Match Report -
Dog and Dukinfield
By Debbie Taylor

The game was scheduled for a seven o'clock kick off because Dukinfield don't actually have any floodlights. But it was a nice evening and the barbecue in the corner smelt divine!

Celtic gave a run out to a lot of new faces, plus one or two of the famous last season squad who needed games under their belt, like Matty McNeil.

It took a little while for the various parts of the team to come together as a whole, and Dukinfield made use of this, when Steve Schofield pushed the ball past an uncertain defence to set Stephen Hill up for a one on one with Fish. He made good use of the ball, and surprised everybody there (including the dozen or so Dukinfield fans) by scoring.

Celtic started to get their act together, and it resulted in them stroking the ball around, and getting use to one another. Dukinfield were tackling hard, much to the surprise of the Celtic players, however, this did not deter McNeil from digging the ball from out of the attentions of three defenders, to set Winfield Steele up for a simple finish.

It took another 20 minutes of Celtic moving the ball around before Steele made some space on the edge of the box, and whipped in a shot that left Keith Jones in the Town net stationary.

During the half time interval, three minders arrived and removed a Celtic player, to take him back to prison! Apparently he was on day release, and he had to be back for 9.

The second half looked like a stroll in the park for Celtic, as they settled into a comfortable practice session, though one or two heads were lifted as Kenworthy rattled Celtic's crossbar. Steele was replaced by Lee Buggie, and the lithe attacker made some good movement around the box, setting up McNeil for an acrobatic but fruitless shot, and Ged Murphy for a volley that he sent skyward. Obviously fed up with the lack of other people scoring, Buggie took one on himself, and resulted in shaking the crossbar.

Celtic then took Stuart Locke off, and released that there was nobody to replace him, so played with 10 men for the last quarter of an hour. This did not affect them in the slightest.

Seconds before the final whistle, the ball struck Andy Scott on the way out for a goal kick. Unluckily it struck him on the arm. Even more unluckily, he was in the box. The ref, in my opinion, should have given a corner, as there was no way it was intentional, but he gave a penalty, and Mark Crossland levelled the scores. The final whistle went as Celtic kicked off.