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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Tom Bentham on Brandon Newell
90 Foul by Mike Burke on Brandon Newell
90* Max Harrop caught offside
90 5 added minutes
89 Foul by Astley Mulholland on Obua Mugalula
89 Tom Bentham shoots over
86 Bentham strength shrugged off Jai to go one on one
86 GOAL! Scored by Tom Bentham! - Assist by Demitrius Rhami
83 Will Hall heads into the keeper's arms
83* Foul by Brandon Newell on Tom Bentham
82 Astley Mulholland shoots over
79* Foul by Brandon Newell on Matty Barlow
79* Max Harrop shoots but it is an easy save
75 Mike Burke shoots but it is an easy save
69* Foul by Jordan Burton
65* Max Harrop shoots wide!
63* Sub: Brad Byrne for Joe Edwards
63* Jordan Burton shoots well over the bar
63 Foul by Tom Bentham on Brandon Newell
61 Mike Burke shoots into the keeper's arms
61* Jordan Burton shoots over
58* Corner caught by the keeper
58* Corner cleared for another corner
58* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
55 Rob Worrall sees his shot saved
55 Corner for Trafford
54* Corner wasted
54* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
54* Matty Bryan sees his shot saved
53* Foul by Obua Mugalula on Mackena Bradshaw
52 Mike Burke shoots wide!
52* Foul by Joe Edwards on Will Hall
51* Corner cleared for another corner
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
48* Foul by Jordan Burton
46 Kick off - Trafford
45 Sub: Demitrius Rhami for Jack Dorney
45* Sub: Jake Kenny for Greg Wilkinson
45 Half Time
45* Max Harrop with a shot from distance well wide!
45* Foul by Joe Edwards on Tom Bentham
45* Matty Bryan caught offside
42* Keeper takes the ball at Matty Bryan's feet
41 Tom Bentham heads over
40* Foul by Obua Mugalula on Rob Worrall
39* Luke Hewitson clears corner
39 Corner for Trafford
39* Jordan Burton caught offside
39* Joe Edwards shot hits the woodwork and out!
36 Slow motion goal, took a deflection after Jordan headed goalward and span over the line
36 GOAL! Knocked into his own net by Mackena Bradshaw
35 Foul just outside the box by Will Hall on Max Harrop
34* Brandon Newell clears corner
33 Corner for Trafford
31* Obua Mugalula caught offside
30* Obua Mugalula shoots wide!
21 Sub: Matty Barlow for Ollie Ford
21 Tom Bentham heads over
21 Tom Bentham's shot pushed round the post: corner
21 Mike Burke's shot blocked on the line by Brandon Newell
18* Sub: Obua Mugalula for Aaron Dwyer
18* Injury to Aaron Dwyer
15 Brad Rose clears corner
15* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
14* Foul by Matty Bryan on Jack Dorney
13* Matty Bryan caught offside
11 Lifted ball for Aaron to chase, one on one he finished well
11* GOAL! Scored by Aaron Dwyer! - Assist by Brandon Newell
10* Joe Edwards shoots but it is an easy save
4* Corner wasted
4* Jordan Burton's shot pushed round the post: corner
2* Foul by Brandon Newell on Rob Worrall
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1Hewitson, Luke  
2Wara, Scott  
3Cook, Lucas  
4Newell, Brandon  
5Curran-Nicholls, Jai  
6Wilkinson, Greg  > 45
7Dwyer, Aaron  > 18
8Edwards, Joe  > 63
9Bryan, Matty  
10Harrop, Max  
11Burton, Jordan  
12Kenny, Jake  < 45
15Jones, Matty  
16Byrne, Brad  < 63
17Mugalula, Obua  < 18
18Marsh, Zane