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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Corner for Salford City
90 Foul by Sam Walker on Mathias Bakare
90* Foul by Lee Gaskell on Sam Walker
87* Danny Wisdom shoots into the keeper's arms
87 Sub: Sam Walker for James Poole
85* Danny Wisdom clears corner
85 Corner for Salford City
84 Foul by George Green on Matty Hughes
84 Corner wasted
84 Corner for Salford City
81* Sub: Mathias Bakare for Danny Wilkins
81 Sub: Richie Allen for Mike Phenix
81* Foul by Danny Wisdom on Mike Phenix
77* Lee Gaskell caught offside
74 Foul by James Poole on Gary Gee
73 Mike Phenix caught offside
71* Sub: Lee Gaskell for Porya Ahmadi
71 Sub: James Poole for Josh Hine
70* Corner cleared for another corner
70 Corner for Salford City
69* Fraser Horsfall heads but it is an easy save
69* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
68 Yellow card for Josh Hine
68 Foul by Josh Hine on Aaron Chalmers
66* Porya Ahmadi caught offside
65* Foul by Keano Deacon on Patrick Brough
62 Foul by Simon Grand on Grant Shenton
62 Corner for Salford City
61* Sub: Keano Deacon for Danny Pilkington
61 Josh Hine caught offside
58* Handball by Kieran Dunbar
58 Jordan Hulme shoots well over the bar
57 A long throw bundled over the line gives Salford the lead
57 GOAL! Scored by Mike Phenix! - Assist by Patrick Brough
51 Yellow card for Scott Burton
51 Foul by Scott Burton on Aaron Chalmers
51 Jordan Hulme's shot blocked on the line by Danny Morton
51 Keeper takes the ball at Josh Hine's feet
50 Foul by Mike Phenix on Aaron Chalmers
49 Billy Priestley clears corner
49* Danny Pilkington's shot pushed round the post: corner
49 Foul just outside the box by Michael Nottingham on Danny Pilkington
47 Simon Grand heads over
46 Corner for Salford City
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Foul by Porya Ahmadi on Simon Grand
44 Yellow card for George Green
44 Foul by George Green on Kieran Dunbar
38 Mike Phenix caught offside
36 Foul by Jordan Hulme on Kieran Dunbar
34 George Green caught offside
34* Foul by Danny Wilkins on Jordan Hulme
33* Danny Pilkington shoots over
32* Matty Hughes heads narrowly wide
32 Foul by Billy Priestley on Porya Ahmadi
31 George Green caught offside
29 Foul by Michael Nottingham on Danny Wilkins
27 Foul by Josh Hine on Danny Wisdom
26* Danny Wisdom clears corner
26 Corner for Salford City
25* Danny Pilkington forces keeper into a great save!
25* Danny Wilkins sees his shot saved
24* Aaron Chalmers shoots but it is an easy save
20* Corner wasted
20* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
15* Danny Wilkins shoots well wide!
13* Aaron Chalmers heads wide!
13* Danny Wilkins's shot tipped over the bar: corner
12 Foul by George Green on Matty Hughes
9 Keeper takes the ball at Jordan Hulme's feet
8 Foul by Scott Burton on Danny Morton
5* Kieran Dunbar clears corner
5 Corner for Salford City
4* Porya Ahmadi caught offside
1 Kick off - Salford City
Stalybridge Celtic
1Shenton, Grant  
2Morton, Danny  
3Wisdom, Danny  
4Hughes, Matty  
5Horsfall, Fraser  
6Chalmers, Aaron  
7Dunbar, Kieran  
8Gee, Gary  
9Ahmadi, Porya  > 71
10Wilkins, Danny  > 81
11Pilkington, Danny  > 61
12Deacon, Keano  < 61
14Gaskell, Lee  < 71
15McKnight, Darren  
16Platt, Kristian  
17Bakare, Mathias  < 81