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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Louis Barnes shoots over
90 3 added minutes
88 Karl Clair sees his shot saved
88* Foul just outside the box by Keith Briggs on Karl Noon
85* Paul Ennis caught offside
84 Corner wasted
84 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
81 Foul by Karl Clair on Tom Buckley
74 Clever ball from Ennis and Buckley sweeps home
74* GOAL! Scored by Tom Buckley! - Assist by Paul Ennis
71 Matty Kosylo shoots over
71* Foul by James Tunnicliffe on Karl Noon
70* Phil Marsh caught offside
70* Tom Buckley forces keeper into a great save!
69* Yellow card for Kristian Platt
69* Foul just outside the box by Kristian Platt on Karl Clair
68 Matty Kosylo clears corner
68* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
66* Sub: Tom Buckley for Adam Pepper
64* Sub: Paul Ennis for Conal Platt
64 Karl Noon shoots over
63* Kristian Platt sees his header saved
63* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
61 After treatment Pepper can continue
61* Injury to Adam Pepper
60* Sean McConville sees his shot saved
58 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
56 Handball by Lloyd Ellams
56* Conal Platt caught offside
55 Superb tackle by Hannigan to deny Marsh in the box
54* Conal Platt sees his shot saved
52* Foul by Conal Platt on Tom Hannigan
51 Lloyd Ellams shoots narrowly wide
51* Phil Marsh shoots narrowly wide
49 Power drive from 30 yards!
49* GOAL! Scored by Kristian Platt! - Assist by Sean McConville
47* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
46 Karl Noon caught offside
45 A sublime chip from the edge of the box
45* GOAL! Scored by Adam Pepper! - Assist by Keith Briggs
45 Kick off - Vauxhall Motors
45 Half Time
42* Phil Marsh caught offside
41* Foul by Kelvin Bleau on Karl Noon
41 Lloyd Ellams shoots but it is an easy save
36 Yellow card for Matty Kosylo
36 Foul by Lloyd Ellams on Adam Pepper
35* Conal Platt caught offside
35* Phil Marsh caught offside
34 Foul by Lloyd Ellams on Sean McConville
32* James Tunnicliffe clears corner
32 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
29 Handball by Steven Tames
26 Foul by Danny Fearnhough on Kristian Platt
23* James Tunnicliffe heads over
23* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
19* Matthew Urwin clears corner
19 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
19 Danny Fearnhough shot blocked on route to goal by Andy McWilliams
19 Corner for Vauxhall Motors
17* Keith Briggs sees his header saved
17* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
17* Phil Marsh shot blocked on route to goal by Louis Barnes
17* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
9 Foul by Steve Wainwright on Adam Pepper
7* Phil Marsh caught offside
7* Corner wasted
7* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
5 Lloyd Ellams shoots wide!
3* Foul by Phil Marsh on Lloyd Ellams
1* Phil Marsh shoots over
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Vauxhall Motors
1Jones, Zac  
2Wainwright, Steve  
3Barnes, Louis  
4Hannigan, Tom  
5Nicholas, Andy  
6Fearnhough, Danny  
7Noon, Karl  
8Clair, Karl  
9Tames, Steven  
10Ellams, Lloyd  
11Kosylo, MattyYellow Card 
12Stott, Ashley  
14Rutter, Tom  
15Martindale, Gary  
17Ellison, Craig