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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Danny Rowe on Matty Hughes
90 Danny Rowe shoots well wide!
90* Jack Truelove shoots narrowly wide
89 Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick heads wide!
88* Sub: James Cadman for Ben McKenna
86 Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick shot blocked on route to goal by Matt Regan
86 Corner for AFC Fylde
83* Jack Truelove caught offside
80 Sub: Dion Charles for Richie Allen
77 Foul by Liam Tomsett on Sam Staunton-Turner
75* Sub: Harley Wigley for Aidan Chippendale
75 Foul by Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick on Matty Hughes
73* Paul Ennis shoots over
71 Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick sees his shot saved
70 Sub: Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick for Michael Potts
70 Sub: Liam Tomsett for Joe Booth
69* GOAL! Scored by Liam Dickinson! - Assist by Ben McKenna
67* GOAL! Scored by Aidan Chippendale! - Assist by Sam Staunton-Turner
63* GOAL! Scored by Ben McKenna! - Assist by Aidan Chippendale
61* Paul Ennis shoots over
61* Sub: Kelvin Bleau for Oliver Crowley
60 Richie Allen caught offside
58* Matt Regan shoots over
58* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
55 Michael Potts caught offside
51 Joe Booth shoots wide!
45* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 Foul by Danny Rowe on Matt Regan
44* Liam Dickinson shoots over
43 Foul by Adam Sumner on Aidan Chippendale
43 Richie Allen shoots but it is an easy save
42 Richie Allen caught offside
41 Luke Denson clears corner
41* Corner cleared for another corner
41* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
40* Liam Dickinson clears corner
40 Corner for AFC Fylde
38* Foul by Matty Mainwaring on Bradley Barnes
33 Corner for AFC Fylde
32* Corner wasted
32* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
29 Joe Booth forces keeper into a great save with a header!
27* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Adam Sumner
27 Foul by Danny Rowe on Matty Hughes
26* Matt Regan clears corner
26 Corner for AFC Fylde
25 Richie Allen shoots but it is an easy save
22 Foul just outside the box by Bradley Barnes on Liam Dickinson
22 Foul by Bradley Barnes on Matty Mainwaring
20* Paul Ennis shoots but it is an easy save
12 Corner for AFC Fylde
11* Liam Dickinson shoots wide!
11 Foul just outside the box by Tom Hannigan on Liam Dickinson
10 Richie Allen caught offside
7* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Luke Denson
7 Joe Booth shoots but it is an easy save
3 Michael Potts shoots wide!
1 Kick off - AFC Fylde
AFC Fylde
1Hinchcliffe, Ben  
2Denson, Luke  
3Sumner, Adam  
4Langley, Josh  
5Hannigan, Tom  
6Barnes, Bradley  
7Booth, Joe  > 70
8Potts, Michael  > 70
9Rowe, Danny  
10Barnes, Michael  
11Allen, Richie  > 80
12Tomsett, Liam  < 70
14Hughes, Casper  
15Lloyd-McGoldrick, Danny  < 70
16Noon, Karl  
17Charles, Dion  < 80