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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Diego De Giralamo on Chris Smalley
90 4 added minutes
87 Attendance: 423
85* Darius Osei's shot pushed round the post: corner
84* Darius Osei heads but it is an easy save
82 Rod Orlando-Young clears corner
82* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
82* Declan Walker puts in a good cross
81* Foul by Darius Osei on Nico DeGirolamo
81 Aaron Chalmers caught offside
80* Yellow card for Ross Dent
80* Foul by Ross Dent on Ryan Jennings
79 Aaron Chalmers heads but it is an easy save
76 Sub: Sam Kilner for Liam Hardy
76 Yellow card for Kyle Harrison
76 Foul by Kyle Harrison on Kallum Mantack
74* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Alex Brown
73* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
72 Liam Hardy sees his shot saved
71* Jonathan Ustabasi caught offside
71 Rod Orlando-Young caught offside
69* Ross Dent shoots wide!
67 Sub: Kyle Harrison for Brad Roscoe
62 Brad Roscoe caught offside
60* Ross Dent sees his header saved
60* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
59* Declan Walker with a shot from distance wide!
58 Connor OGrady clears corner
58* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
56 Sub: Ryan Jennings for Mark Howarth
56 Mark Howarth shoots wide!
55* Foul just outside the box by Declan Walker on Diego De Giralamo
53* Goal disallowed as Jonathan Ustabasi was offside
53* Darius Osei forces keeper into a great save with a header!
49* GOAL! Scored by Darius Osei! - Assist by Scott Bakkor
47* Foul by Declan Walker on Mark Howarth
46* Darius Osei shoots into the side netting!
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45* Sub: Neil Kengni for Craig Hobson
45 Half Time
45* Darius Osei sees his header saved
40* Darius Osei shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
40* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
37 Foul by Nico DeGirolamo on Alex Fojtíček
37 Corner for Buxton
35 Foul by Brian Wilson on Jonathan Ustabasi
33 Liam Hardy caught offside
30 Foul by Liam Hardy on Chris Smalley
29* Declan Walker shoots narrowly wide
29* Darius Osei's shot deflected for a corner by Connor OGrady
28 Foul by Diego De Giralamo on Scott Bakkor
25* Declan Walker sees his free kick saved
25 Foul just outside the box by Mark Howarth on Ross Dent
23 Alex Brown heads wide!
22* Foul by Craig Hobson on Grant Shenton
20 Foul by Aaron Chalmers on Alex Fojtíček
19 Corner for Buxton
18* Foul by Craig Hobson on Alex Brown
16 Foul by Nico DeGirolamo on Scott Bakkor
16* Foul by Darius Osei on Connor OGrady
10* GOAL! Scored by Ross Dent! - Assist by Jonathan Ustabasi
10 Foul by Aaron Chalmers on Jonathan Ustabasi
6 Connor OGrady clears corner
6* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
4* Craig Hobson shoots well wide!
3 Liam Hardy caught offside
1 Kick off - Buxton
1Shenton, Grant  
2Roscoe, Brad  > 67
3Brown, Alex  
4DeGirolamo, Nico  
5OGrady, Connor  
6Wilson, Brian  
7Howarth, Mark  > 56
8Chalmers, Aaron  
9De Giralamo, Diego  
10Hardy, Liam  > 76
11Orlando-Young, Rod  
12Jennings, Ryan  < 56
14Harrison, KyleYellow Card < 67
15Kilner, Sam  < 76
16Nicolao, Yianni  
17Campbell, Kyle