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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* GOAL! Scored by Liam MacDevitt! - Assist by Scott Bakkor
90 Michael Coulson caught offside
90* Mark Lees shoots wide!
88 Yellow card for Jack Johnson
88 Foul by Jack Johnson on Ross Dent
86* Sub: Ross Dent for Neil Kengni
86* Sub: Ross Dent for Nathan Valentine
84* Foul by Declan Walker on Daniel Lowe
79 Will Annan caught offside
76 James Walshaw caught offside
74* Sub: Liam MacDevitt for Craig Hobson
72* Foul by Neil Kengni on Daniel Lowe
71* Neil Kengni caught offside
70 Attendance: 355
69* GOAL! Scored by Declan Walker from a superb shot!
68* Neil Kengni's shot pushed round the post: corner
67* Neil Kengni caught offside
64 Sub: Peter Davidson for Chris Dawson
64 Sub: Will Annan for Wayne Brooksby
64 James Walshaw caught offside
62* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Daniel Lowe
60 Foul by Chris Dawson on Craig Hobson
59 Sub: Ryan Watson for Kian Spence
59* Foul by Kallum Mantack on Chris Dawson
58 Michael Coulson shoots into the keeper's arms
54 Corner caught by the keeper
54 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
53* Yellow card for Anthony Whitehead
53* Foul by Anthony Whitehead on Jordan Deacy
52* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
51 Foul by Isaac Assenso on Craig Hobson
51* Foul by Craig Hobson on Isaac Assenso
49* GOAL! Scored by Ross Dent! - Assist by Scott Bakkor
49 Foul by Kian Spence on Craig Hobson
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
43 GOAL! Scored by Chris Dawson! - Assist by James Walshaw
43 Thomas Taylor clears corner
43* Nathan Valentine's shot pushed round the post: corner
42* Foul by Nathan Valentine on Jack Johnson
39* Scott Bakkor shoots over
35 Kian Spence shoots well wide!
32 TNique Fishley forces keeper into a great save!
32 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
30 Kian Spence shoots wide!
29* GOAL! Scored by Kallum Mantack! - Assist by Neil Kengni
28* Neil Kengni sees his shot saved
25 Foul by Chris Dawson on Nathan Valentine
22* Neil Kengni shoots wide!
20* Foul by Declan Walker on James Walshaw
19 Foul by Wayne Brooksby on Scott Bakkor
18* Neil Kengni with a shot from distance wide!
16* Craig Hobson sees his shot saved
15* Kallum Mantack clears corner
15 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
12* Foul by Ross Dent on Chris Dawson
11 James Walshaw shoots into the keeper's arms
9* GOAL! Scored by Craig Hobson with a header! - Assist by Neil Kengni
9* Corner cleared for another corner
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
8* Neil Kengni forces keeper into a great save!
5* Foul by Ross Dent on Chris Dawson
1 Kick off - Scarborough Athletic
Scarborough Athletic
1Taylor, Thomas  
2Fishley, TNique  
3Lowe, Daniel  
4Spence, Kian  > 59
5Assenso, Isaac  
6Johnson, JackYellow Card 
7Dawson, Chris  > 64
8Deacy, Jordan  
9Walshaw, James  
10Coulson, Michael  
11Brooksby, Wayne  > 64
12Watson, Ryan  < 59
14Coates, Harry  
15Davidson, Peter  < 64
16Howarth, Chris  
17Annan, Will  < 64