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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Harrison 12-Howells on Jordan Burton
90 Too short a backpass from Max
90 GOAL! Scored by Regan 9-Linney!
90 4 added minutes
90 Regan 9-Linney caught offside
90 Tom 20-Jones caught offside
89 Kaiden 22-Powell shoots over
86* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
82* Sub: Obua Mugalula for Darius Osei
82 Sub: Harrison 12-Howells for Dior 14-Angus
82 Pull back and empty net
82 GOAL! Scored by Dior 14-Angus! - Assist by Kaiden 22-Powell
82 Foul by Oliver 17-Partington on Joe Edwards
81 Foul by Dior 14-Angus on Cole Lonsdale
79* Aaron Dwyer shoots over
79* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
77 Sam 16-Roscoe heads but it is an easy save
77* Foul by Joseph Robbins on Tom 20-Jones
76* Jack Tinning free kick hits the woodwork and is cleared
76 Foul just outside the box by Oliver 17-Partington on Aaron Dwyer
74 Sub: Amaar 18-Hussain for Bruno 11-Andrade
73 Regan 9-Linney caught offside
72* Sub: Greg Wilkinson for Darius Palma
70* Max Leonard clears corner
70 Corner for Altrincham
69* Foul by Jordan Burton on James 5-Jones
68 Sub: Oliver 17-Partington for Oliver 8-Wright
68 Oliver 8-Wright shoots well wide!
66* Cole Lonsdale clears corner
66 Corner cleared for another corner
66 Corner for Altrincham
63 Dior 14-Angus caught offside
62* Sub: Joe Edwards for Jack Irlam
61 Regan 9-Linney shoots narrowly wide
61 Lucas 3-Aldcroft clears corner
61* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
59 Regan 9-Linney shoots over
57* Darius Osei with a shot from distance wide!
54 Bruno 11-Andrade with a free kick wide!
53* Foul by Joseph Robbins on Bruno 11-Andrade
52* Foul by Joseph Robbins on George 19-Wilson
51 Bruno 11-Andrade caught offside
49* Cole Lonsdale shoots over
48 Corner for Altrincham
47 Tom 20-Jones sees his shot saved
46* Foul by Jack Irlam on Oliver 8-Wright
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Sub: Tom 20-Jones for Matty 7-Kosylo
45* Sub: Jordan Burton for Pawel Zuk
45 Sub: Kaiden 22-Powell for James 5-Jones
45 Half Time
45 James 5-Jones clears corner
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
45 Dior 14-Angus sees his shot saved
45 Dior 14-Angus shoots wide!
44 Attendance: 367
44 Corner caught by the keeper
44 Corner for Altrincham
43* Foul by Max Leonard on Oliver 8-Wright
41 Foul by Regan 9-Linney on Luke Hewitson
41 Corner for Altrincham
37 Matty 7-Kosylo clears corner
37* Joseph Robbins's shot deflected for a corner by James 5-Jones
34 Corner headed back and a low power strike
34 GOAL! Scored by Matty 7-Kosylo! - Assist by Regan 9-Linney
34 Corner for Altrincham
32 Foul by George 19-Wilson on Darius Palma
31* Foul by Jack Irlam on Matty 7-Kosylo
29 Pullback from the touchline and placed past Hewitson
29 GOAL! Scored by George 19-Wilson! - Assist by Bruno 11-Andrade
26* Brad Byrne clears corner
26 Corner for Altrincham
25* Foul by Cole Lonsdale on Oliver 8-Wright
20 Oliver 8-Wright with a shot from distance well over the bar
19 Corner wasted
19 Corner for Altrincham
17 Foul by George 19-Wilson on Joseph Robbins
16* Aaron Dwyer caught offside
11 Foul by George 32-Burroughs on Cole Lonsdale
10 Dior 14-Angus caught offside
9 Bruno 11-Andrade shoots over
7 Matty 7-Kosylo clears corner
7* Darius Palma's shot deflected for a corner by George 19-Wilson
6 Foul by Sam 16-Roscoe on Joseph Robbins
4 Matty 7-Kosylo shoots into the keeper's arms
3 Corner for Altrincham
1 Kick off - Altrincham
Stalybridge Celtic
1Hewitson, Luke  
2Zuk, Pawel  > 45
3Lonsdale, Cole  
4Robbins, Joseph  
5Leonard, Max  
6Tinning, Jack  
7Byrne, Brad  
8Irlam, Jack  > 62
9Osei, Darius  > 82
10Dwyer, Aaron  
11Palma, Darius  > 72
12Wilkinson, Greg  < 72
14Edwards, Joe  < 62
15Brewster, Michael  
16Burton, Jordan  < 45
17Mugalula, Obua  < 82