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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Scott Bakkor shoots into the keeper's arms
90 Yellow card for Nathan Jarman
90* Yellow card for Niall Flint
90 3 mins added time
89 Sub: Mason Warren for Jake Scott
88 Man of Match: Scott Bakkor
85 Attendance: 379
80* Sub: John Marsden for Matthew Wolfenden
79 Curtis Burrows shoots narrowly wide
78 Corner for Mickleover FC
78 Nathan Jarman's shot blocked on the line
77 Corner for Mickleover FC
75 Sub: Curtis Burrows for Niall Doran
74 Ollie Roberts shoots but it is an easy save
73 Foul by Niall Doran on Danny Brady
71* Foul by Ross Dent on Jake Scott
69 Corner for Mickleover FC
68* Sub: Scott Harries for Greg Wilkinson
64* Corner caught by the keeper
64* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
61 Ollie Roberts shoots well over the bar
60* Sub: Niall Flint for Billy Akrigg
58 Yellow card for Tom Burgin
55* Ross Dent shoots but it is an easy save
53* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
50* Greg Wilkinson shoots well wide!
49* Foul by Ross Dent on Ollie Roberts
47 Corner wasted
47 Corner for Mickleover FC
45 Kick off - Mickleover FC
45 Sub: Evan Garnett for John McGrath
45 Even half, little between the teams, Bakkor showing promise. Celtic playing towards the Stalybridge End second half.
45 Half Time
45 1 minute added time
45 Foul by Jake Scott on Scott Bakkor
42 Niall Doran heads narrowly wide
37 An awful foul by Jake Scott on Matthew Wolfenden
34 Corner for Mickleover FC
30* Foul by Billy Akrigg
27 Ollie Roberts shoots well wide!
26* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
23 Yellow card for John McGrath
23 Foul by John McGrath on Scott Bakkor
21 Even game so far, midfield battle
13* Foul by Ross Dent on Jimmy Phillips
13* Greg Wilkinson shoots well over the bar
11 Ben Turner shoots well wide!
1* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
1* Scott Bakkor shoots but it is an easy save
1* Michael Clarke heads narrowly wide
1 Foul just outside the box by Ben Turner
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Mickleover FC
1King, Lewis  
2Grocott, Kevin  
3Turner, Ben  
4McGrath, JohnYellow Card > 45
5Mills, Pablo  
6Burgin, TomYellow Card 
7Roberts, Ollie  
8Scott, Jake   > 89
9Jarman, NathanYellow Card 
10Doran, Niall  > 75
11Phillips, Jimmy  
12Burrows, Curtis  < 75
14Norcross, Will  
15Marselia, isai  
16Garnett, Evan  < 45
17Warren, Mason  < 89