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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Yellow card for Lewis Montrose
90 Jake Kirby shoots over
90* Yellow card for Matty Hughes
90* Foul by Matty Hughes on Jake Kirby
90 Calum Dyson clears corner
90* Ben McKenna's shot tipped over the bar: corner
90 Sefton Gonzales caught offside
88* Corner wasted
88* Bohan Dixon's shot pushed round the post: corner
86* GOAL! Scored by Adam Farrell with a header! - Assist by Ben McKenna
86* Ben McKenna sees his shot saved
84* Yellow card for Adam Farrell
82* Alex Johnson caught offside
80 Jake Kirby shoots wide!
80* Foul by Bohan Dixon on Lewis Montrose
79 Foul by Sean OHanlon on Ben McKenna
76* Sub: Oliver Crowley for Danny Wisdom
76 Paul Connolly shoots wide!
75* Foul by Alex Johnson on Jordan Thorniley
74* Corner wasted
74* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
71 After a hooked clearance off the line from a long throw Ben volleyed top corner from 20 yards
71* GOAL! Scored by Ben McKenna with a volley!
66 Corner for Stockport County
65* Sub: Dale Wright for Chris Simm
62* GOAL! Scored by Jack Higgins with a header! - Assist by Aidan Chippendale
62* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
61 Paul Connolly caught offside
58* Bohan Dixon shoots wide!
56 Chips card for retaliation
56* Yellow card for Aidan Chippendale
54* Foul by Alex Johnson on Sean OHanlon
54* Adam Farrell sees his shot saved
52 Sub: Ryan Ellison for Joe Garvin
51 Sean OHanlon clears corner
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
50 Foul by Sean OHanlon on Alex Johnson
48* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Calum Dyson
46 Kick off - Stockport County
45* Sub: Ben McKenna for Peter Wylie
45 Rule sent off for apparently biting Hughes on the thigh and Hurst dismissed for deliberate handling outside the area
45 Half Time
45* Chris Simm shoots narrowly wide
45* Alex Johnson caught offside
45 Sefton Gonzales clears corner
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
44* Chris Simm clears corner
44 Corner for Stockport County
43* Foul just outside the box by Aaron Chalmers on Sefton Gonzales
41* Adam Farrell shoots over
38 Lefsham in goal for County with no keeper on the bench
38 Red card for Danny Hurst
38 Handball by Danny Hurst
36 Sub: Karl Ledsham for Alex Baggie
33* Yellow card for Matty Hughes
33 Red card for Glenn Rule
33* Foul by Matty Hughes on Glenn Rule
28* Chris Simm caught offside
28 Foul by Lewis Montrose on Chris Simm
28* Danny Wisdom shoots well wide!
27 Foul by Sefton Gonzales on Tony McMillan
27* Foul by Jack Higgins on Jake Kirby
25* Adam Farrell shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
25 Handball by Alex Baggie
24* Aidan Chippendale clears corner
24 Corner cleared for another corner
24 Corner for Stockport County
18* Foul by Chris Simm on Joe Garvin
16 Foul by Jake Kirby on Aidan Chippendale
14 Foul by Glenn Rule on Alex Johnson
13 Sefton Gonzales caught offside
12* Adam Farrell shoots wide!
12 Foul by Jake Kirby on Danny Wisdom
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
6 Calum Dyson clears corner
6* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
5 Sub: Jake Kirby for Andrew Robinson
5 Injury to Andrew Robinson
4 Foul by Jordan Thorniley on Danny Wisdom
4* Foul by Bohan Dixon on Alex Baggie
2* Danny Wisdom shoots but it is an easy save
1 Foul by Calum Dyson on Aidan Chippendale
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1McMillan, Tony  
2Wylie, Peter  > 45
3Chippendale, AidanYellow Card 
4Hughes, MattyYellow Card 
5Higgins, Jack  
6Chalmers, Aaron  
7Dixon, Bohan  
8Farrell, AdamYellow Card 
9Simm, Chris  > 65
10Johnson, Alex  
11Wisdom, Danny  > 76
12Crowley, Oliver  < 76
14Wright, Dale  < 65
15McKenna, Ben  < 45
16Tames, Steve  
17Hill, Callum