Match Report -
By Debbie Taylor

Celtic lost out to a heart-breaking last second goal after getting back into the game with a second half equaliser.

Chris Simm had the game's opening chance, forcing Peter Crook into a cracking stop, the loose ball hacked clear and sending Harrogate straight down the other end. Jordan Thewlis forced Tony McMillan into another cracking save, the loose ball falling to Andy Gascoigne who was denied by the long legs of Alec Mudimu. Harrogate started pressing Celtic, with Danny Ellis getting close from a corner, Brandon Daniels volleying wide and Lloyd Kerry sending a rocket wide of the mark.

The goal, when it came, was somewhat controversial. Brendan Daniels ball in clipped the head of Jack Higgins and snuck in at the far post. The assistant's flag was raised for off-side. After a quick consultation, the goal stood.

Jack Higgins almost made amends from a corner, his low shot lacked the power, whilst Chris Simm's header from a free kick also no trouble for the England C keeper.

Celtic had the better of the start of the second half, Chris Joyce came close and Aidan Chippendale put in a couple of low crosses that went begging, before he put in the perfect cross for Chris Simm. There was consternation in the box before Simm turned the ball into the net.

Ben McKenna almost gave Celtic the lead, but his shot was but couldn't get the instant shot on target. Harrogate got back on top after a serious injury to John Shaw, who went down in an innocuous challenge and had to leave the pitch on a stretcher. Though Aaron Chalmers filled in well, as the game went into the fourth minute of injury time Jack Higgins, in Shaw's place closing down Joe Colbeck the challenge was clumsy enough for Colbeck to make the most of the challenge.

Brendan Daniels took the free kick, it sailed over everybody and into the top corner from an acute angle, and that was that.

1Crook, Peter  
2Turner, Lewis  
3Swan, Louie   
4Kerry, Lloyd  > 90
5Ellis, Danny  
6Thirlwell, Paul  
7Colbeck, Joe  
8Gascoigne, Andy  > 80
9Thewlis, Jordan   > 73
10Burrell, Warren  
11Daniels, Brandon  
12Emmett, Jack  < 80
14Foster, Luke  
15Watren, Mason  
16Clayton, Paul  < 73
17Platt, Tom  < 90