Match Centre -
Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Shane Clarke shoots over
90 Shane Clarke heads over
90 Corner wasted
90 Corner for Tamworth
89* Foul by Oliver Crowley on Brendon Daniels
88* Lewis King clears corner
88 Corner for Tamworth
85 Brendon Daniels caught offside
85 Sean Wilkins shoots but it is an easy save
83* Foul by Stephen Brogan on Connor Taylor
83 Foul by Shane Clarke on Stefan Galinski
82* Red card for Kevin Holsgrove
82* Foul by Kevin Holsgrove on Shane Clarke
80* GOAL! Scored by Dominic Calvert-Lewin with a volley! - Assist by Kevin Holsgrove
78 Yellow card for Paul Green
78 Foul by Paul Green on Ben McKenna
76 Sub: Sean Wilkins for Connor Taylor
75 GOAL! Scored by Shane Clarke! - Assist by Kevin Thornton
71 Foul by Kevin Thornton on Oliver Crowley
70* Yellow card for Kevin Holsgrove
70* Foul by Kevin Holsgrove on Thomas James
69 Sub: Kevin Thornton for Reece Styche
65 Connor Taylor shoots over
65 Corner for Tamworth
65 Reece Styche shot hits the woodwork and out!
63 Shane Clarke shoots wide!
61* Sub: James Cadman for Paul Ennis
60* Scott Kerr clears corner
60 Corner for Tamworth
59* Foul by Ben McKenna on Connor Taylor
57 Sub: Brendon Daniels for Javan Vidal
57 Foul by Connor Taylor on Kevin Holsgrove
56* Foul just outside the box by Oliver Crowley on Reece Styche
54* Paul Ennis caught offside
53* Dominic Calvert-Lewin caught offside
53 Thomas James clears corner
53* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
52 Shane Clarke sees his shot saved
50 Foul by Dave Hibbert on Oliver Crowley
48* Foul by Scott Kerr on Connor Taylor
47 GOAL! Scored by Shane Clarke with a header! - Assist by Connor Taylor
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Scott Kerr clears corner
45 Corner for Tamworth
45 Dave Hibbert forces keeper into a great save!
45 Foul by Reece Styche on Liam Dickinson
45* Stephen Brogan clears corner
45 Corner for Tamworth
44* Injury to Stefan Galinski
44* Sub: Harley Wigley for Stefan Galinski
42* Paul Ennis heads over
39 Terrible pass back by Dicko
39 GOAL! Scored by Reece Styche!
37 Got a lucky bounce off Dicko\'s head and was 1 on 1 and scored
37 GOAL! Scored by Reece Styche!
35 Corner wasted
35 Corner for Tamworth
34* Foul by Kevin Holsgrove on Josh Sampson
32 Foul by Reece Styche on Stefan Galinski
32* Foul by Kevin Holsgrove on Javan Vidal
30 Corner wasted
30 Corner for Tamworth
28 Shane Clarke heads narrowly wide
28* Foul by Scott Kerr on Reece Styche
25* Foul by Stefan Galinski on Shane Clarke
14* Dominic Calvert-Lewin shoots wide!
13 Dave Hibbert shoots over
11 Connor Taylor shoots over
10* Scott Kerr clears corner
10 Corner for Tamworth
9* Ben McKenna sees his shot saved
8 Reece Styche shoots wide!
4 Jon Adams shoots over
1 Kick off - Tamworth
Stalybridge Celtic
1King, Lewis  
2Crowley, Oliver  
3Regan, Matt  
4Dickinson, Liam  
5Brogan, Stephen  
6Galinski, Stefan  > 44
7McKenna, Ben  
8Kerr, Scott  
9Calvert-Lewin, Dominic  
10Ennis, Paul  > 61
11Holsgrove, KevinRed Card 
12Cadman, James  < 61
14Staunton-Turner, Sam  
15Wigley, Harley  < 44
16Quinlan, Nathan  
17Martin, Olly