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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Pete Davidson on Stephen O'Halloran
90 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
89 Michael Coulson shoots over
85* Yellow card for Liam MacDevitt
85* Foul by Chris Smalley on Pete Davidson
84* Darius Osei caught offside
84 Michael Coulson caught offside
83* Sub: Liam MacDevitt for Scott Bakkor
83 James Walshaw heads into the keeper's arms
82 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
80* Scott Bakkor shoots well wide!
79* Yellow card for Ross Dent
79* Foul by Ross Dent on Isaac Assenso
77 James Walshaw shoots over
76 Foul by James Walshaw on Kallum Mantack
75* Scott Bakkor shoots wide!
74 Ryan Watson shoots over
73 Curling thirty yard equaliser
73 GOAL! Scored by Ryan Watson from a superb shot! - Assist by Michael Coulson
72* Sub: Nathan Valentine for Neil Kengni
72* Neil Kengni caught offside
69 Foul by Josh Barrett on Jack O'Leary
66 Massive let off as Voulson misses
66 Michael Coulson shoots wide!
66* Sub: Jack O'Leary for Harry Freedman
65* Foul by Harry Freedman on Isaac Assenso
63 Attendance: 963
63* Neil Kengni shoots over
62 Foul by Wayne Brooksby on Declan Walker
61 Wayne Brooksby shoots wide!
61 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
60 Corner wasted
60 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
56* Anthony Whitehead sees his shot saved
53 James Walshaw shoots over
52 Ryan Watson sees his shot saved
48 Michael Coulson caught offside
46 Kick off - Scarborough Athletic
45 Half Time
45* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Josh Barrett
45 James Walshaw caught offside
42 Kengni shot deflected fell nicely for Osei to roll home
42* GOAL! Scored by Darius Osei! - Assist by Neil Kengni
41 Foul by Connor Thomson on Scott Bakkor
40* Foul by Neil Kengni on Josh Barrett
38 Ryan Watson caught offside
38* Neil Kengni caught offside
35 Michael Coulson shoots over
35* Kallum Mantack sees his shot saved
32* Neil Kengni caught offside
31* Neil Kengni clears corner
31 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
31* Foul by Declan Walker on Michael Coulson
28* Stephen O'Halloran clears corner
28 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
27* Foul by Declan Walker on James Walshaw
26 Foul just outside the box by Josh Barrett on Scott Bakkor
24* Declan Walker shoots over
24* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
21 Foul by Josh Barrett on Declan Walker
21 Corner for Scarborough Athletic
20 James Walshaw shoots well wide!
11* Foul by Neil Kengni on Wayne Brooksby
10* Foul by Ross Dent on James Walshaw
8* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Jack Johnson
6* Foul by Kallum Mantack on James Walshaw
4* Neil Kengni shoots wide!
3* Harry Freedman heads into the keeper's arms
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1Fojtíček, Alex  
2Walker, Declan  
3Mantack, Kallum  
4Dent, RossYellow Card 
5O'Halloran, Stephen  
6Smalley, Chris  
7Bakkor, Scott  > 83
8Whitehead, Anthony  
9Kengni, Neil  > 72
10Osei, Darius  
11Freedman, Harry  > 66
12Valentine, Nathan  < 72
14Hobson, Craig  
15Pearson, Mark  
16MacDevitt, LiamYellow Card < 83
17O'Leary, Jack  < 66