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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Sam Warburton shoots but it is an easy save
90* Kristian Platt shoots into the keeper's arms
90 Foul just outside the box by Jordan Keane on Andy Owens
90 3 added minutes
89* Peter Wylie clears corner
89 Corner for Nuneaton Town
88 Foul by David Morgan on Andy Owens
87 Kelvin Langmead heads wide!
87 Corner for Nuneaton Town
85 Billy Daniels shoots well over the bar
84 David Moli caught offside
82 Foul by David Moli on Andy Owens
82 Sub: Sam Warburton for Ben O`Hanlon
81 Foul by Jordan Keane on Matty Hughes
81 Corner for Nuneaton Town
81 Billy Daniels's shot blocked on the line by Nick Ryan
80 Corner wasted
80 Corner for Nuneaton Town
78 Foul by James Clifton on Aidan Chippendale
76 Kelvin Langmead shoots wide!
76 Corner for Nuneaton Town
75 Foul by Ben O`Hanlon on Peter Wylie
73 Attendance 345
73 Keeper takes the ball at Aaron Williams's feet
71 Aaron Williams caught offside
69 Billy Daniels shoots wide!
68 Sub: David Moli for Elliott Whitehouse
63 Foul by Jordan Keane on Danny Wisdom
62* Aidan Chippendale clears corner
62 Corner for Nuneaton Town
61* Sub: Kristian Platt for Steve Tames
60 Greg Tempest shoots over
59 Joe Ironside shoots narrowly wide
57 Through ball slipped into the box Ironside stretched and poked home
57 GOAL! Scored by Joe Ironside! - Assist by Greg Tempest
57 Aaron Williams caught offside
56 Joe Ironside shoots well over the bar
54 Aaron Williams caught offside
54* Foul by Andy Owens on Jordan Keane
53* Sub: Danny Pilkington for Jimmy Ball
53* Sub: Aidan Chippendale for Henoc Mukendi
53 Foul by David Morgan on Danny Wisdom
52 David Morgan shoots into the keeper's arms
51* Foul by Andy Owens on Jordan Keane
48 Still up from corner and headdd the lofted ball back into the box.
48 GOAL! Scored by Kelvin Langmead! - Assist by Joe Ironside
47 Aaron Williams header hits the woodwork and is cleared
47 Corner for Nuneaton Town
46* Henoc Mukendi caught offside
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 Free header off the corner
45 GOAL! Scored by Kelvin Langmead with a header! - Assist by Greg Tempest
45 Corner for Nuneaton Town
44* Jimmy Ball clears corner
44 Corner for Nuneaton Town
40* Corner wasted
40* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
38* Andy Owens clears corner
38 Corner cleared for another corner
38 Corner for Nuneaton Town
35* Foul by Peter Wylie on Elliott Whitehouse
34 Keeper takes the ball at Elliott Whitehouse's feet
33 Corner sent too far
33 Aaron Williams's shot tipped over the bar: corner
30* Steve Tames heads wide!
30* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
28* Yellow card for Henoc Mukendi
28* Foul by Steve Tames on Ben O`Hanlon
27 Jordan Keane shot hits the woodwork and out!
26* Foul by Andy Owens on Jordan Keane
25 Foul by Greg Tempest on Nick Ryan
23* Penalty shout by Andy Owens declined
22 Ben O`Hanlon sees his shot saved
20 McMillan missed the claim at feet ball across the face and smashed in
20 GOAL! Scored by Elliott Whitehouse! - Assist by Aaron Williams
19* Jimmy Ball shoots over
19 Foul just outside the box by David Morgan on Jimmy Ball
18 Aaron Williams heads but it is an easy save
16 Elliott Whitehouse header hits the woodwork and out!
16 Corner for Nuneaton Town
14 Foul by Ben O`Hanlon on Steve Tames
12 Joe Ironside caught offside
11* Steve Tames shoots over
9* Foul by Nick Ryan on Kelvin Langmead
9* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
8 David Morgan clears corner
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
5* Andy Owens caught offside
5 Aaron Williams sees his shot saved
5* Foul by Jimmy Ball on David Morgan
4 Aaron Williams shoots well wide!
2 Joe Ironside caught offside
1 Kick off - Nuneaton Town
Nuneaton Town
1Burton, Callum  
2Clifton, James  
3O`Hanlon, Ben  > 82
4Morgan, David  
5Langmead, Kelvin  
6Keane, Jordan  
7Tempest, Greg  
8Daniels, Billy  
9Ironside, Joe  
10Whitehouse, Elliott  > 68
11Williams, Aaron  
12Penny, Alex  
14Scott, Kristian  
15McDonald, Shaq  
16Warburton, Sam  < 82
17Moli, David  < 68