
78* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
77 Tom Winters shoots wide!
76* Greg Wilkinson sees his shot saved
73* Kristian Platt caught offside
70* Foul by Callum Warburton on Liam Malone
69 Chris Palmer shoots over
68 Tom Winters shoots well wide!
68 Corner for Oxford City
66* Greg Wilkinson sees his shot saved
65 Sub: Mike Symonds for Steve Basham
64 Foul by Callum McNish on Mark Lees
63* Sub: Oscar Durnin for Adam Pepper
63 Foul by Callum McNish on Greg Wilkinson
61 Tom Winters shot blocked on route to goal
61* Yellow card for Andy McWilliams
61* Foul just outside the box by Andy McWilliams on Steve Basham
56 Jamie Cook caught offside
52* Sub: Louis Callaghan for Prince Haywood
50 Corner for Oxford City
50 Tom Winters shot blocked on route to goal
48 Foul by Liam Malone on Adam Pepper
47 Chris Palmer caught offside
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 2 mins added time
45* Adam Pepper caught offside
43* Callum Warburton shoots well wide!
42 Jamie Cook caught offside
41* Goal disallowed as Joel Bembo-Leta was offside
37 Greg booked for kicking the ball away
37* Yellow card for Greg Wilkinson
37* Greg Wilkinson caught offside
36 Callum McNish shoots narrowly wide
35 Corner for Oxford City
28 Sub: Chris Palmer for Darren Pond
27* Joel Bembo-Leta caught offside
25* Kelvin Bleau shoots over
23 A well worked set piece sees Callum blast the ball home
23* GOAL! Scored by Callum Warburton!
23* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
22 Foul by Jamie Cook on Kristian Platt
19* Foul by Callum Warburton on Darren Pond
16 GOAL! Scored by Steve Basham!
15 GOAL! Scored by Jamie Cook!
14* Prince Haywood sees his shot saved
9* Greg Wilkinson sees his shot saved
9 Jamie Cook caught offside
8 Foul by Steve Basham on Prince Haywood
3 Foul by Steve Basham on Adam Pepper
3 Tom Winters caught offside
2 Steve Basham caught offside
1 Foul by Callum McNish on Andy McWilliams
1 Kick off - Oxford City
Stalybridge Celtic
1Ralph, Andy  
2Bleau, Kelvin  
3McWilliams, AndyYellow Card 
4Warburton, Callum  
5Lees, Mark  
6Platt, Kristian  
7Haywood, Prince  > 52
8Wilkinson, GregYellow Card 
9Bembo-Leta, Joel  
10McConville, SeanYellow Card 
11Pepper, Adam  > 63
12Smith, Louis  
14Cameron, Tyler  
15Welsby, Dominic  
16Callaghan, Louis  < 52
17Durnin, Oscar  < 63