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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Unmarked, picked out and easy finish
90 GOAL! Scored by Cirtan Keane! - Assist by Ebby Nelson-Addy
90 Sam Oji clears corner
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
89 Foul by Cheekaine Steele on Gary Gee
88 Sub: Jordan Murphy for Lee Hughes
88 Lifted cross and half volley unmarked
88 GOAL! Scored by Colby Bishop! - Assist by Joe Firzpatrick
86 Foul by Tyler Weir on Liam Dickinson
85* Corner wasted
85* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
83* Foul by Sam Madeley on Ryan Boot
81 Ryan Boot clears corner
81* Sam Madeley's shot tipped over the bar: corner
80* Foul by Gary Gee on Tyler Weir
79 Cirtan Keane caught offside
77 Lee Hughes caught offside
73* Danny Wilkins shoots wide!
72 Yellow card for Joe Firzpatrick
72 Foul by Joe Firzpatrick on Danny Wilkins
71 Lee Hughes caught offside
70* Foul by Danny Wilkins on Tyler Weir
67* Yellow card for Matty Hughes
67* Foul by Matty Hughes on Lee Hughes
66 Lee Hughes heads over
66 Corner for Worcester City
66 Lee Hughes sees his shot saved
65 Ebby Nelson-Addy shoots over
64* Sam Madeley caught offside
63 Lee Hughes shoots over
63 Lee Hughes shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
62 Yellow card for Graham Hutchinson
62 Foul just outside the box by Graham Hutchinson on Andy Owens
60 1 on 1 drew McMillan and curled it round him
60 GOAL! Scored by Lee Hughes!
58 Colby Bishop caught offside
57 Lee Hughes shoots but it is an easy save
57* Foul by Danny Wisdom on Cheekaine Steele
56* Gary Gee shoots wide!
52 Sub: Colby Bishop for Micah Evans
52* Sub: Sam Madeley for Aidan Chippendale
52* Sub: Andy Owens for Danny Morton
52* Liam Dickinson heads narrowly wide
52* Liam Dickinson shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
52* Adam Mather sees his shot saved
51* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Graham Hutchinson
48* Danny Wilkins shot blocked on route to goal by Sam Oji
47 Foul by Cirtan Keane on Gary Gee
46 Kick off - Worcester City
45 Half Time
45 Lee Hughes caught offside
45 Loose ball initially blocked by McMillan from 9 fell to 10 who slotted home
45 GOAL! Scored by Ebby Nelson-Addy! - Assist by Lee Hughes
44 Micah Evans caught offside
40* Foul by Danny Wisdom on Cheekaine Steele
38 Ebby Nelson-Addy clears corner
38* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
37* Foul by Gary Gee on Andy Gallanagh
35 Lee Hughes caught offside
33* Foul by Nick Ryan on Sam Oji
31* Sub: Nick Ryan for Keil O`Brien
31* Injury to Keil O`Brien
25 Foul by Cheekaine Steele on Aidan Chippendale
24 Tyler Weir clears corner
24* Corner cleared for another corner
24* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
19* Liam Dickinson heads wide!
18 Joe Firzpatrick caught offside
9 Foul just outside the box by Cheekaine Steele on Liam Dickinson
7* Aidan Chippendale caught offside
6* Liam Dickinson sees his shot saved
5 Foul just outside the box by Andy Gallanagh on Aidan Chippendale
5 Corner sent too far
5 Corner for Worcester City
1 Sam Oji shoots well over the bar
1 Corner for Worcester City
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1McMillan, Tony  
2Morton, Danny  > 52
3Wisdom, Danny  
4Hughes, MattyYellow Card 
5O`Brien, Keil  > 31
6Summerskill, Brian  
7Chippendale, Aidan  > 52
8Gee, Gary  
9Dickinson, Liam  
10Wilkins, Danny  
11Mather, Adam  
12Owens, Andy  < 52
14Madeley, Sam  < 52
15Ryan, Nick  < 31
16McKnight, Darren  
17Toner, Eddie