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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 3 added minutes
90* Steve Tames caught offside
90* Foul by Chris Simm on Dave Carnell
90* Yellow card for Cesaire Lingouba
90* Foul by Cesaire Lingouba on Rory Fallon
89 Sam Madeley caught offside
87* Cesaire Lingouba caught offside
82 695 attendance
82* GOAL! Scored by Chris Simm! - Assist by Cesaire Lingouba
81 Sub: Sam Madeley for Cameron Murray
81 Foul by Greg Daniels on Matty Hughes
80* Foul by Chris Simm on Dean Stott
79 Liam Brownhill shoots over
79* Foul just outside the box by John Shaw on Craig Lindfield
79* Foul by Steve Tames on Rory Fallon
74* GOAL! Scored by Matty Hughes with a header! - Assist by Aidan Chippendale
74 Foul by Greg Daniels on Peter Wylie
73 Cameron Murray caught offside
73 Rory Fallon shoots but it is an easy save
72* Sub: Cesaire Lingouba for Bohan Dixon
71* Chris Simm shoots narrowly wide
70 Foul by Matthew Wolfenden on Bohan Dixon
69 Craig Lindfield sees his shot saved
68 Sub: Rory Fallon for Tom Brown
68* Adam Farrell caught offside
65* Steve Tames's shot blocked on the line by Tom Brown
65* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
64* Adam Farrell clears corner
64 Corner for FC United Of Manchester
60* John Shaw clears corner
60 Corner for FC United Of Manchester
60 Greg Daniels sees his shot saved
59* Steve Tames heads into the side netting!
57* Bohan Dixon sees his shot saved
54 Sub: Liam Brownhill for Adam Thurston
53* Dale Wright caught offside
53* Chris Simm sees his shot saved
52 Corner cleared for another corner
52 Adam Thurston's shot tipped over the bar: corner
51 Tom Brown clears corner
51* Corner cleared for another corner
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
50 Curlimg ball left Wilfenden one on one
50 GOAL! Scored by Matthew Wolfenden! - Assist by Rory Patterson
46 Kick off - FC United Of Manchester
45* Sub: Adam Farrell for Darius Osei
45* Sub: Chris Simm for Jack Higgins
45 Half Time
45* Injury to Jack Higgins
45* Keeper takes the ball at Jack Higgins's feet
44 Pull back missed everybody but Murray running in
44 GOAL! Scored by Cameron Murray! - Assist by Tom Brown
39 Greg Daniels shoots over
38 Cameron Murray shoots wide!
31 Dave Carnell clears corner
31* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
29* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Cameron Murray
28* Darius Osei forces keeper into a great save!
28* Alec Mudimu forces keeper into a great save!
26* Foul by Darius Osei on Adam Thurston
25 Foul by Rory Patterson on Peter Wylie
24 Osei threaded pass and Tames selicate chip
24* GOAL! Scored by Steve Tames! - Assist by Darius Osei
21* Jack Higgins shot hits the woodwork and out!
21* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
20 Good cross and header under pressure
20 GOAL! Scored by Craig Lindfield with a header! - Assist by Greg Daniels
17* Steve Tames caught offside
15 Tames one on one squared it instead of shooting and simple finish for Osei
15* GOAL! Scored by Darius Osei! - Assist by Steve Tames
13* Steve Tames sees his shot saved
12 Scott Cheetham caught offside
11* Steve Tames shoots wide!
10 Foul by Chris Lynch on Steve Tames
9* Foul by Bohan Dixon on Matthew Wolfenden
7 Foul by Tom Brown on Bohan Dixon
2* Steve Tames caught offside
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1McMillan, Tony  
2Wylie, Peter  
3Chippendale, Aidan  
4Hughes, Matty  
5Higgins, Jack  > 45
6Shaw, John  
7Wright, Dale  
8Mudimu, Alec  
9Osei, Darius  > 45
10Tames, Steve  
11Dixon, Bohan  > 72
12Lingouba, CesaireYellow Card < 72
14Simm, Chris  < 45
15Farrell, Adam  < 45
16Johnson, Alex  
17Crowley, Oliver