Match Report -
Play off dreams put on ice
By Iain Benson
Celtic can no longer reach the play-offs without the teams above dropping points, thanks to Vauxhall.

After Matty Barlow's early shot caught a divot and sailed over the bar, neither side looked like creating any chances until Richard Battersby was flattened near the corner flag and Jonathan Edgerton took advantage, one-on-one with Dave Carnell and put the home side in front. Batteresby was replaced by Barrie Keeling, and when no foul was forthcoming after Keeling was flattened it was similar story to the first goal, Carl Noon put through one-on-one with Carnell, and Vauxhall had walked into a two goal lead.

The second half started at a much higher pace, and a pace that did not suit the home side at all, who looked panicked. Celtic won a couple of corners, before Banim's thunderous shot was parried as far as Keeling who forced a second even better save from James Coates, this time, Banim put the ball over the bar. It looked like a Celtic goal was coming as wave after wave of Celtic attacks pushed there way forward and when Coates spilled Warren Peyton's dipping volley, Barrie Keeling, Michael Carr and Keith Briggs were all on him in a flash, with Carr getting the telling foot across the line (though the goal was credited to Keith Briggs). Briggs nearly got a legitimate goal of his own seconds later as Celtic kept coming, looping a shot goalwards, but Coates was alert.

It didn't last, and Celtic were soon back to their first half tempo, which allowed Paul Brown and Karl Noon to have a couple of efforts, the latter's tipped out for a corner. Celtic's slow down meant that when Lee Dames ran unhindered the full length of the pitch during a Celtic attack, it was a simple matter to thread the ball behind the defence for Karl Noon to latch onto, and slip the ball past Carnell for Vauxhall's third. That reignited Celtic, though there was no time to get back into the game, even though they nearly did. Briggs's stoppage time effort tipped out for a corner, and during the corner Steve Woods was hauled back by Tom Grice and Celtic had a last gasp penalty.

Warren Peyton stepped up and converted simply, but there was no time for an unlikely comeback.

1Coates, James  
2Owens, Lee  > 45
3Dames, Lee  
4Lane, Chris  
5Moogan, Brian  
6Smith, Keith  
7Brown, Paul  
8Egertom, Jonathan  
9Macauley, Josh  > 90
10Noon, Karl  
11Noone, Chris  
12Furlong, Lee  < 90
14Wright, Anthony  
15Grice, Tom  < 45
16Macauley, Carl  
17Mustafa, Zharir