Match Report -
Lifeless game
By Debbie Taylor

There were chances for both teams, but they didn't amount to an entertaining game.

Having only played Bishop's Stortford a month before in what had been an entraining game, more was expected, but was failed to be delivered. For the home side, Blair Sturrock warmed Alex Cairns hands, while Adam Bailey-Dennis barely caused Cairns to move. Cairns could have been in a deck chair for all the power Bailey-Denis and Sturrock provided for their next two efforts, but he did have to stop them. At the other end, Bembo-Leta, playing up front, nodded into Carl Pentney's hands and Jack Laird almost rolled the ball back to Pentney as the half drained away.

The second half was as lifeless as the first. Kristian Platt's free kick didn't clear the wall, whilst Laird's low drive was a routine stop. Platt put his next free kick into the stand, and Greg Wilkinson's attempted lob over Pentney was caught.

The game almost came to life right at the death when Mark Lees continued his run and finished with a curling effort, but Puntney was again there to deny Celtic (and the game) and notable moment.

1Pentney, Carl  
2Baker, Harry  
3Herd, Johnny  
4Bailey-Dennis, Adam  
5Ojah, Curtis  
6Francis, Sean  
8Abdullahi, Alli  
9Sturrock, Blair  > 71
10Cawley, Steve  
11Prestedge, ReeceYellow Card 
12Spence, Lewis  
14Webb, Callum  
15Owusu, Julian  < 71
16Glasgow, Ben  
17Chambers, Luke