Match Report -
That was a shock!
By M&L
A week before Nationwide North 2005/2006 and a trip to the Interlink Express Stadium for a game against Nationwide Conference opposition should have provided a true test of Celtic's current level.

Nothing could have been further from the truth, as the Celts slumped to an embarrassing defeat, leaving many of the travelling faithful shocked.

Interestingly, whilst many had expected Celtic to play with virtually a full strength line up, it was the inclusion of three trialists that provided the main talking points, along with the completely novel line up and selection.

Sadly these trialists were not allowed much of a look in as Stanley went nap.

After a largely uneventful opening, Accrington took the lead through Mangan, on trial with Stanley from Blackpool, following a near post mix up and although Accrington held kept most of the possession in the first half, including a couple of spurned chances, it seemed the Celts were not overly disheartened at the 1-0 half time deficit.

When Mullin was able to rise unopposed to nod in a corner early in the second half and double the home lead, the game for Celtic was effectively up.

Wave after wave of red shirts seemed to cascade on the Celtic goal, the visiting rearguard offering little or no resistance, changes of personal and formations were unable to stem the tide.

2-0 soon became 3-0, again through Mullin, and when from the resulting restart, Stanley regained possession and broke away to add a fourth with Mangan getting his brace, those minds of a Celtic persuasion were doubtless thinking what they could otherwise have done on a relatively sunny afternoon.

The rout was completed with a neat little chip from Paul Cook as the game entered its death throws.

There were little positives to come out of this game, no creativity or attacking flair a major concern. One could argue that Celtic's team selection left people guessing as to whom exactly would take the field against Northwich.

One thing is for sure, it is much better to loose 5-0 this week than next!

Celtic line up: Pettinger, Hockenhull, Caldecott, Murcott, Sykes, Garvey, S Smith, B Smith, Eastwood, Mulvaney, Keeling
Subs from: Black, Buxton, Ellington, Parr, Pilkington, Turley, Willis