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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Michael Brewster shoots over
90 Sub: Max McCarthy for Muis Bibere-Bello
88* Aaron Dwyer shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
88* Foul by Greg Wilkinson on Vani Da Silva
88 Corner for Avro FC
87* Foul by Joe Edwards on Jake Cottrell
85* Brad Byrne heads narrowly wide
83 Handball by Matty Crothers
82 Sub: Joe Rathbone for Jamie Rother
80 Jamie Rother clears corner
80* Aaron Dwyer's shot pushed round the post: corner
77* Joe Edwards with a shot from distance wide!
77 Attendance: 573
75 Foul by Deane Smalley on Obua Mugalula
74 Goal from nothing but a wonder strike never the less
74 GOAL! Scored by Deane Smalley!
73* Michael Brewster shoots well over the bar
71* Sub: Joe Edwards for Jake Kenny
71* Max Harrop shoots narrowly wide
69 Muis Bibere-Bello caught offside
68* Foul by Brandon Newell on Jake Cottrell
65* Foul by Greg Wilkinson on Jamie Rother
60 Foul by Jake Cottrell on Brad Byrne
59 Foul by Vani Da Silva on Connor O'Grady
56* Sub: Jordan Burton for Lucas Cook
56 Foul by Sam Rathbone on Obua Mugalula
55* Yellow card for Lucas Cook
55* Foul just outside the box by Lucas Cook on Vani Da Silva
53 Paid the price for passing around the box, Cottrell stole the ball
53 GOAL! Scored by Jake Cottrell!
48* Foul by Obua Mugalula on Vani Da Silva
46 Muis Bibere-Bello caught offside
46 Kick off - Avro FC
45 Half Time
45 Muis Bibere-Bello caught offside
45* Yellow card for Jake Kenny
45* Foul by Jake Kenny on Muis Bibere-Bello
45 Yellow card for Muis Bibere-Bello
45 Foul by Muis Bibere-Bello on Michael Brewster
41* Luke Hewitson clears corner
41 Corner for Avro FC
40 Jake Cottrell with a shot from distance but it is an easy save
39 Sub: Vani Da Silva for Liam Ellis
38* Obua Mugalula caught offside
35 Foul just outside the box by Matty Crothers on Max Harrop
35* Obua Mugalula shoots narrowly wide
32* Foul by Connor O'Grady on Liam Ellis
31 Now Morrow is in goal. Avro playing fly keeper
31* Aaron Dwyer caught offside
29 Yellow card for Liam Ellis
29 Foul just outside the box by Liam Ellis on Obua Mugalula
24 They ball one on one only one result
24* GOAL! Scored by Aaron Dwyer! - Assist by Brandon Newell
24* Obua Mugalula caught offside
22 Foul just outside the box by Jack Morrow on Obua Mugalula
21 Foul just outside the box by Max Davidson on Max Harrop
18 Foul by Jamie Rother on Brandon Newell
17* Handball by Obua Mugalula
16 Crothers now in goal
16* Max Harrop clears corner
16 Corner for Avro FC
12 Cottrell went in goal no chance against the pen
12* GOAL! Scored by Max Harrop! - Assist by Obua Mugalula
10 Penalty conceded by Grant Shenton bringing down Obua Mugalula
10 Red card for Grant Shenton
8* Corner caught by the keeper
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
6* Max Harrop clears corner
6 Corner for Avro FC
5* Foul by Jake Kenny on Deane Smalley
3 Short pass to near post turned in
3 GOAL! Scored by Deane Smalley! - Assist by Jake Cottrell
2* Brandon Newell clears corner
2 Corner for Avro FC
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1Hewitson, Luke  
2Kenny, JakeYellow Card > 71
3Cook, LucasYellow Card > 56
4Newell, Brandon  
5O'Grady, Connor  
6Wilkinson, Greg  
7Byrne, Brad  
8Brewster, Michael  
9Mugalula, Obua  
10Harrop, Max  
11Dwyer, Aaron  
12Edwards, Joe  < 71
15Jones, Matty  
16Pritchard, John  
17Burton, Jordan  < 56