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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Andrew Smart sees his shot saved
90 Foul by Mark Noon
88 GOAL! Scored by Andy Brown!
88* Penalty conceded by Ashley Woolliscroft
87* Yellow card for Ashley Woolliscroft
87 Yellow card for Tom Curtis
87* Foul by Ashley Woolliscroft
86 Foul by Alex Rodman
84 Sub: Mark Noon for Matty Collins
82 Alex Rodman sees his shot saved
82* Chris Hall shot blocked on route to goal
80* Yellow card for Paul Sykes
79 Andy Brown sees his shot saved
76* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
76 Foul by Craig McIlwain
75* Sub: Lee Ellington for James Dean
75* Sub: Carlos Roca for Matty Barlow
71 Foul by Andy Brown
70* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
69 Yellow card for Matty Collins
69 Foul by Matty Collins
68 Matty Collins shot blocked on route to goal
66* Yellow card for Simon Garner
66* Foul by Simon Garner
64* Foul by James Dean
60 Alex Rodman caught offside
59 Sub: Alex Rodman for Jordan Stepien
58 GOAL! Scored by Andy Brown!
57* Simon Garner sees his shot saved
55 Foul by Matty Collins
55 Andy Brown sees his shot saved
53* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
51* Garry Burke shot blocked on route to goal
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
47 Andy Brown caught offside
47* Alex Meechan sees his shot saved
46* James Dean shoots wide!
45* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Simon Garner sees his shot saved
44 Foul by Jordan Stepien
42* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
39 Matty Collins sees his shot saved
39* Foul by Terry Barwick
37* Ashley Woolliscroft shoots wide!
35 Jordan Stepien caught offside
35 Corner for Nuneaton Town
34* Foul by Terry Barwick
34 Jordan Stepien caught offside
33 Jordan Stepien caught offside
32* Andrew Smart shoots wide!
32* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
29 Foul by Andy Brown
27* James Dean sees his shot saved
26* Andrew Smart shoots wide!
25 Foul by Matty Collins
24 Foul by Simon Travis
23* Foul by Matty Barlow
21 Matty Collins sees his shot saved
21 Andy Brown shot blocked on route to goal
19 Foul by Bradley Pritchard
18* Chris Hall caught offside
17 Andy Brown caught offside
13 Corner for Nuneaton Town
12* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
1 Matty Collins caught offside
1 Kick off - Nuneaton Town
Nuneaton Town
1Acton, Darren  
2Travis, Simon  
3Franklin, Connor  
4Curtis, TomYellow Card 
5Moore, Neil  
6Cowan, Gavin  
7Collins, MattyYellow Card > 84
8Pritchard, Bradley  
9Brown, Andy  
10Stepien, Jordan  > 59
11McIlwain, Craig  
12Noon, Mark  < 84
14Palmer, Carl  
15Rodman, Alex  < 59
16Oddy, Robert  
17Williams, Danny