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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Kyle Dixon shoots well over the bar
90* Foul just outside the box by Josh Ramsden on Kyle Dixon
90 Attendance 285. 2 added minutes
90 Tom McGlinchy shoots well over the bar
86 Header towards goal by 6 flicked past Sykes
86 GOAL! Scored by Jake Woolley! - Assist by Steve Towers
85 Corner for Coalville Town
83* Matthew Wolfenden heads over
83 Foul by Kyle Bryant on Jake Storey
82 Steve Towers shoots wide!
77* Matthew Wolfenden heads well over the bar
77 Foul by Kyle Bryant on Liam Dickinson
77* Sub: Jake Storey for Danny Morton
76* Foul by Jake Charles on Kyle Dixon
76 Sub: Jake Woolley for Alex Howes
74* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Cleveland Taylor
73* Elisene Fernandes shoots wide!
72* Matthew Wolfenden sees his header saved
70 Elliot Taylor clears corner
70* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
66 Sub: Alex Dean for Nathan Watson
65 Steve Towers heads over
65 Corner for Coalville Town
65 Kyle Dixon forces keeper into a great save!
62* Sub: Elisene Fernandes for Braulio Maeico
61 Alex Howes clears corner
61* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
61* Jake Charles forces keeper into a great save with a header!
59 Nobody picked up the full back arriving at the corner of the box, and he struck it low
59 GOAL! Scored by Cleveland Taylor! - Assist by Nathan Watson
58 Steve Towers shoots wide!
55* Foul by Jake Charles on Cleveland Taylor
54* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Steve Towers
53 Foul by Kyle Dixon on Oliver Roberts
52* Sub: Callum Penistone for Brice Pouamoun
51 Kyle Bryant heads well over the bar
51 Corner for Coalville Town
49* Jake Charles shoots but it is an easy save
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
44 caught offside
42 Nathan Watson caught offside
41* Foul by Jake Charles on Elliot Taylor
41* Braulio Maeico's shot deflected for a corner by Dean Freeman
40 Steve Towers heads well over the bar
40 Corner for Coalville Town
37* Matthew Wolfenden sees his shot saved
37 Foul by Dean Freeman on Matthew Wolfenden
36 Handball by Cleveland Taylor
35 Foul by on Josh Ramsden
34 Alex Howes caught offside
33 Nathan Watson shoots wide!
32* Brice Pouamoun caught offside
31 Kyle Dixon caught offside
28 Sub: Jake Woolley for Kyle Dixon
28 Injury to Anthony Carney
24* Foul by Danny Morton on Anthony Carney
20 Corner, header, goal
20 GOAL! Scored by Steve Towers! - Assist by Alex Howes
20 Corner for Coalville Town
20* Foul by Josh Ramsden on Alex Howes
18 Foul by Anthony Carney on Harrison Holgate
14 Kyle Dixon shoots narrowly wide
11 Nathan Watson shoots narrowly wide
9* Harrison Holgate shoots wide!
1 Kick off - Coalville Town
Coalville Town
1Taylor, Elliot  
2Taylor, Cleveland  
3Bryant, Kyle  
4Torr, Lee  
5Freeman, Dean  
6Towers, Steve  
7McGlinchy, Tom  
8Dixon, Kyle  > 28
9Carney, Anthony  
10Watson, Nathan  > 66
11Howes, Alex  > 76
12Dean, Alex  < 66
13Dillon, James  
15Woolley, Jake  < 28
16Hollis, Jermain  
17Jenno, Danny