Northern Premier League Results - 1991/1992
Saturday May 02, 1992
Accrington Stanley3-2Whitley Bay
Buxton1-0Fleetwood Town
Frickley Athletic2-0Southport
Leek Town1-1Bishop Auckland
Marine1-3Matlock Town
Morecambe1-1Gainsborough Trinity
Shepshead Dynamo0-0Bangor City
Friday May 01, 1992
Wakefield Emley
Unknown 90, 90
2-2Stalybridge Celtic
Unknown 90, 90
Wednesday April 29, 1992
Monday April 27, 1992
Whitley Bay2-2Marine
Saturday April 25, 1992
Accrington Stanley1-2Frickley Athletic
Chorley1-2Shepshead Dynamo
Droylsden1-2Bishop Auckland
Fleetwood Town1-1Wakefield Emley
Gainsborough Trinity1-1Bangor City
Goole Town1-0Horwich RMI
Matlock Town1-2Morecambe
Southport2-0Whitley Bay
Thursday April 23, 1992
Marine0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Wednesday April 22, 1992
Goole Town3-0Matlock Town
Horwich RMI0-2Morecambe
Monday April 20, 1992
Bishop Auckland1-1Matlock Town
Buxton2-0Bangor City
Gainsborough Trinity5-1Morecambe
Horwich RMI2-2Chorley
Leek Town0-3Fleetwood Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Unknown 90
1-2Hyde United
Unknown 90, 90
Wakefield Emley2-0Goole Town
Whitley Bay2-2Frickley Athletic
Saturday April 18, 1992
Bangor City1-1Southport
Fleetwood Town1-1Buxton
Frickley Athletic0-0Gainsborough Trinity
Goole Town0-1Wakefield Emley
Hyde United1-0Leek Town
Marine0-1Bishop Auckland
Matlock Town0-4Accrington Stanley
Morecambe0-1Whitley Bay
Shepshead Dynamo
Unknown 90, 90, 90
3-3Stalybridge Celtic
Unknown 90, 90, 90
Thursday April 16, 1992
Bishop Auckland0-2Morecambe
Hyde United0-4Marine
Tuesday April 14, 1992
Droylsden1-4Fleetwood Town
Gainsborough Trinity0-0Marine
Wakefield Emley4-0Matlock Town
Whitley Bay1-2Southport
Saturday April 11, 1992
Bangor City1-2Whitley Bay
Bishop Auckland1-2Mossley
Buxton1-3Wakefield Emley
Chorley2-0Hyde United
Fleetwood Town2-3Goole Town
Leek Town1-0Accrington Stanley
Morecambe2-0Frickley Athletic
Stalybridge Celtic
Aspinall, John 90
Camden, Chris 90
2-0Horwich RMI
Wednesday April 08, 1992
Accrington Stanley3-0Fleetwood Town
Tuesday April 07, 1992
Marine2-0Goole Town
Matlock Town5-3Whitley Bay
Southport3-2Frickley Athletic
Monday April 06, 1992
Horwich RMI3-0Wakefield Emley
Saturday April 04, 1992
Bishop Auckland0-0Bangor City
Gainsborough Trinity1-1Fleetwood Town
Horwich RMI1-1Leek Town
Morecambe0-2Shepshead Dynamo
Mossley0-1Matlock Town
Wakefield Emley3-2Southport
Whitley Bay0-2Stalybridge Celtic
Blackman, Ricky 90
Edwards, Mark 90
Friday April 03, 1992
Chorley2-1Accrington Stanley
Saturday March 28, 1992
Bishop Auckland2-0Buxton
Frickley Athletic1-1Droylsden
Goole Town3-1Mossley
Hyde United0-1Whitley Bay
Marine0-1Accrington Stanley
Matlock Town3-3Southport
Stalybridge Celtic
Brown, John 90
Edwards, Mark 90
2-0Fleetwood Town
Shepshead Dynamo2-4Morecambe
Wakefield Emley0-0Leek Town
Wednesday March 25, 1992
Frickley Athletic2-0Bishop Auckland
Tuesday March 24, 1992
Chorley0-1Wakefield Emley
Morecambe1-2Fleetwood Town
Mossley0-1Accrington Stanley
Saturday March 21, 1992
Accrington Stanley0-3Stalybridge Celtic
Edwards, Mark 90, 90
Leicester, Stuart 90
Bangor City2-1Frickley Athletic
Bishop Auckland3-0Marine
Fleetwood Town4-0Matlock Town
Gainsborough Trinity1-0Wakefield Emley
Goole Town2-1Southport
Hyde United2-1Buxton
Leek Town0-4Morecambe
Whitley Bay3-1Droylsden
Tuesday March 17, 1992
Monday March 16, 1992
Wakefield Emley3-1Accrington Stanley
Saturday March 14, 1992
Bishop Auckland3-0Fleetwood Town
Droylsden3-2Accrington Stanley
Matlock Town2-0Bangor City
Morecambe3-0Hyde United
Stalybridge Celtic
Bennett, Paul 90, 90
Edwards, Mark 90
3-0Gainsborough Trinity
Southport3-0Shepshead Dynamo
Whitley Bay0-2Buxton
Tuesday March 10, 1992
Marine5-0Fleetwood Town
Monday March 09, 1992
Horwich RMI1-2Mossley
Saturday March 07, 1992
Accrington Stanley1-1Gainsborough Trinity
Droylsden5-1Horwich RMI
Goole Town2-1Fleetwood Town
Leek Town2-1Matlock Town
Mossley1-1Frickley Athletic
Shepshead Dynamo0-0Bishop Auckland
Southport2-0Hyde United
Wakefield Emley3-3Morecambe
Whitley Bay0-1Bangor City
Tuesday March 03, 1992
Unknown 90
1-2Stalybridge Celtic
Aspinall, John 90
Camden, Chris 90
Saturday February 29, 1992
Accrington Stanley1-1Buxton
Bangor City2-0Goole Town
Bishop Auckland0-1Southport
Fleetwood Town5-0Whitley Bay
Frickley Athletic
Unknown 90
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Priest, Eric 90
Gainsborough Trinity3-1Chorley
Horwich RMI0-2Hyde United
Leek Town3-2Mossley
Marine1-1Shepshead Dynamo
Matlock Town0-3Wakefield Emley
Tuesday February 25, 1992
Goole Town2-4Accrington Stanley
Saturday February 22, 1992
Bishop Auckland1-3Horwich RMI
Buxton0-1Accrington Stanley
Droylsden3-2Goole Town
Frickley Athletic1-0Chorley
Leek Town0-0Bangor City
Shepshead Dynamo0-1Fleetwood Town
Southport2-2Gainsborough Trinity
Wakefield Emley2-1Mossley
Whitley Bay3-1Matlock Town
Wednesday February 19, 1992
Accrington Stanley2-1Wakefield Emley
Tuesday February 18, 1992
Stalybridge Celtic
Bauress, Gary 90
Priest, Eric 90
Camden, Chris 90, 90, 90, 90
Leicester, Stuart 90
7-0Goole Town
Saturday February 15, 1992
Accrington Stanley1-1Southport
Bangor City1-1Bishop Auckland
Fleetwood Town2-0Shepshead Dynamo
Gainsborough Trinity0-0Buxton
Goole Town1-2Leek Town
Hyde United5-3Wakefield Emley
Marine1-0Frickley Athletic
Matlock Town1-0Horwich RMI
Morecambe0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Whitley Bay2-1Mossley
Tuesday February 11, 1992
Saturday February 08, 1992
Bishop Auckland0-6Accrington Stanley
Droylsden3-2Hyde United
Frickley Athletic2-2Matlock Town
Goole Town1-2Morecambe
Leek Town0-1Gainsborough Trinity
Stalybridge Celtic
Priest, Eric 90
Camden, Chris 90, 90
Unknown 90, 90, 90
Shepshead Dynamo0-0Marine
Wakefield Emley0-2Bangor City
Whitley Bay0-0Fleetwood Town
Tuesday February 04, 1992
Southport0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Saturday February 01, 1992
Frickley Athletic3-0Hyde United
Leek Town1-1Goole Town
Matlock Town0-1Bishop Auckland
Wakefield Emley0-0Shepshead Dynamo
Saturday January 25, 1992
Bangor City2-3Matlock Town
Fleetwood Town2-2Leek Town
Hyde United1-1Frickley Athletic
Marine2-1Gainsborough Trinity
Shepshead Dynamo0-1Southport
Tuesday January 21, 1992
Bangor City0-1Stalybridge Celtic
Brown, John 90
Shepshead Dynamo3-2Wakefield Emley
Saturday January 18, 1992
Accrington Stanley4-0Goole Town
Frickley Athletic3-2Fleetwood Town
Horwich RMI0-0Shepshead Dynamo
Hyde United3-2Matlock Town
Leek Town2-0Droylsden
Morecambe3-0Bangor City
Stalybridge Celtic
Bauress, Gary 90
Brown, John 90
Camden, Chris 90, 90, 90
Southport3-0Bishop Auckland
Wakefield Emley0-1Marine
Tuesday January 14, 1992
Mossley0-3Wakefield Emley
Saturday January 11, 1992
Buxton1-1Goole Town
Chorley2-1Matlock Town
Droylsden0-0Gainsborough Trinity
Mossley1-1Horwich RMI
Shepshead Dynamo4-0Accrington Stanley
Whitley Bay0-0Wakefield Emley
Tuesday January 07, 1992
Bangor City0-2Marine
Saturday January 04, 1992
Accrington Stanley1-1Horwich RMI
Bangor City0-1Leek Town
Hyde United3-1Shepshead Dynamo
Friday January 03, 1992
Droylsden4-0Wakefield Emley
Wednesday January 01, 1992
Fleetwood Town0-0Marine
Frickley Athletic6-1Shepshead Dynamo
Horwich RMI1-1Southport
Leek Town2-0Chorley
Matlock Town0-2Buxton
Mossley1-1Hyde United
Stalybridge Celtic
Dixon, Paul Kenneth 90
Priest, Eric 90
Saturday December 28, 1991
Bangor City1-1Chorley
Bishop Auckland1-1Wakefield Emley
Fleetwood Town2-1Droylsden
Frickley Athletic1-1Morecambe
Horwich RMI1-0Marine
Matlock Town1-3Gainsborough Trinity
Stalybridge Celtic
Brown, John 90
Priest, Eric 90
2-1Accrington Stanley
Unknown 90
Whitley Bay2-1Shepshead Dynamo
Thursday December 26, 1991
Accrington Stanley1-0Bangor City
Buxton3-1Matlock Town
Chorley0-0Horwich RMI
Gainsborough Trinity1-1Frickley Athletic
Goole Town1-2Bishop Auckland
Hyde United
Unknown 90
1-2Stalybridge Celtic
Bauress, Gary 90
Camden, Chris 90
Shepshead Dynamo1-2Leek Town
Wakefield Emley3-1Whitley Bay
Friday December 20, 1991
Stalybridge Celtic
Bennett, Paul 90
Brown, John 90
Priest, Eric 90
Camden, Chris 90
4-0Matlock Town
Wednesday December 18, 1991
Fleetwood Town2-1Accrington Stanley
Tuesday December 17, 1991
Buxton3-0Frickley Athletic
Monday December 16, 1991
Horwich RMI1-0Droylsden
Wakefield Emley0-0Hyde United
Saturday December 14, 1991
Accrington Stanley5-1Mossley
Bangor City4-0Droylsden
Bishop Auckland4-1Shepshead Dynamo
Chorley3-1Gainsborough Trinity
Marine3-0Leek Town
Morecambe1-1Goole Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Aspinall, John 90
Bauress, Gary 90
Unknown 90, 90
Southport2-0Matlock Town
Whitley Bay1-3Horwich RMI
Tuesday December 10, 1991
Bangor City1-2Horwich RMI
Saturday December 07, 1991
Buxton3-1Whitley Bay
Gainsborough Trinity
Unknown 90, 90, 90
3-1Stalybridge Celtic
O`Connell, Kevin 90
Goole Town1-2Marine
Leek Town2-1Frickley Athletic
Matlock Town2-1Hyde United
Shepshead Dynamo2-3Chorley
Wakefield Emley4-0Fleetwood Town
Friday December 06, 1991
Horwich RMI1-1Accrington Stanley
Tuesday December 03, 1991
Goole Town2-2Frickley Athletic
Saturday November 30, 1991
Goole Town2-2Buxton
Mossley2-1Gainsborough Trinity
Stalybridge Celtic
Brown, John 90
1-0Leek Town
Shepshead Dynamo0-1Whitley Bay
Tuesday November 26, 1991
Buxton1-0Shepshead Dynamo
Matlock Town1-1Frickley Athletic
Saturday November 23, 1991
Bangor City4-0Mossley
Horwich RMI0-0Buxton
Saturday November 16, 1991
Bangor City0-2Fleetwood Town
Chorley1-3Whitley Bay
Frickley Athletic0-1Leek Town
Horwich RMI3-0Gainsborough Trinity
Hyde United2-1Accrington Stanley
Matlock Town0-3Stalybridge Celtic
Bauress, Gary 90
Brown, John 90
Camden, Chris 90
Mossley0-2Bishop Auckland
Shepshead Dynamo2-3Droylsden
Southport1-1Goole Town
Wednesday November 13, 1991
Accrington Stanley3-2Chorley
Fleetwood Town5-1Southport
Tuesday November 12, 1991
Buxton2-0Hyde United
Droylsden2-2Leek Town
Frickley Athletic0-0Wakefield Emley
Gainsborough Trinity3-1Shepshead Dynamo
Marine2-1Horwich RMI
Stalybridge Celtic
Brown, John 90
Whitley Bay0-2Bishop Auckland
Saturday November 09, 1991
Accrington Stanley2-2Matlock Town
Droylsden2-0Bangor City
Fleetwood Town3-4Bishop Auckland
Gainsborough Trinity0-1Mossley
Leek Town3-0Southport
Marine3-0Whitley Bay
Morecambe0-0Horwich RMI
Stalybridge Celtic
Camden, Chris 90, 90
2-1Shepshead Dynamo
Unknown 90
Wednesday November 06, 1991
Bishop Auckland3-1Gainsborough Trinity
Tuesday November 05, 1991
Frickley Athletic4-0Whitley Bay
Horwich RMI0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Leek Town4-1Buxton
Mossley3-1Goole Town
Southport4-0Bangor City
Monday November 04, 1991
Hyde United7-0Fleetwood Town
Matlock Town3-2Droylsden
Saturday November 02, 1991
Bangor City1-3Gainsborough Trinity
Frickley Athletic0-2Horwich RMI
Hyde United3-1Droylsden
Mossley2-1Shepshead Dynamo
Friday November 01, 1991
Matlock Town2-2Chorley
Wednesday October 30, 1991
Accrington Stanley0-3Marine
Fleetwood Town1-1Morecambe
Tuesday October 29, 1991
Droylsden4-2Frickley Athletic
Gainsborough Trinity0-1Bishop Auckland
Goole Town0-1Shepshead Dynamo
Leek Town3-3Hyde United
Stalybridge Celtic
Camden, Chris 90, 90
Sharratt, Chris 90
3-1Whitley Bay
Unknown 90
Saturday October 26, 1991
Fleetwood Town2-1Bangor City
Frickley Athletic0-4Marine
Gainsborough Trinity0-2Southport
Horwich RMI2-1Goole Town
Matlock Town0-2Mossley
Shepshead Dynamo1-2Hyde United
Wednesday October 23, 1991
Bishop Auckland
Unknown 90
1-4Stalybridge Celtic
Aspinall, John 90
Higginbotham, Paul 90
Camden, Chris 90, 90
Tuesday October 22, 1991
Frickley Athletic1-1Buxton
Marine1-0Bangor City
Matlock Town4-1Goole Town
Morecambe4-1Accrington Stanley
Mossley1-2Leek Town
Shepshead Dynamo1-1Gainsborough Trinity
Southport1-0Fleetwood Town
Monday October 21, 1991
Hyde United1-2Chorley
Saturday October 19, 1991
Bangor City2-0Wakefield Emley
Fleetwood Town2-1Frickley Athletic
Hyde United4-0Bishop Auckland
Leek Town3-1Horwich RMI
Mossley0-1Stalybridge Celtic
Camden, Chris 90
Tuesday October 15, 1991
Buxton3-0Leek Town
Gainsborough Trinity0-1Matlock Town
Goole Town0-1Hyde United
Stalybridge Celtic
Camden, Chris 90
1-1Bangor City
Unknown 90
Whitley Bay2-2Accrington Stanley
Monday October 14, 1991
Horwich RMI0-1Fleetwood Town
Wakefield Emley5-0Chorley
Saturday October 12, 1991
Accrington Stanley1-1Hyde United
Buxton5-0Horwich RMI
Chorley1-0Bishop Auckland
Fleetwood Town0-1Gainsborough Trinity
Goole Town2-1Bangor City
Whitley Bay0-3Leek Town
Wednesday October 09, 1991
Accrington Stanley2-2Bishop Auckland
Fleetwood Town1-2Horwich RMI
Tuesday October 08, 1991
Unknown 90, 90
2-3Stalybridge Celtic
Burrell, Mark 90
Leicester, Stuart 90
Camden, Chris 90
Droylsden1-1Whitley Bay
Frickley Athletic1-2Goole Town
Leek Town1-1Wakefield Emley
Matlock Town4-3Shepshead Dynamo
Monday October 07, 1991
Hyde United2-1Gainsborough Trinity
Saturday October 05, 1991
Bishop Auckland0-1Hyde United
Gainsborough Trinity0-4Accrington Stanley
Goole Town3-1Chorley
Horwich RMI1-2Whitley Bay
Morecambe3-3Matlock Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Smith, John 90, 90
2-2Frickley Athletic
Unknown 90, 90
Shepshead Dynamo0-1Mossley
Southport1-0Leek Town
Wednesday October 02, 1991
Fleetwood Town5-0Chorley
Tuesday October 01, 1991
Bangor City2-2Hyde United
Goole Town4-1Gainsborough Trinity
Monday September 30, 1991
Wakefield Emley2-0Frickley Athletic
Saturday September 28, 1991
Bishop Auckland3-0Chorley
Gainsborough Trinity0-2Goole Town
Hyde United2-2Bangor City
Leek Town2-0Whitley Bay
Wednesday September 25, 1991
Accrington Stanley2-2Droylsden
Tuesday September 24, 1991
Chorley4-3Bangor City
Gainsborough Trinity1-2Leek Town
Stalybridge Celtic
OG 90(og)
Shepshead Dynamo0-1Goole Town
Whitley Bay1-1Morecambe
Monday September 23, 1991
Hyde United1-1Horwich RMI
Wakefield Emley4-1Bishop Auckland
Saturday September 21, 1991
Bangor City1-0Shepshead Dynamo
Fleetwood Town5-1Hyde United
Frickley Athletic1-1Accrington Stanley
Horwich RMI2-0Bishop Auckland
Leek Town
Unknown 90, 90
2-3Stalybridge Celtic
Camden, Chris 90, 90
Leicester, Stuart 90
Morecambe0-1Wakefield Emley
Wednesday September 18, 1991
Bishop Auckland1-2Goole Town
Tuesday September 17, 1991
Chorley0-2Leek Town
Gainsborough Trinity1-3Whitley Bay
Shepshead Dynamo2-3Buxton
Southport1-1Horwich RMI
Monday September 16, 1991
Hyde United2-2Morecambe
Wakefield Emley1-2Droylsden
Saturday September 14, 1991
Bishop Auckland0-2Leek Town
Whitley Bay0-6Chorley
Wednesday September 11, 1991
Bishop Auckland1-0Frickley Athletic
Fleetwood Town3-1Mossley
Tuesday September 10, 1991
Buxton2-1Gainsborough Trinity
Droylsden2-2Matlock Town
Leek Town3-0Shepshead Dynamo
Marine2-0Hyde United
Stalybridge Celtic
Smith, John 90
1-0Wakefield Emley
Southport2-2Accrington Stanley
Whitley Bay2-0Goole Town
Monday September 09, 1991
Horwich RMI0-1Bangor City
Saturday September 07, 1991
Accrington Stanley3-1Shepshead Dynamo
Bangor City0-1Morecambe
Bishop Auckland1-0Droylsden
Chorley2-2Frickley Athletic
Gainsborough Trinity4-0Horwich RMI
Goole Town
Unknown 90
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Camden, Chris 90
Hyde United4-0Southport
Matlock Town1-1Fleetwood Town
Mossley3-2Whitley Bay
Wakefield Emley1-2Buxton
Friday September 06, 1991
Leek Town3-2Marine
Wednesday September 04, 1991
Accrington Stanley3-1Morecambe
Bishop Auckland1-1Whitley Bay
Tuesday September 03, 1991
Chorley1-0Fleetwood Town
Gainsborough Trinity1-0Hyde United
Goole Town2-2Droylsden
Matlock Town3-0Leek Town
Mossley1-3Bangor City
Stalybridge Celtic
Aspinall, John 90
Higginbotham, Paul 90
Camden, Chris 90
Unknown 90
Shepshead Dynamo1-3Frickley Athletic
Monday September 02, 1991
Wakefield Emley0-0Horwich RMI
Saturday August 31, 1991
Bangor City4-3Accrington Stanley
Buxton2-1Bishop Auckland
Droylsden3-2Shepshead Dynamo
Fleetwood Town0-2Stalybridge Celtic
Camden, Chris 90, 90
Frickley Athletic3-0Mossley
Horwich RMI2-1Matlock Town
Hyde United1-3Goole Town
Marine2-0Wakefield Emley
Morecambe2-2Leek Town
Whitley Bay3-3Gainsborough Trinity
Friday August 30, 1991
Monday August 26, 1991
Bangor City0-1Buxton
Unknown 90, 90
2-2Stalybridge Celtic
Higginbotham, Paul 90
Camden, Chris 90
Goole Town1-0Whitley Bay
Horwich RMI1-3Frickley Athletic
Hyde United4-1Mossley
Morecambe3-0Bishop Auckland
Shepshead Dynamo4-1Matlock Town
Wakefield Emley6-0Gainsborough Trinity
Saturday August 24, 1991
Accrington Stanley1-0Leek Town
Chorley4-4Goole Town
Frickley Athletic2-1Bangor City
Gainsborough Trinity0-0Droylsden
Matlock Town0-1Marine
Mossley4-1Fleetwood Town
Stalybridge Celtic0-0Bishop Auckland
Shepshead Dynamo1-3Horwich RMI
Southport2-3Wakefield Emley
Whitley Bay4-1Hyde United
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