Match Report -
Round 1 - complete
By Ian Barker

Finally a win in front of 199 people. But with United on the tele , at least these 199 were true blues , with not a moaner within earshot . What a nice change!

It was in truth quite an entertaining game. Celtic missed the usual series of chances with Parr , Pickford and Bushell the guilty parties on this occasion.

Tranmere played an attractive attacking game, but their attempts on goal were few and far between , with Jason Batty handling everything that they threw at him well.

For Celtic , it was good to see Williamson and Crookes getting a game, and the young upfronter Glyn Barker putting himself about , hitting the post and earning us a penalty.

The saddest aspect of the game was, I am genuinely sorry to say, another totally inept performance from Mr McNeil . He is a one-pace player , and that pace is at best lethargic . He was unable to read any of the neat lay offs that Glen set up for him and for the most part was a lonely figure ambling up and down the left wing to little effect.

Despite this, McNeil did score Celtic's first goal after 10 minutes when he was presented with an open and empty goal to knock the ball into after a Tranmere defender had headed the ball over his own goalkeeper on the edge of the penalty area. Tranmere's Paul Rideout equalised shortly afterwards with an exquisite shot on the turn from 18 yards out . Celtic's winner came when Steve Bushell cracked home a penalty in the 38th minute.