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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Corner wasted
90 Corner for Lancaster City
90 Glenn Steele heads but it is an easy save
89* Oliver Roberts clears corner
89 Corner for Lancaster City
89 Thomas Kilifin sees his shot saved
88* Theo Bailey-Jones shoots but it is an easy save
88* Liam Dickinson caught offside
87* Tom Brown caught offside
86* Foul by Tom Brown on Simon Willis
84* Handball by Tom Brown
81 Paul Jarvis clears corner
81* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
81* Liam Dickinson forces keeper into a great save!
80* GOAL! Scored by Theo Bailey-Jones! - Assist by Oliver Roberts
79* Corner cleared for another corner
78* Corner cleared for another corner
78* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
74* Sub: Oliver Roberts for Chris Gallagher
73* Sub: Tom Brown for Connor Hughes
73 Sub: Hannu Tam for Billy Akrigg
71 Bad bacpass...
71* GOAL! Scored by Jordan Chapell! - Assist by Connor Hughes
69 Simon Willis caught offside
68 Simon Willis caught offside
67* Jordan Chapell's shot blocked on the line by Paul Dugdale
66 Wonder dtrike
66* GOAL! Scored by Jordan Chapell! - Assist by Theo Bailey-Jones
64* Foul by Alex Honeyball on Sam Bailey
62 Handball by Paul Dugdale
59 Sub: Simon Willis for Charlie Bailey
57 Straight off the corner
57* GOAL! Scored by Luke Ashworth! - Assist by Connor Hughes
56* Theo Bailey-Jones's shot deflected for a corner by Glenn Steele
52* Liam Dickinson clears corner
52 Corner for Lancaster City
52* Yellow card for Luke Ashworth
52* Foul by Luke Ashworth on Thomas Kilifin
51 Foul by Glenn Steele on Jordan Chapell
49* Yellow card for Connor Hughes
49* Foul by Connor Hughes on Craig Carney
48* Chris Gallagher clears corner
48 Corner for Lancaster City
46* Luke Ashworth scuffs but it is an easy save
46* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
46 Kick off - Lancaster City
45* Sub: Theo Bailey-Jones for Matthew Wolfenden
45 Half Time
45 Complete disarray from the Celtic defence
45 GOAL! Scored by Sam Bailey! - Assist by Thomas Kilifin
45 Sub: Gavin Clark for Richard Mercer
45 Injury to Richard Mercer
45 Benjamin Hudson clears corner
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
43 Low from the edge of the box to equalise
43* GOAL! Scored by Jordan Chapell! - Assist by Matthew Wolfenden
43* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
42 Foul by Thomas Kilifin on Alex Honeyball
41 Sam Bailey shoots wide!
40 Foul by Paul Dugdale on Connor Hughes
39 Foul by Richard Mercer on Jordan Chapell
39* Foul by Sam Sheridan on Thomas Kilifin
34* Yellow card for Liam Dickinson
34* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Richard Mercer
32 Craig Carney shoots into the keeper's arms
31* Jordan Chapell shoots wide!
29 Foul by Benjamin Hudson on Matthew Wolfenden
23* Liam Dickinson heads but it is an easy save
23* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
22 Foul by Billy Akrigg on Jordan Chapell
19 Foul by Richard Mercer on Danny Morton
19 Corner for Lancaster City
17 Foul by Richard Mercer on Matthew Wolfenden
16* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Richard Mercer
16* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
15* Liam Dickinson clears corner
15 Corner for Lancaster City
12 Mercer with a flicked header off a free kick
12 GOAL! Scored by Richard Mercer with a header! - Assist by Billy Akrigg
12* Foul by Jordan Chapell on Paul Jarvis
11 Billy Akrigg clears corner
11* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
8 Foul by Richard Mercer on Sam Sheridan
8 Corner for Lancaster City
7* Jordan Chapell caught offside
6 Thomas Kilifin shoots into the side netting!
6* Foul by Alex Honeyball on Sam Bailey
3 Foul by Craig Carney on Sam Sheridan
2* Liam Dickinson clears corner
2 Corner for Lancaster City
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Lancaster City
1Cheetham, Chris  
2Hudson, Benjamin  
3Dugdale, Paul  
4Akrigg, Billy  > 73
5Steele, Glenn  
6Mercer, Richard  > 45
7Bailey, Sam  
8Carney, Craig  
9Kilifin, Thomas  
10Bailey, Charlie  > 59
11Jarvis, Paul  
12Clark, Gavin  < 45
14Henry, Rob  
15Tam, Hannu  < 73
16Willis, Simon  < 59
17Winder, Ryan