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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Jack Ryan caught offside
90 Foul by Jamie Wootton on Ryan Croasdale
90* Obi Anoruo sees his shot saved
90* Injury to Andy McWilliams
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
87 Corner wasted
87 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
87 Greg Young header hits the woodwork and out!
84* Ryan Croasdale caught offside
82* Sub: Adam Pepper for Kelvin Bleau
80* Ryan Croasdale shoots wide!
80* Paul Ennis shot hits the woodwork and out!
78* Foul by Jack Ryan on Ciaran Toner
76 Tom Davie shoots well wide!
74* GOAL! Scored by Liam Dickinson!
74 Penalty conceded by Dominic Roma bringing down Liam Dickinson
70 Sub: Jamie Wootton for Curtis Bateson
70 Yellow card for Mike Leary
70 Foul by Mike Leary on Paul Ennis
70 Sub: Mike Leary for Tom Davie
69* Obi Anoruo shoots narrowly wide
67* Ryan Croasdale sees his shot saved
66* Jack Ryan volleys wide!
65* Foul just outside the box by Joel Bembo-Leta on Jonathan Margetts
63* Sub: Obi Anoruo for Sean McConville
63* GOAL! Scored by Matt Regan! - Assist by Josh Green
63* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
62 Ciaran Toner heads over
61* Foul by Josh Green on Simon Russell
60 Foul by Jonathan Margetts on Andy McWilliams
60 Yellow card for Jonathan Margetts
59 Jonathan Margetts caught offside
59 Tom Davie shoots over
58 GOAL! Scored by Simon Russell!
57* Penalty conceded by Matt Regan bringing down Jonathan Margetts
55 Curtis Bateson forces keeper into a great save!
53 Sub: Liam Davis for Grant Roberts
52* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Simon Russell
51* Liam Dickinson caught offside
50* Sub: Josh Green for Tom Buckley
50* Liam Dickinson heads wide!
45 Kick off - Gainsborough Trinity
45 Half Time
45* Liam Dickinson shoots well wide!
44 Tom Davie shoots over
41 Tom Davie clears corner
41* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
40 Foul just outside the box by Greg Young on Paul Ennis
39* Paul Ennis shoots narrowly wide
38 Foul by Jonathan Margetts on Joel Bembo-Leta
37 Tom Davie heads over
37 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
37 Curtis Bateson sees his shot saved
36* Joel Bembo-Leta caught offside
36 Foul by Ciaran Toner on Kelvin Bleau
34 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
33 Handball by Callum Howe
30* GOAL! Knocked into his own net by Matt Regan
29* Foul just outside the box by Matt Regan on Ciaran Toner
26 Josh Lacey clears corner
26* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
25 Foul by Simon Russell on Tom Buckley
23* Liam Dickinson shot hits the woodwork and out!
23 Foul just outside the box by Tom Davie on Sean McConville
21* Foul by Jack Ryan on Dominic Roma
16 Ciaran Toner shoots well wide!
15* Goal disallowed as Joel Bembo-Leta was offside
14 Foul just outside the box by Tom Davie on Jack Ryan
12 Foul by Jonathan Margetts on Kelvin Bleau
11* Foul by Jack Ryan on Josh Lacey
9 Curtis Bateson caught offside
9* GOAL! Scored by Liam Dickinson! - Assist by Kelvin Bleau
8* Sean McConville shoots over
5 Jonathan Margetts caught offside
1* Sean McConville shot blocked on route to goal by Callum Howe
1* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Gainsborough Trinity
1Emery, Mike  
2Roma, Dominic  
3Lacey, Josh  
4Davie, Tom  > 70
5Howe, Callum  
6Young, Greg  
7Russell, Simon  
8Toner, Ciaran  
9Bateson, Curtis  > 70
10Margetts, JonathanYellow Card 
11Roberts, Grant  > 53
12Stamp, Darryn  
14Williams, Jonathan  
15Wootton, Jamie  < 70
16Davis, Liam  < 53
17Leary, MikeYellow Card < 70