Match Report -
Irish Extravaganza
By Shaun Bishop

The game most certainly didn't equal the quality of the night had by the fans who travelled to the game! And, if you didn't know the game was a friendly, you may have mistaken it for a cup game; some of the tackles being very feisty.

Celtic opened up the game playing some good stuff, spreading the ball all over the pitch and stretching the Newry defence. Chances were had by both teams throughout, but neither really challenging the keepers.

Until the 40th minute when from Danny Caldecott whipped a cross field ball to Colin Potts. Potts controlled the ball well, did a few step-overs whilst two defenders stood transfixed, then Potts rifled a left foot strike home from the edge of the area.

Newry started the 2nd half well and looked a lot more focused than the Celts. Two goals in 4 minutes changed the face of the game. In the 52nd minute Quinn latched onto the ball in acres of space and cleverly chipped Dootson from just outside the box. And in the 55th minute a scuffle for the ball on the edge of the box following a Newry corner led to Meehan firing in a thunderbolt through the Celtic defence and crashing into the net.

Chances were had by Celtic after this, which should be finished easily during the season itself. Eastwood rounded the keeper and dallied when faced by only one defender on the line, With players yelling for him to pass he elected to shoot, and his shot was blocked. Potts had a free kick saved on the line, but it looked behind; and that is about it.

Foster nearly kicked off with one of their players for a tackle on him, while Norton was taken of, by the order of the ref who would have otherwise sent him off. The ref was the most biased ref you will ever see, he was a local from Newry and was well in with the fans.