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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Nathan Wolfe heads narrowly wide
90 Corner for Hednesford Town
90 Elliott Durrell sees his shot saved
90 Corner for Hednesford Town
90 3 added minutes
89 Nathan Wolfe shot hits the woodwork and out!
87* Foul by Callum Warburton on Nathan Wolfe
82 Foul by Tom Thorley on Sean McConville
79* Foul by Alec Mudimu on John Disney
76 GOAL! Scored by Nathan Wolfe!
75* Foul by Conal Platt on Elliott Durrell
74* Phil Marsh caught offside
71* Sub: Alec Mudimu for Tom Buckley
71 Sub: Alex Melbourne for Greg Pearson
71 Sub: Wayne Riley for Dave MacPherson
71 GOAL! Scored by Greg Pearson!
69* Paul Ennis shoots over
67 Corner for Hednesford Town
65* Foul by Paul Ennis on Darren Campion
64 Handball by Nathan Wolfe
64* Sub: Callum Warburton for Prince Haywood
62* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
62 Foul by Nathan Wolfe on Paul Ennis
60 Elliott Durrell heads wide!
58* GOAL! Scored by Phil Marsh!
57 Foul by Francino Francis on Phil Marsh
56* Keith Briggs sees his header saved
54* Sub: Paul Ennis for Conal Platt
54 GOAL! Scored by Elliott Durrell!
46 Sub: Nathan Wolfe for Neil Harvey
46 Kick off - Hednesford Town
45 Half Time
45 1 minute added time
44* James Tunnicliffe shoots over
44* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
44* Kristian Platt forces keeper into a great save!
44* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
42* Penalty shout by Phil Marsh declined
42* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
42* Kristian Platt shot blocked on route to goal
41 Foul by Tom Thorley on Conal Platt
39 Tom Thorley shoots wide!
38* Conal Platt caught offside
28* Phil Marsh shoots wide!
23* Tom Buckley shoots over
22 Foul by Tom Thorley on Conal Platt
20 Corner wasted
20 Elliott Durrell shot blocked on route to goal
20 Jamey Osborne heads wide!
20 Foul by Greg Pearson on Keith Briggs
19 Neil Harvey shoots over
17* Foul by Kelvin Bleau on Elliott Durrell
16* Foul by James Tunnicliffe on Greg Pearson
15 Foul by Dave MacPherson on Sean McConville
12 Jamey Osborne shot blocked on route to goal by James Tunnicliffe
11* Conal Platt sees his shot saved
11* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
10 Foul by Darren Campion on Sean McConville
9* Conal Platt caught offside
9* Handball by Conal Platt
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
6 Foul by John Disney on Conal Platt
5 GOAL! Scored by Paul McCone!
5 Corner for Hednesford Town
2* Handball by Keith Briggs
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1Jameson, Aaron  
2Bleau, Kelvin  
3McWilliams, Andy  
4Tunnicliffe, James  
5Platt, Kristian  
6Haywood, Prince  > 64
7Buckley, Tom  > 71
8Briggs, Keith  
9Marsh, Phil  
10McConville, Sean  
11Platt, Conal  > 54
12Warburton, Callum  < 64
14Mudimu, Alec  < 71
15Ennis, Paul  < 54
16Cameron, Tyler  
17Cookson, Jack