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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Cliff Byrne on Chris Simm
90* Sub: Michael Potts for Ben McKenna
90 Foul by Jamie Yates on Aidan Chippendale
90 3 minutes added
90 GOAL! Scored by Lyton Karkash! - Assist by Chris Hamilton
84 Sub: Danny Forrest for Paul Beesley
82 Jake Picton shoots wide!
82 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
81* GOAL! Scored by Aidan Chippendale! - Assist by Jamie Allen
79 Sub: Jamie Yates for Steve Brogan
77* Sub: Jamie Allen for Scott Kerr
76* Foul just outside the box by Michael Powell on Josh Lacey
75 Foul by Chris Hamilton on Michael Powell
74* Ben McKenna caught offside
72* Chris Simm heads narrowly wide
71 GOAL! Scored by Steve Brogan! - Assist by Chris Hamilton
67 GOAL! Scored by Paul Beesley!
66 Paul Beesley heads wide!
65 Lyton Karkash shoots into the side netting!
64 Rory Watson clears corner
64* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
64 Charlie Binns nearly put it in his own net - corner
64 Foul just outside the box by Josh Lacey on Ben McKenna
62* Ross Etheridge clears corner
62 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
61 Sub: Lyton Karkash for Liam Davis
59* Foul by Peter Wylie on Charlie Binns
57* GOAL! Scored by Chris Simm with a header! - Assist by Aidan Chippendale
57 Simon Russell sees his shot saved
55* Michael Powell shot blocked on route to goal by Cliff Byrne
54* Peter Wylie clears corner
54 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
52 Handball by Cliff Byrne
51 Charlie Binns shoots well wide!
51 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
49 Foul by Steve Brogan on Peter Wylie
49 Foul by Steve Brogan on Peter Wylie
47* Aidan Chippendale shoots narrowly wide
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
45* GOAL! Scored by Chris Simm with a header! - Assist by Ben McKenna
45* Corner cleared for another corner
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
40 GOAL! Scored by Chris Hamilton!
40 Chris Hamilton sees his shot saved
38 Rory Watson clears corner
38* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
35* Foul by Chris Simm on Jake Picton
34 Foul by Charlie Binns on Michael Powell
33* Foul by Alec Mudimu on Simon Russell
32 Paul Beesley caught offside
30* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Dominic Roma
29* Ross Etheridge clears corner
29 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
29 Steve Brogan forces keeper into a great save!
27* Chris Simm heads wide!
26* Foul by Alec Mudimu on Liam Davis
24* GOAL! Scored by Alec Mudimu! - Assist by Matty Hughes
24* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
21 Josh Lacey clears corner
21* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
19 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
17* Ben McKenna sees his shot saved
15 Foul by Paul Beesley on Michael Powell
14* Matt Regan heads wide!
11* Scott Kerr clears corner
11 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
8 Rory Watson clears corner
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
7* Foul by Ben McKenna on Josh Lacey
4 Foul by Paul Beesley on Peter Wylie
2* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Paul Beesley
2* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
1 Kick off - Gainsborough Trinity
Gainsborough Trinity
1Watson, Rory  
2Roma, Dominic  
3Lacey, Josh  
4Binns, Charlie  
5Byrne, Cliff  
6Picton, Jake  
7Russell, Simon  
8Davis, Liam  > 61
9Beesley, Paul  > 84
10Hamilton, Chris  
11Brogan, Steve  > 79
12Yates, Jamie  < 79
14Forrest, Danny  < 84
15Salt, Chris  
16Karkash, Lyton  < 61
17Budtz, Jan