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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Vanara Sanogo shoots well wide!
90* GOAL! Scored by Danny Burns! - Assist by Steve Tames
90 3 added minutes
90 Sub: Joe Ironside for Tom Elliott
89* Jack Higgins clears corner
89 Corner for Nuneaton Town
86 Attendance 324
86 Tom Elliott shoots wide!
86 Corner for Nuneaton Town
82 Pullback amd good finish
82 GOAL! Scored by Shane Byrne! - Assist by Marlon Harewood
82 Sub: Kristian Scott for David Morgan
82 Elliot Whitehouse caught offside
81 Vanara Sanogo shoots wide!
78 Foul by Tom Elliott on Oliver Crowley
78 Would have been a goal if 10 hadn\'t touched it
78 Elliot Whitehouse caught offside
78* Matty Hughes sees his shot saved
73 Low corner turned in
73 GOAL! Scored by Marlon Harewood! - Assist by Shane Byrne
73 Corner for Nuneaton Town
72* Foul by Adam Farrell on Jordan Keane
72 Marlon Harewood caught offside
71* Foul by Oliver Crowley on Tom Elliott
70 Vanara Sanogo shoots wide!
69* GOAL! Scored by Adam Farrell! - Assist by Oliver Crowley
68 Sub: Marlon Harewood for Rob Duffy
67 Rob Duffy sees his shot saved
65* Sub: Danny Burns for Aidan Chippendale
63 Foul by Cieron Keane on Ben McKenna
60 David Morgan sees his shot saved
59 Elliot Whitehouse caught offside
58* Aidan Chippendale caught offside
57 One on one aftrr being put through
57 GOAL! Scored by Elliot Whitehouse! - Assist by Rob Duffy
56* Sub: Steve Tames for Alec Mudimu
56 Rob Duffy caught offside
50* Oliver Crowley shoots wide!
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45* Sub: Oliver Crowley for Peter Wylie
45 Half Time
42 Corner sent too far
42* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
42* Aidan Chippendale puts in a good cross
39 Vanara Sanogo heads well wide!
39 Corner for Nuneaton Town
39* Adam Farrell caught offside
36* Aidan Chippendale caught offside
35 David Morgan shoots but it is an easy save
35 Corner for Nuneaton Town
33 Again, lay off and strike
33 GOAL! Scored by Elliot Whitehouse! - Assist by Rob Duffy
30 Foul by Cieron Keane on Ben McKenna
29 Training ground move - lay off and strike
29 GOAL! Scored by Rob Duffy! - Assist by Shane Byrne
27 Vanara Sanogo caught offside
24 Rob Duffy sees his shot saved
20 Rob Duffy clears corner
20* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
18 Keeper takes the ball at Vanara Sanogo's feet
16* Foul by Charlie Joyce on Tom Elliott
14* Foul by Aaron Chalmers on David Morgan
12 Vanara Sanogo heads into the side netting!
10* Jack Higgins caught offside
10 Foul by Lathaniel Rowe-Turner on Ben McKenna
7 Keeper takes the ball at Elliot Whitehouse's feet
6* Adam Farrell caught offside
4 Foul by David Morgan on Aaron Chalmers
2* Jack Higgins clears corner
2 Corner for Nuneaton Town
1 Kick off - Nuneaton Town
Nuneaton Town
1Smith, Jordan  
2Clifton, James  
3Keane, Cieron  
4Morgan, David  > 82
5Keane, Jordan  
6Rowe-Turner, Lathaniel  
7Elliott, Tom  > 90
8Byrne, Shane  
9Duffy, Rob  > 68
10Whitehouse, Elliot  
11Sanogo, Vanara  
12Harewood, Marlon  < 68
14Ironside, Joe  < 90
15Scott, Kristian  < 82
16Lane, Jack  
17De La Paz, Zeus