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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Corner for Chorley
90 Adam Roscoe forces keeper into a great save!
90 2 added minutes
90* Yellow card for Charlie Joyce
90* Foul by Charlie Joyce on Dale Whitham
90* Corner wasted
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
87 Sub: Adam Roscoe for Courtney Walter-Meppen
87 Dale Whitham sees his shot saved
82* Chris Simm caught offside
81 Keeper takes the ball at Darren Stephenson's feet
76 Jordan Connerton shoots well wide!
76 Corner for Chorley
75 Courtney Walter-Meppen shoots over
72 Sub: Dale Whitham for Jack Dorney
72 Jordan Connerton caught offside
70* Sub: Charlie Joyce for Steve Tames
70* Sub: Ben McKenna for Dale Wright
70* Sub: Chris Simm for Danny Burns
68 Courtney Walter-Meppen shoots wide!
65* Foul by Dale Wright on Courtney Walter-Meppen
64* Foul by Alec Mudimu on Courtney Walter-Meppen
62* Yellow card for John Shaw
62* Foul by Alec Mudimu on Jack Dorney
60 Sub: Jordan Connerton for Michah Evans
54* Foul by Aaron Chalmers on Jack Dorney
50* Foul just outside the box by Dale Wright on Jack Lynch
49* Steve Tames caught offside
47* Dale Wright clears corner
47 Corner for Chorley
46 Kick off - Chorley
45 Half Time
45 Foul by Jack Lynch on Alec Mudimu
43 Foul by Jack Lynch on Danny Wisdom
42* Foul by Jack Higgins on Kieran Charnock
41 Michah Evans caught offside
38 Foul just outside the box by Will Beesley on Danny Burns
35 Jack Lynch shoots wide!
34 Foul by Mark Ross on Aidan Chippendale
32 Michah Evans caught offside
31 Michah Evans caught offside
30* Alec Mudimu caught offside
30 Foul by Jack Dorney on Oliver Crowley
26 Darren Stephenson caught offside
25 Darren Stephenson caught offside
22 Foul just outside the box by Kieran Charnock on Aidan Chippendale
18* Foul by John Shaw on Michah Evans
18* Dale Wright sees his shot saved
16 Foul just outside the box by Andy Teague on Steve Tames
15 Corner wasted
15 Corner for Chorley
12 Corner sent too far
12 Corner for Chorley
12 Darren Stephenson forces keeper into a great save!
9* Foul by Alec Mudimu on Michah Evans
9* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Mark Ross
8* Foul by Dale Wright on Jack Dorney
3* Aidan Chippendale shoots over
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1McMillan, Tony  
2Crowley, Oliver  
3Wisdom, Danny  
4Shaw, JohnYellow Card 
5Higgins, Jack  
6Chalmers, Aaron  
7Burns, Danny  > 70
8Wright, Dale  > 70
9Tames, Steve  > 70
10Mudimu, Alec  
11Chippendale, Aidan  
12Wylie, Peter  
14Joyce, CharlieYellow Card < 70
15McKenna, Ben  < 70
16Simm, Chris  < 70
17Johnson, Alex