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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Consolation goal, but we\'ll taken
90* GOAL! Scored by Brice Pouamoun! - Assist by Oliver Roberts
90 Foul by Mark Bett on Danny Morton
90 Kyle Trennery clears corner
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
90 Mark Bett caught offside
90 3 added minutes
90 Foul by Mark Bett on Danny Morton
89* Connor Hughes shoots well over the bar
88 Attendance 325
87 Nathan Cartman shoots narrowly wide
85* Foul by Luke Ashworth on Nathan Cartman
85 Mark Bett caught offside
84* Foul by Matthew Wolfenden on Luke Parkin
83 Sub: Mark Bett for Paul Walker
81* Foul by Elisene Fernandes on Will Wells
80 11 took advantage of no offside flag, drew Sykes and Cartman had a tap in
80 GOAL! Scored by Nathan Turner! - Assist by Luke Parkin
79* Sub: Elisene Fernandes for Jake Charles
78* Luke Ashworth heads over
78* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
78 Foul by Will Wells on Alex Honeyball
76 Nathan Cartman shoots but it is an easy save
75 Sub: Will Wells for Isaac Baldwin
75 Sub: Kurt Harris for Ben Atlkinson
69* Foul by Brice Pouamoun on Lewis Turner
68* Sub: Josh Ramsden for Tom Brown
68* Injury to Tom Brown
67* Foul by Brice Pouamoun on Isaac Baldwin
65* Matthew Wolfenden caught offside
64* Sub: Brice Pouamoun for Jack Taylor
64 Nathan Cartman shoots wide!
63* Connor Hughes caught offside
61* Handball by Jack Taylor
60 Nathan Turner caught offside
60* Foul by Jack Taylor on Paul Walker
59* Corner sent too far
59* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
55 Foul by Danny Ellis on Matthew Wolfenden
53* Foul by Danny Morton on Nathan Turner
52* Corner sent too far
52* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
50* Alex Honeyball shoots over
48 Through ball from Walker leaving the striker one on one
48 GOAL! Scored by Nathan Turner! - Assist by Paul Walker
46 Nathan Cartman caught offside
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
42* Foul by Alex Honeyball on Luke Parkin
40 Foul by Nathan Cartman on Jack Taylor
38 Isaac Baldwin shoots but it is an easy save
38* Foul just outside the box by Harrison Holgate on Luke Parkin
35 Walked it in, too much space for Walker to pick out the pass
35 GOAL! Scored by Nathan Cartman! - Assist by Paul Walker
31 Ball in from the wing, volleyed Sykes got a hand to it but couldn\'t keep it out
31 GOAL! Scored by Nathan Cartman! - Assist by Luke Parkin
28* Alex Honeyball shoots over
28* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
27 Danny Ellis clears corner
27* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
25* Matthew Wolfenden sees his shot saved
24* Foul just outside the box by Jack Taylor on Nathan Cartman
21 Yellow card for Ben Atlkinson
21 Foul by Ben Atlkinson on Alex Honeyball
20 Ben Atlkinson shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
19* Foul by Connor Hughes on Nathan Turner
18* Connor Hughes caught offside
15* Luke Ashworth clears corner
15 Paul Walker's shot tipped over the bar: corner
15 Corner for Farsley Celtic
7 Foul by Nathan Cartman on George Sykes-Kenworthy
5 Luke Parkin shoots into the keeper's arms
3 Nathan Cartman caught offside
1 Ben Atlkinson heads but it is an easy save
1 Kick off - Farsley Celtic
Farsley Celtic
1Trennery, Kyle  
2Turner, Lewis  
3Baldwin, Isaac  > 75
4Atkinson, Chris  
5Ellis, Danny  
6Clayton, Adam  
7Atlkinson, BenYellow Card > 75
8Turner, Nathan  
9Walker, Paul  > 83
10Cartman, Nathan  
11Parkin, Luke  
12Wells, Will  < 75
14Harris, Kurt  < 75
15Murray, Cam  
16Bett, Mark  < 83
17McKibbin, Graeme