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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Lewis King clears corner
90 4 added minutes
87 Foul just outside the box by Andrew Haworth on Scott Bakkor
86 Sub: Andrew Haworth for Joe Berks
85* Darius Osei heads over
85 Foul by Alex Harvey on Scott Bakkor
84 Evan Garnett shoots well wide!
83 Foul by Joe Berks on Greg Wilkinson
81 Brad Grayson shoots well wide!
80* Chris Smalley heads well over the bar
80* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
76* Yellow card for Scott Bakkor
76* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Alex Harvey
74* Sub: Greg Wilkinson for Ross Dent
74* Yellow card for Ross Dent
74* Foul by Ross Dent on Matthew Hill
72 Foul just outside the box by Paul Bignot on Darius Osei
72 Foul by Josh Green on Harry Freedman
71* Foul by Ross Dent on Alex Harvey
70* Darius Osei caught offside
70* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
67* Stephen O'Halloran clears corner
67 Corner for Stafford Rangers
66* Foul by Jonathan Ustabasi on Jack Sherratt
66* Sub: Jack O'Leary for Nathan Valentine
62* Sub: Harry Freedman for Craig Hobson
62 GOAL! Scored by Evan Garnett! - Assist by Jack Sherratt
60 Lewis King clears corner
60 Sub: Josh Burns for Sam Coulson
59* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
58 Matthew Hill clears corner
58* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
56 Jed Davies clears corner
56* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
52* Foul by Ross Dent on Alex Harvey
51* Corner cleared for another corner
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
48* Darius Osei caught offside
47 Yellow card for Alex Harvey
47 Foul by Alex Harvey on Scott Bakkor
47 Brad Grayson sees his shot saved
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Attendance: 292
45 Half Time
45 Jed Davies shoots wide!
43 GOAL! Scored by Josh Green! - Assist by Brad Grayson
42* Foul by Darius Osei on Alex Harvey
42 Foul by Jed Davies on Declan Walker
41* Scott Bakkor shoots over
40 Penalty conceded by Alex Harvey bringing down Scott Bakkor
39 Foul by Alex Harvey on Nathan Valentine
36* Handball by Darius Osei
34* Corner caught by the keeper
34* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
34 Foul by Jack Sherratt on Ross Dent
27 Jack Sherratt shoots narrowly wide
25* Corner wasted
25* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
21 Sub: Evan Garnett for Jake Charles
19 Corner wasted
19 Corner for Stafford Rangers
16 Foul by Josh Green on Jonathan Ustabasi
13* Yellow card for Craig Hobson
13* Foul by Craig Hobson on Paul Bignot
13 Foul by Sam Coulson on Ross Dent
10 Foul by Sam Coulson on Scott Bakkor
7 GOAL! Scored by Jed Davies!
6 Jake Charles sees his shot saved
4* Foul by Ross Dent on Matthew Hill
2* Darius Osei caught offside
1 Kick off - Stafford Rangers
Stafford Rangers
1King, Lewis  
2Green, Josh  
3Hill, Matthew  
4Coulson, Sam  > 60
5Bignot, Paul  
6Harvey, AlexYellow Card 
7Berks, Joe  > 86
8Sherratt, Jack  
9Charles, Jake  > 21
10Grayson, Brad  
11Davies, Jed  
12Burns, Josh  < 60
14Garnett, Evan  < 21
15Haworth, Andrew  < 86
16Briscoe, Louis  
17Dixon, Max