Match Report -
Celtic too strong for struggling Trafford.
By Deborah Taylor

In sapping temperatures, Celtic’s game plan worked better than Trafford’s as they reached the next round of the FA Trophy courtesy of two first half goals.

Celtic advanced two goals up in the first half with Aaron Dwyer and an own goal and conserved strength in the second and although Trafford finished strongly, it was too late for the hosts.

All the early running came from Celtic, the home side left chasing shadows. Jordan Burton had the first chance, his low shot bundled around the post by Brad Rose.

Joe Edwards tried an effort from outside the box, but Rose caught it easily.

Not so when Max Harrop lifted a ball over the back line for Dwyer to chase. Dwyer held off the defender’s attention to get off his shot, sliding the ball past the advancing Rose.

Trafford’s attempts to get back into the game saw two former Celts in action, with Mike Burke the closest. His drive beat Luke Hewitson, but Newell got back to block on the line. The ball came out to the other ex-Celt, Tom Bentham. Hewitson blocked at the near post for a corner, which Bentham then headed over the bar.

Absolute chaos caused Celtic’s second goal. Harrop’s free kick headed back into the mix by Jordan Burton, hitting Mackena Bradshaw in a crowd of players, spinning and bouncing over the line. It could have been three moments later when Edwards half-volleyed a half-cleared ball, smacking the bar before the rebound was fired over from an offside position.

The second half saw Celtic playing a contained game. Trafford switched to the long ball, bypassing Celtic’s combative midfield. This tested the new defensive partnership of Scott Wara and Jai Curran-Nicholls. For the most part, they coped. But Burke and Rob Worrall both got through onto the long balls to cause a few problems. Burke missed, and Worrall didn’t overly stretch Hewitson.

At the other end, Matty Bryan shrugged off his minder, but Rose blocked his shot, and both Burton and Harrop missed the target with half-chances.

With time running out for the home side, they pushed everything forward. Bentham shrugged off Curran-Nicholls to turn and slot home Demitrius Rhami’s lofted pass.


Any thoughts Trafford might equalise failed to materialise as Celtic controlled the game through extensive stoppages to the final whistle.

1Rose, Brad  
2Belcher, Alfie  
3Ford, Ollie  > 21
4Norris, Harry  
5Hall, Will  
6Bradshaw, Mackena  
7Dorney, Jack  > 45
8Mulholland, Astley  
9Bentham, Tom  
10Burke, Mike  
11Worrall, Rob  
12Barlow, Matty  < 21
14Rhami, Demitrius  < 45
15Sloan, Jack  
16Caldecott, Danny  
17Gibson, Luke