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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Luke Ashworth heads narrowly wide
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
90 Too much space for 16, noone picked up his low cross and Thornley eaualised
90* Sub: Harrison Holgate for Liam Dickinson
90 GOAL! Scored by Tom Thorley! - Assist by Reece King
90 4 added minutes
86 Attendance 389
86 Jordan Graham caught offside
83 Sub: Danny Glover for Joey Butlin
82 Superb move, low cross collected by Jake and Wolfie powers home
82* GOAL! Scored by Matthew Wolfenden! - Assist by Jake Charles
81 Jordan Graham shoots over
79 Dicko mods down, Wolfie blasts home
79* GOAL! Scored by Matthew Wolfenden! - Assist by Liam Dickinson
79* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
78* Sub: Greg Wilkinson for Oliver Roberts
77 Yellow card for Matt Curley
77 An awful foul by Matt Curley
77 James Fitzgibbon sees his shot saved
76 Jordan Graham caught offside
75* Corner wasted
75* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
70* Yellow card for Connor Hughes
70* Sub: Oliver Crowley for Tom Brown
67 Joey Butlin forces keeper into a great save!
65 Reece King heads narrowly wide
64* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Reece King
63 Joe Fitzpatrick clears corner
63* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
57 Foul by Samuel Oji on Liam Dickinson
55* Liam Dickinson caught offside
54 Foul by Joey Butlin on Luke Ashworth
53 Yellow card for Charlie Gatter
53 Foul by Charlie Gatter on Liam Dickinson
49* Foul by Tom Brown on Reece King
49 James Wren clears corner
49* Jake Charles's shot deflected for a corner
46 Joey Butlin caught offside
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Sub: Louis Harris for James Lawrie
45 Half Time
43 Foul by Charlie Gatter on Liam Dickinson
43* Foul by Danny Morton on Joey Butlin
42 Sub: Reece King for Callam Mendez-Jones
42 Injury to Callam Mendez-Jones
41* Foul by Tom Brown on James Fitzgibbon
41 Foul by Charlie Gatter on Connor Hughes
40 Handball by Joey Butlin
39 Foul by Joe Fitzpatrick on Matthew Wolfenden
37 Winger had just a little too much pace to get to the through ball and Brown couldn\'t catch him
37 GOAL! Scored by James Fitzgibbon! - Assist by James Lawrie
35* Matthew Wolfenden shoots over
34* Jake Charles forces keeper into a great save!
33* Foul by Connor Hughes on James Fitzgibbon
30 Corner for Hednesford Town
28* Foul by Luke Ashworth on James Lawrie
26 James Lawrie shoots over
24* Jake Charles forces keeper into a great save!
23 Charlie Gatter heads well over the bar
23* Foul just outside the box by on James Lawrie
22* Liam Dickinson caught offside
20* Alex Honeyball shot blocked on route to goal
20* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
19 Samuel Oji clears corner
19* Connor Hughes's shot tipped over the bar: corner
18* Corner sent too far
18* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
17 Foul by Samuel Oji on Matthew Wolfenden
15* Alex Honeyball caught offside
12 Foul by James Lawrie on Jake Charles
6* Matthew Wolfenden heads well wide!
3 Charlie Gatter shoots wide!
3 Corner for Hednesford Town
1 Kick off - Hednesford Town
Hednesford Town
1Wren, James  
2Mendez-Jones, Callam  > 42
3Curley, MattYellow Card 
4Fitzpatrick, Joe  
5Oji, Samuel  
6Gatter, CharlieYellow Card 
7Fitzgibbon, James  
8Thorley, Tom  
9Butlin, Joey  > 83
10Lawrie, James  > 45
11Graham, Jordan  
12Bailey, Ben  
14Harris, Louis  < 45
15Glover, Danny  < 83
16King, Reece  < 42
17Law, JAson