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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 3 added minutes
90 Andre Johnson shoots over
89 Foul by Kurtis Revan on Aidan Chippendale
88 Good finish
88 GOAL! Scored by Greg Mills! - Assist by Andre Johnson
87 Andre Johnson shoots over
86* Darius Osei shoots narrowly wide
85* Sub: Dale Wright for Alec Mudimu
85* Bohan Dixon shoots wide!
84 Foul by Kurtis Revan on Aidan Chippendale
83* Steve Tames sees his shot saved
81 Foul by Tommy Wright on Aaron Chalmers
80 Cleveland Taylor shoots well wide!
78* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Kurtis Revan
75* Steve Tames clears corner
75 Corner cleared for another corner
74 Corner for Corby Town
72 Handball by Tommy Wright
72* Sub: Darius Osei for Alex Johnson
72* Sub: Steve Tames for Chris Simm
71 Greg Mills caught offside
69 Wind assisted
69 GOAL! Scored by Greg Mills!
68* Foul by Adam Farrell on Kurtis Revan
64 Greg Mills shoots wide!
64* Foul just outside the box by Matty Hughes on Tommy Wright
64* Foul by Alex Johnson on Duane Courtney
63 Andre Johnson shoots narrowly wide
62 Sub: Tommy Wright for Callum Ball
57* Aidan Chippendale sees his shot saved
55* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
54 Andre Johnson caught offside
53* Adam Farrell shoots wide!
52* Jack Higgins's shot deflected for a corner
51* Chris Simm shoots narrowly wide
48* Aaron Chalmers clears corner
48 Corner for Corby Town
47 Greg Mills caught offside
46 Kick off - Corby Town
45 Half Time
45 Poor back pass by Courtney and Johnson was in
45* GOAL! Scored by Alex Johnson!
45* Foul by Aaron Chalmers on Danny Draper
44* Alec Mudimu caught offside
43 Foul by Luke Aridegbe on Chris Simm
37* Chris Simm caught offside
35* Chris Simm caught offside
35 Harry Burgoyne clears corner
35* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
34 Foul by Cleveland Taylor on Bohan Dixon
32* Oliver Crowley sees his shot saved
31 Andre Johnson caught offside
30 Sub: Luke Aridegbe for Clayton McDonald
29 Injury to Clayton McDonald
26* Chris Simm shot blocked on route to goal by Clayton McDonald
25 Greg Mills caught offside
24 Greg Mills caught offside
23 Greg Mills heads but it is an easy save
23* Foul by Bohan Dixon on Kurtis Revan
21* Aaron Chalmers volleys wide!
19* Bohan Dixon shoots wide!
19 Foul just outside the box by Duane Courtney on Alex Johnson
15 Square ball by Faz, Simm slid and missed Alex didn\'t
15* GOAL! Scored by Alec Mudimu! - Assist by Adam Farrell
12 Duane Courtney shoots over
12 Corner for Corby Town
11 Kurtis Revan clears corner
11* Jack Higgins's shot tipped over the bar: corner
11 Foul by Duane Courtney on Alex Johnson
9 Foul by Cleveland Taylor on Alex Johnson
8 Greg Mills caught offside
7 Mistake at the back failed clearance fell to Mills
7 GOAL! Scored by Greg Mills!
5 Andre Johnson shoots but it is an easy save
3* Foul by Adam Farrell on Kalern Thomas
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Corby Town
1Burgoyne, Harry  
2Kennedy, Connor  
3Thomas, Kalern  
4Courtney, Duane  
5McDonald, Clayton  > 30
6Draper, Danny  
7Mills, Greg  
8Taylor, Cleveland  
9Ball, Callum  > 62
10Johnson, Andre  
11Revan, Kurtis  
12Aridegbe, Luke  < 30
14Kromah, Sekou  
15Bell, Ryan  
16Wright, Tommy  < 62
17Donkin, Sam