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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Will Bell clears corner
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
89 Foul by Rick Buckler on Callum Spooner
88* Lee Knight sees his shot saved
85 Bruce Foxton shoots wide!
84* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Paul Weller
84* Foul by Tom Brown on Lassa Mendes
80 Lassa Mendes shot blocked on route to goal by Stephen Rigby
80 Danny Bartle shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
78* Michael Clarke clears corner
78* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
75* Lee Knight heads over
73 Sub: Paddy Rutter for Matt Cooper
73* Sub: Lee Knight for Matthew Wolfenden
70* Luke Wall shoots over
68 Foul by Josh Bruxelles on Luke Wall
67 Jack Mackrath caught offside
67* Matthew Wolfenden heads into the side netting!
66 Foul by James Barrigan on Luke Wall
64 Sub: Paul Weller for Danny Andrews
64 Sub: Rick Buckler for Luke Horrocks
64 Sub: Bruce Foxton for Danny Bartle
61 Sub: Louis Moines for Ethan Devine
60* GOAL! Scored by Tom Brown! - Assist by Matthew Wolfenden
59* Foul by John Marsden on Lassa Mendes
57* Sub: Niall Flint for Billy Akrigg
57* GOAL! Scored by Tom Brown! - Assist by Luke Wall
57* Sub: Tom Brown for Ross Dent
57* Sub: Stephen Rigby for Jack Taylor
57 Danny Bartle shoots well wide!
56* Foul by John Marsden on Luke Horrocks
55* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Luke Horrocks
54* Foul by Ross Dent on Luke Horrocks
52* Corner sent too far
52* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
51* Foul by Michael Clarke on Luke Horrocks
50* Luke Wall shoots wide!
48* Corner wasted
48* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
47 Yellow card for Danny Bartle
47 Foul by Danny Bartle on Matthew Wolfenden
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* John Marsden shoots narrowly wide
44 Foul by Will Bell on Scott Bakkor
43* Foul by Billy Akrigg on Lassa Mendes
41* Foul by Luke Wall on Luke Horrocks
39* Corner sent too far
39* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
38* Foul by John Marsden on Luke Horrocks
37* Corner sent too far
37* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
37* John Marsden forces keeper into a great save!
35* John Marsden free kick hits the woodwork and out!
35 Handball by Danny Andrews
30 James Barrigan heads wide!
29* Foul by Liam Tongue on Jack Mackrath
28 Danny Bartle caught offside
28* Foul by Ross Dent on Lassa Mendes
26* Foul by John Marsden on Olly Marx
24* John Marsden caught offside
22 James Barrigan caught offside
20* Foul by Michael Clarke on Danny Andrews
18* Handball by Scott Bakkor
18 Foul by Luke Horrocks on John Marsden
16* Matthew Wolfenden sees his shot saved
15 Foul by Lassa Mendes on Scott Bakkor
14* Liam Tongue with a free kick but it is an easy save
14 Foul just outside the box by Will Bell on Scott Bakkor
10 Foul by Danny Bartle on Michael Clarke
10 Corner for Colwyn Bay
9 GOAL! Scored by Danny Bartle! - Assist by Danny Andrews
8* Luke Wall caught offside
7* John Marsden shoots wide!
6* Ross Dent sees his shot saved
4* Handball by Matthew Wolfenden
3* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Olly Marx
1* Luke Wall caught offside
1 Foul by Lassa Mendes on Callum Spooner
1 Kick off - Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay
1Cooper, Matt  > 73
2Devine, Ethan  > 61
3Bruxelles, Josh  
4Horrocks, Luke  > 64
5Bell, Will  
6Marx, Olly  
7Andrews, Danny  > 64
8Mendes, Lassa  
9Bartle, DannyYellow Card > 64
10Barrigan, James  
11Mackrath, Jack  
12Rutter, Paddy  < 73
14Weller, Paul  < 64
15Buckler, Rick  < 64
16Moines, Louis  < 61
17Foxton, Bruce  < 64