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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Kennedy Digie on Darius Osei
90 Foul by Kyle Perry on Matty Hughes
90 4 added minutes
88 Free kick and free header
88 GOAL! Scored by Ben Bailey! - Assist by Tom Peers
88* Foul just outside the box by Peter Wylie on Tom Peers
87* Aidan Chippendale shoots narrowly wide
85 Handball by Kyle Perry
83 What a move!
83* GOAL! Scored by John Shaw! - Assist by Dale Wright
82* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
79* Sub: Chris Simm for Adam Farrell
79 Kyle Perry shoots wide!
79 Ahmed Obeng sees his shot saved
75 Superb cross
75* GOAL! Scored by Adam Farrell! - Assist by Bohan Dixon
75 Ahmed Obeng caught offside
74* Adam Farrell caught offside
72 Tyrone Williams clears corner
72 Sub: Tom James for Matt Regan
72* Sub: Darius Osei for Steve Tames
72* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
72* Steve Tames forces keeper into a great save!
72* Bohan Dixon sees his shot saved
68* Sub: Aidan Chippendale for Danny Burns
65* Foul just outside the box by Oliver Crowley on Sean Williams
65 Tom Peers shot hits the woodwork and out!
65* Foul just outside the box by Peter Wylie on Tom Peers
60 Sub: Ahmed Obeng for Paul Ennis
58* Adam Farrell heads over
52 Sub: Adam Thomas for John Disney
50 Paul Ennis shoots wide!
49 In off the bar
49* GOAL! Scored by Dale Wright! - Assist by Steve Tames
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 Intelligent ball from Tames. Burns cut inside and drilled it.
45* GOAL! Scored by Danny Burns! - Assist by Steve Tames
45 Paul Ennis shoots well wide!
44* Dale Wright shoots into the side netting!
42 Foul by Paul Ennis on Danny Burns
41 Paul Ennis caught offside
40* Foul just outside the box by Peter Wylie on Paul Ennis
38 Foul by Ben Bailey on Peter Wylie
37* Bohan Dixon clears corner
37 Corner for Hednesford Town
35 Foul by Tom Peers on Matty Hughes
31* Dale Wright heads but it is an easy save
31 Foul by Ben Bailey on Steve Tames
31* Danny Burns caught offside
31* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
30 Foul by Phil Trainer on Bohan Dixon
28* Yellow card for Bohan Dixon
28* Foul by Bohan Dixon on Phil Trainer
27 Sean Williams shoots wide!
24 Foul by Phil Trainer on Dale Wright
22 Foul by Phil Trainer on Danny Burns
20 Melee in the box.
20 GOAL! Scored by Tom Peers!
19* Matty Hughes shoots narrowly wide
16 Foul just outside the box by Tom Peers on Oliver Crowley
12 Foul by John Disney on Steve Tames
10 Tyrone Williams heads wide!
10 Corner for Hednesford Town
6* Dale Wright shoots wide!
6 Foul by Tom Peers on Dale Wright
4 Kyle Perry caught offside
3 Foul by Matt Regan on Danny Burns
1 Kick off - Hednesford Town
Hednesford Town
1Crane, Dan  
2Disney, John  > 52
3Regan, Matt  > 72
4Bailey, Ben  
5Williams, Tyrone  
6Digie, Kennedy  
7Peers, Tom  
8Williams, Sean  
9Perry, Kyle  
10Ennis, Paul  > 60
11Trainer, Phil  
12Ransome, Lloyd  
14James, Tom  < 72
15Todd, Andy  
16Thomas, Adam  < 52
17Obeng, Ahmed  < 60