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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
90 Great goal. 25 yards screamer
90* GOAL! Scored by Aidan Chippendale! - Assist by Liam Dickinson
90 3 added minutes
84* Matt Regan shoots over
83 Yellow card for Danny Lowe
83 Foul just outside the box by Danny Lowe on Liam Dickinson
81 Sub: Andy Holdsworth for Danny Boshell
81 Foul by DAnny Forrest on Matty Hughes
79 Sub: DAnny Forrest for Adam Boyes
78 Danny Boshell sees his shot saved
77* Corner wasted
77* Corner cleared for another corner
77* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
74* Sub: Aidan Chippendale for Paul Ennis
74* Paul Ennis shoots wide!
72 Corner for Guiseley
69 Sub: Oli Johnson for Nicky Boshell
68* Liam Dickinson shoots but it is an easy save
67* Liam Dickinson heads wide!
66 Adam Boyes caught offside
66* Ben McKenna shoots wide!
63 Foul by Adam Boyes on Matty Hughes
62* Foul just outside the box by Matty Hughes on Wayne Brooksby
61* Liam Dickinson caught offside
60* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
54 Adam Boyes caught offside
50 GOAL! Scored by Adam Boyes! - Assist by Gavin Rothery
49* Foul by Matty Hughes on Adam Boyes
46* Foul by Matty Mainwaring on Danny Ellis
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45* Sub: Sam Staunton-Turner for Oliver Crowley
45* Sub: Anthony Malbon for James Cadman
45 Half Time
45* Foul by Anthony Malbon on Ryan Toulson
41 Yellow card for Adam Boyes
41 Foul by Adam Boyes on Matty Mainwaring
39* Paul Ennis volleys wide!
38* Paul Ennis sees his shot saved
36 Lawlor came in from deep and curled his shot inside the post
36 GOAL! Scored by Jake Lawlor! - Assist by Wayne Brooksby
35 Corner for Guiseley
32 Foul by Nicky Boshell on Oliver Crowley
29* Anthony Malbon sees his shot saved
27* Paul Ennis shoots wide!
26 Nicky Boshell caught offside
23* Foul by Mike Williams on Wayne Brooksby
17 Cracking curling 25 yarder after a good layoff
17 GOAL! Scored by Danny Boshell! - Assist by Gavin Rothery
14* Matty Hughes clears corner
14 Corner for Guiseley
12 Foul by Gavin Rothery on Paul Ennis
10 Adam Boyes heads over
9* Foul by Matt Regan on Wayne Brooksby
9* Foul by Oliver Crowley on Adam Boyes
9* Anthony Malbon shoots over
2 Adam Boyes caught offside
1* Matt Regan clears corner
1 Corner cleared for another corner
1 Corner for Guiseley
1 Kick off - Guiseley
1Drench, Stephen  
2Toulson, Ryan  
3Parker, Ben  
4Lowe, DannyYellow Card 
5Ellis, Danny  
6Lawlor, Jake  
7Brooksby, Wayne  
8Boshell, Danny  > 81
9Boyes, AdamYellow Card > 79
10Boshell, Nicky  > 69
11Rothery, Gavin  
12Holdsworth, Andy  < 81
14Forrest, DAnny  < 79
15Harrison, Kyle  
16Johnson, Oli  < 69
17Dickinson, Steve