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Author: Andrew Betts - Wed 25 Apr 18
After it was announced Manager Steve Burr's contract was not being renewed, Steve spoke to Tony Bugby from 'Stalybridge Correspondent' about his time at the club since rejoining in February 2017.

Here's what Steve had to say:

I would like to start by saying I have no regrets about coming back and it is still a wonderful club and will always hold fond memories.

Things did not work out like I thought they would due to a lot of circumstances that have been well documented during the season, and I am disappointed not to have delivered the goods

The club has an absolutely smashing chairman Rob Gorski, vice-chairman Syd White, others on the board, backroom staff, supporters while the players commitment, especially since the turn of the year when we have needed it, has been in abundance by the nature of how the fixtures turned out.

You also have to remember we aren't full-time professionals and our players are part time and hold down jobs. I have always built sides with a good team spirit, but this is as good as any I have had while managing Chester, Southport, Kidderminster or Nuneaton

I would also like to thank the academy and reserve players who have been thrown in at the deep end. It has been tough for the youngsters, but they gave always given their best.

I had a chat with Rob about three weekend ago and told him I would not be staying. I knew the club would have to make cutbacks and it was time for me to step down and allow the club to regroup and find a level what they can afford to pay and bring in players.

The most important thing is that the football club keeps going. We had to cut back during the second half of the season due to there being no home games and therefore no revenue. It has been very difficult, but everyone dug deep.

When I assess the season, it has not been an easy one to manage and the supporters will probably have been as gobsmacked as myself.

We have played some really good football, especially at home, and had some terrific performances against the top teams that we have beaten. But, there has also been some bad ones.

I spoke to Rob today and there has been no fallout and I wished him all the best. Hopefully he can restructure the club to go in another direction. The club was in freefall when I arrived and I am proud to have turned it round and stopped it.

Let's hope all the bad luck has been used up and fortunes change

I have a couple of offers on the table for next season which is nice, and I will look at them as I definitely want to carry on in management.

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