Match Report -
Celtic Home Loss To Brackley
By Debbie Taylor

A scrappy goal was all that separated Celtic and Brackley in a poor game.

After a mistake at the back let Lee Ndlovu through on goal, Celtic had a let off, as the striker fired wide of the far post. Celtic did have one chance in the first half, a good piece of play culminating with a low shot at the near post by Danny Wilkins that Laurie Walker held at the second attempt.

A melee at the back post from a corner saw the game's only goal, several Brackley players stabbing at the ball, Celtic trying to hack it clear, the ball just about crossing the line and Alex Gudger noted as the scorer.

The second half saw Celtic pick up for a bit, but apart from Aidan Chippendale curling his effort straight at Laurie Walker, there was little to show for it. Not that Brackley looked better, despite the difference in places between the two teams. In a rare foray from them, Ndlovu hit the bar and Shenton collected the rebound at the feet of Walker.

And that was it. Celtic are rapidly running out of games to save their season.

1Walker, Laurie  
2Myles, Ellis  
3Gudger, Alex  
4Byrne, Shane  
5Graham, Luke  
6Dean, Gareth  
7Walker, Glenn  
8Lowe, Matt  > 85
9Ndlovu, LeeYellow Card 
10Diggin, Steve  > 90
11Walker, Adam  
12Moyo, David  < 85
14Pitt, David  < 90
15Cox, Lee  
16Rankin, Louis  
17Kynan, Isaac