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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Anthony Malbon heads wide!
90* George Lomax heads wide!
90* Ben McKenna puts in a good cross
89* Kevin Holsgrove heads wide!
87 Anthony Stephens shoots over
87* Red card for Keith Briggs
87* Yellow card for Keith Briggs
87* Foul just outside the box by Keith Briggs on Wes Baynes
86* George Lomax heads wide!
85 Yellow card for Rob Hopley
85* Yellow card for Keith Briggs
85* Foul by Keith Briggs on Rob Hopley
84* Ben McKenna sees his shot saved
82* Sub: George Lomax for Paul Ennis
81* Kevin Holsgrove shoots over
80* Keith Briggs sees his shot saved
79 Rob Hopley shoots but it is an easy save
78* GOAL! Scored by Anthony Malbon! - Assist by Ben McKenna
76 Joel Bembo-Leta shoots narrowly wide
75 Foul just outside the box by Joel Bembo-Leta on Ben McKenna
74 Sub: Adam Hodgson for Obi Anorou
74* Kevin Holsgrove shoots narrowly wide
72* Paul Ennis forces keeper into a great save!
72 Rob Hopley puts in a good cross
68 Open goal and Ben spoonedit
68* Ben McKenna shoots over
66 Foul by Chris Noone on Paul Ennis
64* Injury to Aidan Chippendale
64* Sub: Kevin Holsgrove for Aidan Chippendale
62* Foul by Mike Williams on Obi Anorou
60* Corner wasted
60* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
59 Foul by Marc Williams on Keith Briggs
59 Sub: Prince Haywood for Paulo Mendes
56 Wes Baynes clears corner
56* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
54* Mike Williams clears corner
54 Corner for Colwyn Bay
54 Obi Anorou sees his shot saved
53* Paul Ennis caught offside
52* Keith Briggs shoots wide!
51* Anthony Malbon caught offside
51* Corner wasted
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
47 Corner wasted
47 Corner for Colwyn Bay
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 Rob Hopley heads over
45* Todd Jordan shoots narrowly wide
43 Rob Hopley heads over
43 Corner for Colwyn Bay
42* Handball by Anthony Malbon
40 Handball by Louis Moss
34 Foul by Wes Baynes on Anthony Malbon
32* Yellow card for Aidan Chippendale
32* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Wes Baynes
26 Great layoff by Malbon to Chips, great shot headed off the line by Moss after keeper beaten
26* Aidan Chippendale shot blocked on route to goal by Louis Moss
24* Handball by Ben McKenna
23* Todd Jordan clears corner
23 Corner for Colwyn Bay
23 Anthony Stephens sees his shot saved
23 Corner for Colwyn Bay
20 Rob Hopley caught offside
19 GOAL! Scored by Anthony Stephens! - Assist by Wes Baynes
19 Corner for Colwyn Bay
18* Aidan Chippendale caught offside
17* Anthony Malbon caught offside
16 Foul by Wes Baynes on Aidan Chippendale
15 Wes Baynes shoots but it is an easy save
14* Foul by Keith Briggs on Anthony Stephens
13 Hopley forces it in during a box scramble
13 GOAL! Scored by Rob Hopley! - Assist by Wes Baynes
12 Chris Noone clears corner
12* Corner cleared for another corner
12* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
6* Todd Jordan shot blocked on route to goal by Chris Noone
6* Anthony Malbon shot blocked on route to goal by Anthony Stephens
6* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
4* Foul by Todd Jordan on Marc Williams
1 Kick off - Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
1Ollerenshaw, Josh  
2Bembo-Leta, Joel  
3Moss, Louis  
4Stephens, Anthony  
5Royale, Jonathon  
6Noone, Chris  
7Mendes, Paulo  > 59
8Anorou, Obi  > 74
9Hopley, RobYellow Card 
10Williams, Marc  
11Baynes, Wes  
12Sharpe, Liam  
14Haywood, Prince  < 59
15Sinclair, Frank  
16Hodgson, Adam  < 74
17Pilliner, Denislav