Match Report -
D?j? Vu - but a clean sheet
By Iain Benson
Celtic underwent something of a d?j? vu moment at the end of this match, for three years ago, almost to the day, Workington held Celtic to a 2-2 draw at Bower Fold. Superstitious people should look away now, for in the rematch, Workington won at their place.

The difference between then and now is that Workington deserved to win three years ago, and they did not deserve anything out of the match this season. Their play was negative and disruptive, a plan (of sorts) that worked to a T. Prince made Collin in the visiting nets work early on blasting an Ellington knock-down goal-wards, but it was a bread and butter stop for the Cumbrian keeper. Sykes quickly followed up putting his shot wide after some good work from Turley to make space for the cross.

After having three corner claims turned into goal kicks, at the other end, Celtic had a goal kick claim turned into a corner. Pettinger came for the corner, but didn't make it, and it took a block on the line from Logan's stab towards goal to keep the scores level. Further injustice was heaped on Celtic, for down the other end, a Prince free kick was clearly, deliberately and blatantly brought down by the hand of Hoolickin to give him control of the ball, but no penalty was forthcoming. Celtic showed that they had learned their lesson from Barrow though, and mopped up the attempted counter. It was a good spell from Workington, and from a whipped in corner, Dillon's flick on came back from the underside of the bar, dropping to Birks who produced a great flying save from Pettinger.

Sykes did force Collin into action when a Prince cross found him completely unmarked steaming into the box, he took the shot first time, and Collin made a very good save to deny Sykes his seventh goal in seven games. Celtic were edging Workington out of the game, and Workington responded by conceding a series of free kicks around the box. The best came from a Prince free kick after Turley was fouled by Hoolickin. It came to the back post and Keeling threw himself at it, but Collin made an excellent block and more importantly, held onto the ball as it spilled loose. Keeling then beat Collin off the next free kick, but this time, Gray was there to deny him, hacking off the line.

As the half was running out, Ellington was put through by Garvey, one-on-one with Collin, the crowd expected, but Collin stood up well and pulled off a great stop with his legs.

At the start of the second half, Workington again had a decent spell, and it resulted in eventually Haran conceding a corner. Logan again got onto the corner, and it took a great stop from Pettinger as the new-signing attempted to get his opening goal for his new club. Wharton then conceded a free kick right outside the Celtic box, but got back to the post to block on the line off the free kick. A lack of communication at the back allowed Logan to nod the ball over the defence, and put Henney through one-on-one with Pettinger. His shot was poor though, and he missed the target completely.

It took Collin on sparkling form to stop Celtic from going through. A poor back pass allowed Ellington to latch onto the ball and go one-on-one with Collin for the second time. Collin again made a superb save, but this time was not as lucky with the rebound as it fell to Prince. He whipped a cross to the back post where Sykes stood, unmarked, the goal at his feet, but he put his header over the bar in what was the best chance for either team in the game. Steve Smith (on for Turley), made a bit of space and chanced the shot, it took Collin at full stretch to deny Smith, and it took quick reactions to gather up the loose ball to deny Price.

Workington finished with a flurry. Substitute Goulding got through the defence to go one-on-one with Pettinger, but the Celtic keeper made a great stop to deny him. He was called into action again moments later, when a routine catch was adjudged to have been behind the line from a linesman still trying catch up to play. The corner saw an overhead kick from Goulding was fortunately lacking power and a simple catch.

Thus the game ended in stalemate. And a replay is once again required, with Celtic making the long trip north into Cumbria.

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